Thursday, June 16, 2011

Scores and Highlights from 6/15

Montgomery Biscuits 5, Mobile Bay Bears 3
Jon Shelby had a solo home run. Tim Beckham, Henry Wrigley and Kyeong Kang had doubles. Nevin Ashley, Wrigley, Kang and Shelby each had an RBI. Nick Barnese picked up the win and Zach Quate got the save.

Charlotte Stone Crabs 5, Bradenton Marauders 4
Stone Crabs stole a franchise high 8 bases. Greg Sexton was 3 for 5 with 2 RBI's. Hak-Ju Lee was 3 for 5 with 2 runs scored and 2 steals. Tyler Bortnick was 2 for 5 with a double, 3 RBI's and 2 steals. Kyle Lobstein picked up his sixth consecutive win, second longest steak in club history. Matt Stabelfeld extended his scoreless stretch to 10 games.

West Michigan Whitecaps 0, Bowling Green Hot Rods 1
Hot Rods winning streak extends to seven games. Cody Rogers had a double. Phil Wunderlich drove home the only run of the game. Braulio Lara pitched 6 shut-out innings with 7 K's. Eliazer Suero pitched the remaining 3 shut-out innings.

VSL Rays 4, VSL Mariners 8
Jose Bellorin was 2 for 4. Oscar Hernandez was 2 for 5 with an RBI. Douglas Duran had a double. Ismel Antunez drove home a run.


  1. Biscuits are rolling right now behind the bats of V, timmy bek, big wrigs, tully, kang... let's do work. talent is Def there. Second half champs!

  2. What is going to give with Lee and Becks? Will we see both promoted sometime soon? Both in Monty? I don't see them keeping Lee in Charlotte much longer. Thoughts?

  3. After all the pre-season talk about TB, it's nice to see him slowly putting it together.

    2007 MOB SOU .309 71 259 48 80 17 4 13 53 144 37 51 10 7 .399 .556 .955
    2011 MTG SOU .305 62 249 51 76 15 2 4 38 107 22 53 6 3 .361 .430 .791

    Can anyone guess who the first player's stats are?

  4. I really don't understand the question, are those different players and we're supposed to guess who they both are?

    Nice to see Lobstein pitch well after missing the first part of the season. K rate is a worry though. His win streak is at 6 now, 3 behind the Stone Crabs record holder, Mr. Jeremy Hall.

    Glad Morrison is back too. Assumed they were easing him back in since he batted 8th and DHd. Guess he's ok though, since they let him steal 2nd and 3rd in his debut.

    Lara needed a good outing, people at the game said it was his best outing of the year.

    I tweeted about Shelby, Price and Rogers yesterday, no need to repeat. If only Wrigley had the power of CF Shelby... :)

  5. do you guys watch or listen to games or are you just keeping track of the lines? honest question just wondering

  6. Us guys? Jim sees the most live. I can only see away games when BG and HV come to Ohio. In the past I've driven to Princeton, and hope to again this year.

    I prefer to listen as opposed to watch on I never remember when the games are on tv because of the spotty schedule, where with radio every game is on. I usually work while I listen, so the radio guys calls are better than the tv too for that, more descriptive.

    Mostly listen to Tom Gauthier (BG) and Grant McAuley (Char), sometimes Joe Davis (Mont).

    I also keep a tab open for each boxscore and check the other games while I listen to one. I've kind of gotten to like twitter too for the games I'm not listening to. It's great to be able to tweet a question to someone like Micheal Compton of the BG Daily News during the game. Things like injury updates, pitch velocities, anything the announcers don't mention.

    What about you, live/radio/boxscores?

  7. Interesting comparison 07 Justin Upton vs 11 Tim Beckham. I agree Beckham has improved upon last season. Hopefully the trend continues.

    I continue to be on the Wrigley bandwagon. He has been one of my favorite players to come through Charlotte. While his home runs have decreased from last year here in PC, he still continues to find a way to get the runners home, something that is vital in a successful offense.

    It is also great to see Charlotte coming together here at the tail end of the first half. For the longest time, we had players hitting their stride at different times, now they are hitting it together. Looks like the second half will be an exciting run to the postseason.

  8. STDR (still the devil rays)June 16, 2011 at 7:30 PM

    justin upton and Timmy bek are two totally different type of players. upton is a 5 tool power CF. you have to put his numbers up against another middle IF. with beks numbers this year doing so well would not surprise me for a september call up along with a few others from AA AAA. look at his numbers versus brignac (minors) is a goof way to start. that way you see where he is compared to pro in the rays system. dont just look at hitting stats with your top prospects either. defense is top priority with everyone.