Monday, June 13, 2011

Check out John Sickels' Take On The Rays Draft:

He really likes the job the Rays did. Check out his pick-by-pick statements for the first 10 rounds.

Overall he had this to say about the Rays draft:

"Some Rays fans actually seem disappointed in this draft, but I think the Rays did a good job balancing talent with the unavoidable financial concerns. In the first two rounds, Mahtook (a real steal), Carter, Garvin, and Linsky are four players who could help pretty quickly. Guerrieri is a potential number one starter, Hager, Martin, and Goeddel are the foundation for a future infield, Harris and Goetzman are possible impact outfielders, while Ames and Snell are upside arms with some risk. Eierman could also be excellent. Overall I think the Rays did a fine job."

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