Saturday, June 4, 2011

My preferred choices for each Rays pick

In this post I’m going to point out my preferred (and realistic) selections for each Rays pick. Which players would you like the Rays to grab with their picks?

1st round – pick 24:

  • If falling (unlikely): Joshua Bell (HS/OF), Taylor Guerreri (HS/RHP), Alex Meyer (COL/RHP), Mike Mahtook (COL/OF), Daniel Norris (HS/RHP)
  • Tyler Anderson (COL/RHP) … while I’d prefer a hitter at this point, I’d like the Rays to take Anderson if he is the best player available. He is very advanced and can become a #3 starter very quickly.
  • Javier Baez (HS/SS/3B) … Very impressive bat. Won’t stick at short but could develop into star second baseman, third baseman or even catcher.
  • Kolten Wong (COL/2B) … Very advanced and polished bat who can become an above average ML-2B man very quickly. I like that.
  • C.J. Cron (COL/1B) … If the bat is legit, and if the Rays think so as well, I’m okay with him being selected 24th overall.
  • Brandon Nimmo (HS/OF) … If he really is as good as advertised, he won’t last till 31/32. I don’t have a problem with the Rays taking him with their 1st pick, then.
1st round – picks 31/32:
  • Any of the players mentioned above
  • Henry Owens (HS/LHP) … Talent-wise he could be a possibility with the 24th pick. I’d rather have him with one of these picks, though.
  • Jose Fernandez (HS/RHP) … I could see some scenarios where he could drop that far. In that case, grab him.
  • Robert Stephenson (HS/RHP) … The Rays like to work with power arms. Stephenson screems Rays pick.
  • Tyler Beede (HS/RHP) … I simply love his combination of projectability and clean mechanics.
  • Cory Spangenberg (JC/2B/3B) … His advanced hit tool and polish could make him a fast riser and potential above average ML regular.
1st supp. round – picks 38/41/42:
  • Any of the players mentioned above
  • Anthony Meo (COL/RHP) … Stuff-wise he is a 1st round pick. I would also like him being grabbed by the Rays with the 31st/32nd pick but I think he has a chance to last till 38.
  • Josh Osich (COL/RHP) … See comments on Anthony Meo.
  • Derek Fisher (HS/OF) … Earlier considered as 1st round talent he seems to have fallen a bit (due to performance and bonus demands) on draft boards. I still like his power/speed combination very much.
  • Michael Kelly (HS/RHP) … Take this projectable prep pitcher if still available.
  • Matt Purke (COL/LHP) … If the Rays are willing to pay enough to sign him I would love to see them drafting him.
  • Trevor Story (HS/SS) … Advanced approach, compact swing, also mid 90's on the mound, could stay at short.
1st supp. round – picks 52/56/59/60
  • Any of the players mentioned above
  • Ryan Carpenter (COL/LHP)
  • High end prep pitchers Joe Ross (HS/RHP) and Hudson Boyd (HS/RHP)
  • Toolsy up-the-middle types Dwight Smith Jr. (HS/CF) and Charlie Tilson (HS/CF)
  • Power arms John Stilson (COL/RHP) and Andrew Chafin (COL/LHP)
  • Power hitters Travis Harrison (HS/COF/1B) and Dan Vogelbach (HS/1B)

2nd round – picks 75 and 89:

  • Any of the players mentioned above
  • Jack Armstrong (COL/RHP) … Excellent stuff, control problems, injury history. The Rays can take this gamble as it could pay off huge.
  • B.A. Vollmuth (COL/3B) … Long swing but big time power.
  • Nicky Delmonico (HS/C/1B/LF) … If he can stay behind the plate he will be gone before the 2nd round. The bat seems to be legit.
  • Dillon Maples (HS/RHP) … Good heat. Excellent curve. Lots of potential.
  • Jack Cave (HS/P) … Good change. Mid 90's heat, Decent BB.
  • Michael Fullmer (HS/RHP) … Impressive arm who would be a first-round pick in some classes
  • Billy Flamion (HS/RF) … Huge bat potential. Swing needs to be fixed, though. Throwing arm and speed best suited for RF.
  • William Jerez (HS/OF) … Potential 5-tool talent. Very raw.
Later on – picks 119, 149, 179, … (some personal favorites):
  • Travis Radke (HS/RHP) … Personal favorite of mine. Long way to go but exceptionally easy delivery and good projectability
  • Nick Maronde (COL/LHP) … Can become the shut down relief prospect the Rays don’t have in their system.
  • Manny Rodriguez (COL/RHP) … Transitioned to the mound. Mid 90s heat. Still developing. Very good potential.
  • Dylan Davis (HS/RHP) … Excellent velocity, good slider, needs to learn how to pitch. The Rays are the best organization in teaching that. Very high ceiling.
  • Blake Snell (HS/LHP) … Lots of projection. Could develop a plus change.
  • Cole Wiper (HS/RHP) … Good projection. Already good curve and slider. Loose and easy delivery.


  1. Lest we forget trevor Mitsui, the best hitter in the state of Washington(.712 Ave 13 HRs and 46 walks). Dylan Davis projects better as a position player than a pitcher at 5'11" with a 6.7 60yrd. and a strong bat. That plus plus arm makes a fine outfield tool.

  2. John Sickles over at Minor League ball just conducted a mock draft for the first and supplemental rounds. He used scouting directors that he assigned from around the country. Following are the Rays first 10 picks.

    24. Rays (from Red Sox for Carl Crawford, Type A) Kolten Wong, 2B, Hawaii
    31. Rays (from Yankees for Rafael Soriano, Type A) C.J. Cron, 1B, Utah
    32. Rays Andrew Susac, C, Oregon State
    38. Rays (Soriano) Jackie Bradley Jr., OF, South Carolina
    41. Rays (Crawford) Anthony Meo, RHP, Coastal Carolina
    42. Rays (for Grant Balfour, Type A, to Athletics) Michael Kelly, RHP, Florida HS
    52. Rays (for Brad Hawpe, Type B, to Padres) Hudson Boyd, RHP, Florida HS
    56. Rays (for Joaquin Benoit, Type B, to Tigers) Nick Delmonico, C,
    59. Rays (for Randy Choate, Type B, to Marlins) Johnny Eierman, SS, Missouri HS
    60. Rays (for Chad Qualls, Type B, to Padres) Kyle Winkler, RHP, TCU

    Six position players and 4 pitchers.

  3. Excellent haul! I followed it.

  4. That would be like one of the best case scenarios if the Rays were able to draft like that. Wong, Cron, Susac, Boyd, and Kelly would be enough to make the whole draft.

    And Tyler Beede said he wants to go Vandy according to Law!/keithlaw/status/76787057615323136

  5. I like that draft, other than 32, where I'd take Trevor Story rather than Susac.

    As for my idea of the Rays draft, below are my lists or each position, in order of preference. In each case, anyone left from the previous pick's list becomes the top guy for the next pick, and if no one is available, then I go for a signability guy, like Josh Bell, Austin Hedges, Blake Swihart, or Derek Fisher.

    24: Cron (C/1B), Anderson (C/LHP), Wong (C/2B), in that order. If they're all gone, Brandon Nimmo (HS/OF) or go big with Josh Bell (HS/OF).

    31/32: Nimmo, Trevor Story (HS/SS), Cory Spangenberg (JC/OF), Mikie Mahtook (C/OF- I'm not as high on him as many), Andrew Susac (C/C), in that order.

    38: Jackie Bradley Jr. (C/CF), Andrew Chafin (C/LHP), and Jose Fernandez (HS/RHP)

    41/42: Brian Goodwin (JC/OF), Jason Esposito (C/3B), Tyler Beede (HS/RHP), Henry Owens (HS/LHP), Dwight Smith (HS/OF).

    52+: things get pretty messy here, but there is a nice mix of big bats, toolsy guys, and arms to diversify some.

    I'll post some guys I like for rounds 3+ a little later.

  6. AndrewTorrezz (poster who made the picks) is proud of the promotion to scouting director diamondtom! lol ;)

  7. Here are some guys I like for the middle rounds:

    I like some HS catchers; Eric Haase (MI), Garrett Boulware (SC), and Riley Moore (CA), a couple of Alabama CFers; Bryce Dial (JC) and Taylor Dugas (Bama); a couple of HS corner bats from the West Coast; Spencer O'Neil (OF-WA), Trevor Mitsui (IF-WA), and Taylor Sparks (3B-CA), and a ton of HS, college, and junior college pitching; Nick Lee (LHP-TX JC), Chris Joyce (LHP-CA JC), Matt Andriese (RHP-UC Riverside), Michael Jensen (RHP-CA JC), Ross Stripling (RHP-Texas A&M), Kevin Matthews (LHP-GA HS), Carlos Rodon (LHP-NC HS), Jake Reed (RHP-CA HS), Daniel Gossett (RHP-SC HS), Joe Musgrove (RHP-CA HS), Aaron Nola (RHP-LA HS), Kody Watts (RHP-WA HS), Scott Barlow (RHP-CA HS), Taylor Nunez (RHP-LA HS), Alex Massey (RHP-LA HS),Gandy Stubblefield (RHP-TX HS), Mason Hope (RHP-OK HS), Jerrick Suiter (RHP-IN HS), and Matt Wisler (RHP-OH HS).

    I'm hoping they go hitter-heavy in rounds 1-2/3, then grab a bunch of pitchers in the middle rounds.

  8. @Anon: Great insight. I especially love Riley Moore off your list.

    Check out whom AndrewTorrezz selected in this years' community draft. What a great mix. Polished bats, upside bats, up-the-middle talent, some high upside pitchers.

    I just would have loved 1-2 more prep pitchers. But otherwise, excellent.