Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Scores and Highlights from 4/26

Louisville Bats 8, Durham Bulls 3
Alex Torres had his first rough outing of the year, issuing seven walks over 4.1 innings. He allowed six runs (three earned) on seven hits with two strikeouts. Russ Canzler
picked up two hits, while Desmond Jennings, Brandon Guyer, and Ray Olmedo each hit doubles. Paul Phillips pitched 2.2 innings of clean-up duty, and catcher Craig Albernaz made his second appearance on the mound in 2011, pitching a scoreless 8th.

Montgomery Biscuits 3, Mississippi Braves 1
Joe Cruz had his best start of the season, allowing a run on five hits in 5 innings, with three strikeouts and no walks. Frank De Los Santos pitched the final four innings,
allowing just one hit while striking out five. John Shelby Jr. was 2-4 with a solo home run, and Cole Figueroa went 3-4.

Fort Myers Miracle 12, Charlotte Stone Crabs 10
Charlotte dropped a shootout as Fort Myers was able to score five runs off starter Alex Koronis, two off of Sergio Espinosa, and five more off of Deivis Mavarez. The teams traded leads thanks to huge night from Tyler Bortnick (5-5 with a double, triple, and a walk), Hak-Ju Lee (4-5 with a double, home run, and a walk), and Mark Thomas (3-4 with a home run). Dustin Biell also had two hits and two RBIs.

Bowling Green Hot Rods 5, South Bend Silver Hawks 4
Luke Bailey broke out of a slump with a 2-4 night including a walk-off 3-run homerun. Nick Schwaner also had two hits including a home run, but the top of the order (Cody Rogers, Steve Tinoco, Derek Dietrich, and Phil Wunderlich failed to collect a hit. Braulio Lara allowed four runs (three earned) in 4.1 innings, striking out three and walking one. Steve Hiscock, Matt Stabelfeld, and Austin Hubbard combined for 4.2 scoreless relief innings.


  1. What happened to scores and highlights for 4/25 ?

  2. Just missed a day, sorry about that. Shouldn't happen too much (ideally not at all) going forward.

  3. Guess they don't feel like showing the day wrigley had. Kid went beast mode.

  4. Wrigley is on a hot streak. Great game, you should have posted the results.

  5. No big conspiracy :) Wrigley's off to an excellent start, Montgomery's offense needed that boost.

  6. Sure Kevin, sure. It's just a coincidence that none of the 3 of us happened to write up the games on the day when Wrigley pushed his career batting average up to .253? Sure.

  7. STDR (still the devil rays)April 27, 2011 at 2:18 PM

    or how about him having a 5 rbi game for the 3rd time. doug what a douche you are. can you name a big leaguer whos done that on the rays. also looks like your brilliant top 25 is holding up so far

  8. thata babe wrigley and matulia. great combo

  9. I see the Wrigley crowd is out early this year Doug. ;)

  10. We're having fun with it for the most part but I'll ask this, SDTR: How many major-leaguers have a minor-league OBP of .291 (or lower)? I'd be shocked if there's a single current major leaguer with an OBP that low. Yuniesky Betancourt might be the worst hitter in the majors, and his MLB OBP is still .296.

  11. He was taking walks in the XST, maybe it is something he is working on. Of course the flip side is that he may have been taught that you want your best hitters hitting and not leaving it to the guy behind you.

    Like pitchers who are taught to K everybody, those old habits die hard.

  12. Wow, that really started a war. Wish I would have gotten up at 4:30 to make sure the recap was up before I left for work. Guess I have to start getting up earlier :-)

    But I have to jump on the Wrigley, he has been one of the best power hitters I have watched come out of Charlotte since 2009.

  13. Hey Kevin and Doug u guys still on the sweeny bandwagon

  14. Anon,

    Looking at their rankings, I would say no. They never were too high on him.

  15. When is a career ops of .700 a bad thing

  16. When it's not quite .700 and you are a corner IF/OF in AA who turns 25 in August.

    For all the grief Tim Beckham gets about being a bust, his career OPS is higher (.703 to .695), he plays SS, and he's only 21 in AA.

    It's a little hard for me to see Wrigley as a future slugging 1B/LF when his OPS is lower than a "disappointing" SS who is 3 1/2 years younger at the same level.

    As Michael alludes to, it's not Wrigley I have a problem with, it's his fans. They only see the positives and come here and bash us and any players we rate higher than Wrigley (not this time re other players, but in the past).

    There are players I've been a big fan of who haven't panned out, many no longer in the org. But I don't constantly promote them based on a few good things while overlooking everything else. I doubt you can even name the players I'm a huge fanboy of.

    And I do have to say this for Wrigley, despite only really having one great half-season, he has a lot of supporters. He must be a good guy.

  17. You don't mature as an athlete until 27-28 so yall bring up age with these guys way too much. I would hope my first round pick was in double A three and a half years outta high school. So your saying same fuld was a good hitting minor leaguer? The only thing I dislike reading on RP ie that you look to much in the past and not how a few of these guys have matured as baseball players. Other then that great website.

  18. STDR (still the devil rays)April 28, 2011 at 1:45 PM

    below are the current starters and how many years they spent in the minors. all average 7 - 9 years except less then a handfull. theres a saying that stats simply as "Dues Paid". pretty simple idea, play hard with respect and heart they will give you your shot.

    dan johnson 10 years, sam fuld 8years, john jaso 8 years, reed brignac 6 years, elliot johnson 9 years, casey kotchman 9 years, sean rodriguez (head case by the way) 7 years, ben zobrist 5 years, matt joyce 6 years

  19. How does your final point prove anything STDR? The Rays take their guys slowly.

    The Wrigley bandwagon continues to try to pound the point that he is a good hitter. Aside from the 8 games this year, he isn't.

    Please don't ruin his name. I don't know Henry, but I am sure he wouldn't want a bunch of people complaining because he didn't rank high enough on a list.

    One final note. RaysProspects does not look to much into the past. When little has changed for a player though, it is fair to look into the past.

  20. RP biest opinions are the only names bashers to a lot of other players not just this wrigley kid

  21. Anon,

    Instead of making ridiculous and annoying claims, start bringing up the evidence. I haven't exactly seen too many players who have had MLB sucess get shunned by th writers here. There are way too many ungrateful readers who seem to think they know everything. It gets annoying after a while, considering the free content and amount of work the writers put in here.

  22. I agree with you STDR on the age 27-28 thing, but you have to still be playing at that age for it to matter. Look at how much turnover there is in the org every year, only so many spots and tons of new players added, so the same number have to be released. If you don't show something in your early 20s you won't be playing in your late 20s.

    I like your idea of looking at the major leaguers and seeing how much time they spent in the minors. It wouldn't really be predictive for an individual player but might be interesting to see overall. Some of the problems would be guys who had a lot of injuries, guys who were blocked at the MLB level, college draftees who moved through quicker than high school players, and as Michael mentioned other orgs move players more quickly than the Rays. Many of the players you mentioned spent a lot of their time in the minors while with other orgs, for example.

    Even with the problems, I still think it's an interesting idea. Maybe rather than years we should go by plate appearances for hitters and innings for pitchers (or games pitched for relievers). Have to think about it.

    I know you weren't talking about Wrigley specifically, but I'd also be interested to see what stats all the major leaguers put up in their time in the minors. For example, no matter how many plate appearances it took to reach the majors, what was the average OPS, or the minimum that made it. Position would be another factor of course, easier for Jaso as a catcher than say Desmond Jennings as an outfielder, lots more competition for spots in the OF.

    Even if it wouldn't be a perfect study it still might be interesting to see.

  23. majority of the pro roster had well over 2000 PA (plate appearance) in the minors

  24. take a look at a side by side of wrigley and jennings. pretty interesting. im just pointing this out because jennings is your #1 guy and wrigley is virtually "just there guy" in the eyes of yall it seems. same amount of baseball service and a +/-15 AB differance. also do a side by side of both kotchman and Johnson compared to this wrigley kid. dont forget kotchman spent 2 extra years and Johnson 4 more.

  25. Anon,

    Did it ever occur to you that Jennings has hit much better, has better tools, plays excellent defense, is younger, and steals many bases.

    There is no comparison at all. I have no idea what statistics or scouting reports any of you are looking at.

  26. aside from stolen bags and defensive area coverage i think your wrong. i want to see a side by side chart haha

  27. Over the past two years, Jennings has these numbers (seperated by year)
    2009: .318 BA, .401 OBP, .487 Slugging, .415-.426 wOBA (can't find the wOBA combined)
    2010: .278 BA, .362 OBP, .393 Slugging, .355 wOBA

    Over the past two years, Wrigley has these numbers:
    2009: .236, .258, .389 and a .279-.300 wOBA.
    2010: .270, .312, .457 and a .384-.307 wOBA.

    Jennings remained the better hitter, even in 2010. Is that better?

  28. what about 2B 3B HR R

  29. You have to be kidding me. I have been patient, showing you all the normal statistics to evalulate a hitter, yet you want individual types of hits?

    Like I said, stop ruinging his name. Jennings has been the better hitter, whether you like it or not. I am sure Wrigley has no reason to be upset about that.

  30. Let's address the real issue here: why can't Wrigley hit with Longoria around?!? Gets at least one hit in his first 8 games, Longo arrives, no hits in 3 straight games (0-12).

    But there is some good news, he drew his first walk of the 2011 season, 1 in 48 plate appearances now. And he stole a base.

    And yes... I'm just joking. But I did notice his streak ended when Longo showed up, and now it's sort of a slump, avg < .300.

  31. Doug, any idea why the Wrigley fans are so uh....uh... you know what I mean.

  32. wow yall are kinda rude. cant belive i read all this

  33. John,

    How, by any means, have we been rude?

    Maybe you haven't read here too long, but Henry Wrigley has a huge fanbase here that believes he is a top prospect and is willing to insult the writers here because they disagree. No matter the arguement the writers put forth, the Wrigley fans continue to harass the writers.

  34. I agree that wrigley is not a top prospect, but I do believe that the writers here do not look outside the box when it comes to "Top prospects". Sometime it feels the the writers are very closed minded when it comes to rays milb players performing well, If they are not high draft picks then its always the same story.

    I would love to know what the background of the writers are? Just fans? how often do you guys get to see these players live? are there any teams that you guys watch live frequently or are you just looking at boxscores like us?


  35. Anon,

    I won't speak for the writers, so I'll leave that part alone.

    As far as only looking at top prospects, do me a favor. Go ahead, look at the top of the page and read the title. "Rays Prospects". I kknow Doug has a good site for the minorleagues, and so does Stacy Long. If you don't want info on prospects, this isn't the place.

    As far as guys not being drafted high not getting attention, look at the top prospect lists. It is not covered with top picks at all. If a player shows the ability to be a MLB caliber player in the future (better stuff, better swing, better physically, etc...) then they will get ranked. Bortnick (draft) and Romero (international) are good examples.

  36. I am gonna respond to the last Anon comment.

    I do attend games and watch the players live. I go to about a game every other week here for the Stone Crabs and some GCL games when it fits into the schedule. I also tend to look at things a little bit differently as I make my picks based on players I see play and how they are performing. Based on that, some of my followings have continued to do well, others have not.

    Currently in the system, some of the players on my watch list are Henry Wrigley, Stephen Vogt, Greg Sexton, Chris Murrill, Tyler Bortnick, Matt Moore and Jake Thompson.

    In making these picks I am not looking at stats, age or history of the player. These are players that have played heads up baseball during the games I have attended and have been a lot of fun to watch in the process.