Saturday, August 30, 2008

Some new details on Port Charlotte (A+)

It isn't just Ripken Baseball buying Vero Beach, it's a joint venture with the Rays. From the release:

"The Tampa Bay Rays and Ripken Baseball today announced that together they have purchased the team that plays in Vero Beach, FL. The team will be moved to Charlotte County and will play in Port Charlotte, FL starting in 2009."

The GM:

"Ripken Baseball has hired Joe Hart to serve as the team's General Manager. Hart was formerly the GM at the Nashville Sounds, the AAA affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers in the Pacific Coast League."

Pretty affordable if you live in the area:

"Full season seat (70 games) packages start at $285 and the team is taking deposits for seating now."

Instructional League rosters from Lancaster

Wow, quite a list. Rotation of Cobb, Barnese, Moore, and Cruz. Plus Newmann (who was added to Columbus' roster on 8/14, 7-day DL), Wilsino (see his stats in the DSL recap below) and Lobstein. Beckham, Cedeno and Otero together. Our rehab guys look like BA's top 10 for most teams. Interesting that they got visas together for Cedeno and Wilsino. That had to be in the works for a while. (Where's Bencomo? Liriano? Yendis?) Schedule is also in the link if you're in the area.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

DSL season in review: Pitching

The DSL Rays season ended August 23rd. Their final record: 29-41. Here is a look at the final pitching stats sorted by IP:

Wilsino, Juan19.4131157.12.042.762.626.
Suero, Eliazer19.2151251.04.063.693.366.
Monegro, Jose18.4121249.02.943.
Mateo, Victor19.114748.24.074.934.
Mercedes, Aneuris21.317344.04.093.753.737.
Guerrero, Joan17.614436.13.474.304.314.
Perez, Elvin22.424035.22.272.502.558.
Lara, Braulio19.717334.03.973.583.2710.
Molina, Alberto17.218033.23.743.703.667.
Reyes, Robinson19.825531.19.777.136.708.314.97.20.3
Fermin, Jose17.918229.05.596.
Torres, Jose17.316028.24.715.614.856.
Liriano, Nelson20.727028.10.321.791.7810.
Ozoria, Ronny19.217021.16.757.045.996.
Jasco, Joselo19.815021.
Almonte, Wilmer19.08818.16.383.693.363.90.516.20.5
Romero, Enny17.610016.12.762.772.4011.
Martinez, Carlos19.39010.14.353.883.716.
Dominguez, Ney17.1729.

Liriano, Wilsino, and Monegro, all showed great potential.

Tim Beckham in Hudson Valley

Hooray for behind 2 days behind on this, but #1 overall pick Tim Beckham's in Hudson Valley now and will probably debut tonight. The move makes sense because the New York-Penn league runs about two weeks longer than the Appalachian League, and the Rays want to get him as much development time as possible. I am a bit surprised that they didn't also promote guys like Ty Morrison and Matt Moore, but I guess there's only so much playing time available in HV. Also, to me, this pretty much guarantees the Rays will send him to their low-A affiliate to start 2009, wherever that is(possibly Bowling Green).

Anyway, another #1 overall pick, David Price, will also be in action tonight in Durham.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Arizona Fall League roster set

Stacy Long gives us the last two names: Chris Mason and Mike Wlodarczyk. Those two will be joining Ryan Reid, James Houser, Rhyne Hughes, J.T. Hall, and Matt Spring.

Vero Beach Devil Rays (A+) to Port Charlotte official

Per the Charlotte Sun:

"Charlotte County commissioners approved a contract, allowing Cal Ripken's Rays to play at the Charlotte County Sportspark.

Ripken will be at a press conference at 2:30 p.m. Wednesday at the sports Park."

August 25th Pitching Highlights

Brandon Mann
Vero Beach's LHSP Brandon Mann, our 27th rounder in 2002, had a solid start but dropped to 3-11 on the year:

Mann's ERA is dependent on his GB%. Here are his GB% and ERA by month:

April: 54% 4.05
May: 54% 3.16
June: 39% 6.67
July: 53% 3.05
August: 36% 7.20

Matt Moore
Princeton's LHSP Matt Moore, 8th round in 2007, was excellent again but didn't get the win because the bullpen blew up:

In August, Moore has pitched 24 innings, given up 1 ER, struck out 30 and walked 8. He hasn't given up a HR all year.

Marquis Fleming
Hudson Valley's RHRP Marquis Fleming, our 24th round pick in 2008, has been great lately with another a scoreless outing in relief last night:

Fleming's ERA by month:
June: 1.93
July: 5.90
August: 0.00

Fleming's YTD ERA:
Home: 0.00
Away: 3.32

Jeff Niemann
And Durham's RHSP Jeff Niemann had an off night but the team held on to win 9-8:

YTD totals on the four:

Monday, August 25, 2008

8/25: Monitoring tonight's action

[10:26]: Odd sequence there. Elliot Johnson doubled to start the inning and Merrill bunted him to 3rd. The Indians then intentionally walked Perez AND Haynes to face Gomes. They brought a 5th infielder in, but it didn't matter because Gomes lined a single over SS, and Durham win, 9-8. Norfolk won, by the way, so Durham's magic number sits at 1.

So of course we're treated to extra innings. Scott Dohmann allowed a run in the 8th, and each team failed to score in the 9th. So it's 8-8 going to the 10th, and Calvin Medlock is on to pitch.

Jupiter also got a run in the 8th to tie Vero Beach, but the Rays scored in the 10th to notch a 5-4 victory. Mark Thomas drove in his 2nd run, but Hudson Valley fell 8-5.

I'll update one last time when the Durham game finishes.

Dale Thayer couldn't protect the lead, allowing 3 runs in the 7th to put Durham in a 7-5 hole. But as I write this, John Jaso has just hit a 3-run home run to put Durham back up 8-7. The lead has now changed hands 5 times, and there's still 2 innings to play.

Vero Beach continues to cling to its 4-3 lead. Mark Thomas hit a solo HR for Hudson Valley, but the Renegades have allowed at least a run in every inning but the 1st and trail 8-4. Princeton's game has gone final, with the P-Rays losing 7-3. Tim Beckham finished 2-4 with two doubles, but Chapa and Trevor Shull combined to allow 6 runs in relief. Brad Furdal pitched a scoreless inning.

After Durham went quietly, Niemann came back out for the 6th, but didn't get off to a great start with a 4-pitch walk. The #9 hitter worked a nice at-bat, but grounded into a 3-6-1 double play. Niemann got Duffy to flyout to right to end the inning. He's probably done for the night with 101 pitches, here's the line: 6 ip, 5 h, 4 er, 3 bb, 6 so.

Final thoughts: I thought he looked pretty good, not great, but he got unlucky with some hits falling and his defense didn't help him. Still, the control clearly wasn't all there, with 3 walks, 2 hit batsmen, and a wild pitch. The slider and curveball looked good, but he just wasn't commanding the fastball at times. I know he's 25 already, but I think he has time to become more consistent, both from a game-to-game standpoint and a pitch-to-pitch one.

Vero Beach still up 4-3, Vermont's tacked on another run to make it 6-3 over Hudson Valley, and Chapa coughed up the lead for Princeton, Elizabethtown leads 3-2.

With the main attraction(Niemann) done, I'll check in two more times to wrap things up in a little bit.

Barthmaier got two quick outs in the 4th, but Merrill and Perez worked walks before Nathan Haynes doubled down the left field line to give Durham a 5-4 lead. In the 5th, Niemann got three flyouts with an infield single to Merrill interspersed. He's now in line to record his 9th win if the Bulls can hang on.

Jupiter has cut Vero Beach's lead to 4-3, while Hudson Valley has gotten 2 back against Vermont. Kyeong Kang hit his 6th home run for the 'Gades. Angel Chapa has relieved Matt Moore in Princeton, so Moore's done after 5. In his last 7 starts(including tonight) spanning 34 innings, Moore has allowed 2 earned runs. He has 44 strike outs and has allowed 14 hits and 11 walks. Those are video game stats.

Niemann comes back to strike out the next two hitters, including one on the slider. This is why minor league stats can be misleading. If you ask me, Niemann pitched great the inning. But the box score says he allowed a run on 2 hits(a Gomes mishap and a 20-hopper that snuck up through the middle). It's 4-3 Indians after 3 and a half innings.

Montgomery @ West Tennessee has been postponed. Jeremy Hellickson will probably pitch one of the games of the doubleheader tomorrow. Vero Beach continues to lead 4-1. Hudson Valley's down 5-1 now as Andujar struggles.

In Princeton, Matt Moore's through 5 innings. He's allowed 3 hits, an unearned run, walked a guy, and struck out 4. The P-Rays lead 2-1.

Chris Richard ties it with an RBI single. Niemann's curveball has been his out-pitch, but his slider has looked pretty good. Niemann struck out Mulhern with 1 out already recorded, but the runner reached on a wild pitch. That ball has to be blocked. Then Jonny Gomes misplayed a line drive into a single. So, Niemann should have been out of the inning. Instead, it was 1st and 2nd with just one out. The next hitter poked a seeing-eye single up the middle to score a run. Talk about nickel-and-diming a guy.

I want to know how many 2-out runs Niemann allows. It's gotta be a ton.He got a strikeout, but then hit the next two guys on consecutive pitches(again, missing off the plate to the right-hand batters box side). There was a double steal(I know Jaso doesn't throw well, but Niemann needs to keep these runners closer), another strikeout, and then a 2-out, 2-strike single that plated both runners. He got a flyout to end the inning, but it's 3-2 Indianapolis despite only allowing 1 hit. Walking guys and hitting guys is going to hurt you, bottom line. On the other hand, I like what I've seen from Niemann at points, he just can't be consistent with it. Durham's second run, by the way, came on a Ronnie Merrill double.

Vero Beach is hitting Jeff Allison hard, they hold a 4-1 lead in the 2nd. Chris Andujar allowed three runs in the 2nd inning, Hudson Valley trails 3-1. In Princeton, Tim Beckham has an RBI double, while Matt Moore has 3 shutout innings so far.

[7:34]: Early read on Niemann: He's trying to work everyone away, but the Indians (smartly) aren't biting on pitches that are even a little bit off the plate. He worked a scoreless 2nd inning despite two walks, though there was also a double play opportunity that the Bulls infield muffed. In Princeton, Matt Moore has 3 strikeouts in 2 hitless innings so far.

The Bulls small-ball their way to a run. Fernando Perez singles, steals a base, advances to 3rd on a bunt, and scores on a Jonny Gomes' sac fly. Elsewhere, Ryan Royster's driven in a run to give Vero Beach an early 1-0 lead.

Probably not the start Niemann was hoping for. After a weak groundout to 1st, Brian Bixler lined a homerun to right field to make it 1-0. Should be noted that it's drizzling a little bit, so the weather is far from idea. Niemann got the next two hitters to fly out, so hopefully the home run was just a little early hitch.

The big boys have the day off before a 9-game homestand against AL East foes Toronto, Baltimore, and New York, so tonight I'll be watching the Durham Bulls on it works, an iffy proposition at best) and keeping an eye on the rest of the Rays affiliates. Here are tonight's opponents, start times, and probable pitchers.

Indianapolis @ Durham, 7:05. Jeff Niemann makes the start, and the Bulls can clinch their division title with a win and a Norfolk loss.

Montgomery @ West Tennessee, 8:05. Jeremy Hellickson has allowed 13 HRs in 11 AA starts. We'll see if he can keep the ball in the yard. The Biscuits are fading fast, having lost 4 in a row and now sit 4 and a half games behind division-leading Mississippi.

Vero Beach @ Jupiter, 7:05. Brandon Mann tries to avoid loss #11.

Rome @ Columbus has already been called due to rain. They'll play two tomorrow.

Hudson Valley @ Vermont, 7:05. The Renegades will try to bounce back from yesterday's loss, likely sending Chris Andujar to the hill.

Princeton @ Elizabethtown, 7:05. The P-Rays have only two games remaining. They've shuffled their rotation around all season, but my guess is that Matt Moore will get the ball tonight.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Five Biscuits going to Arizona

Stacy Long reports that Ryan Reid, James Houser, Rhyne Hughes, J.T. Hall, and Matt Spring will be representing the Rays in the Arizona Fall League. I think one or two others will be named, probably from Durham or Vero Beach.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Minor League Shuffle

Some of the Rays lower minor league affiliates will be making moves in 2009. As we've known for a couple of years, spring training will move from Vero Beach to Port Charlotte on the west coast of Florida. But that is just the beginning.

The Columbus Catfish (A, South Atlantic League) will move to Bowling Green, KY. What is not known is whether they will also move from the South Atlantic League to the Midwest League. The Cleveland Indians would love to move their Lake County affiliate to the Midwest League to reduce travel. Lake County is the northernmost team in the Sally, located just outside of Cleveland. Since two teams would have to make the move together, Bowling Green may be the most likely partner to move to the Midwest with Lake County. Financial considerations (both getting into the Midwest and out of the Sally) will be the determining factor.

The Vero Beach Devil Rays (A+, Florida State League) will move to Port Charlotte now that they have been bought by the Ripken group. Possible name: Port Charlotte Ripken-Rays. Since they are moving from the east coast to the west coast, there will probably be a realignment of the FSL. There has been some talk of switching to North and South divisions, but the simpler and more likely scenario is for Port Charlotte to move to the FSL West and Lakeland to the FSL East. This will increase travel costs for Lakeland but something (money) can probably be worked out.

The Princeton Devil Rays (high rookie) will remain in West Virginia and the Hudson Valley Renegades (short-season A) will remain 70 miles north of Manhattan. The only remaining question is whether the Rays will add a seventh minor league franchise in the Gulf Coast League (low rookie) based out of the Port Charlotte complex. There are obvious advantages to having the organizations youngest players (high school picks, Venezuelans and Dominicans coming to the states) under the team's watchful eye at the complex. No official word yet, but 2010 looks more likely to add the GCL team.

8/29 Update: From someone with knowledge of the Indian's system, Lake County isn't moving to the Midwest League in 2009. That means Columbus will remain in the Sally too. Lake County is planning on 2010, but by then it's uncertain who they will take with them. Bowling Green's site is here, link to next year's schedule on the right.

Niemann, Hellickson, Moore all shine

Durham Bulls: Jeff Niemann was clearly the star, tossing a complete game shutout. He surrendered just 4 hits, struck out 6, and perhaps most importantly, did not walk a batter. He's now 8-5 with a 3.54 ERA on the year, but he's still been inconsistent from start to start(in his last outing, he walked 6 in 4.2 innings). John Jaso walked three times and hit a home run, his 4th at AAA. In his last ten games, he's walked 9 times and struck out just three. After going 2-4 in his AAA debut, Chris Nowak added a 2-3 day yesterday. He's also walked once in each game.

Montgomery Biscuits: Jeremy Hellickson has had some trouble adjusting to AA, but he's also shown evidence he can handle. Last night, both sides were on display, as he pitched 5 innings, allowed 8 hits, 2 earned runs, struck out 5, and walked 1. Both runs were scored on a 2-run home run, which has been Hellickson's bugaboo in AA, as he's now allowed 13 in 64 innings. The good news: His AA strikeout:walk ratio is about 6:1, and his hit rate is probably going to come down a bit. He just needs to corral the gopher balls. The Biscuits lineup lacks any half-decent prospects with Nowak's promotion.

Vero Beach Devil Rays: Postponed due to wet grounds.

Columbus Catfish: Mike McCormick hit his 10th home run and Stephen Vogt added two extra-base hits.

Hudson Valley Renegades: All-Star break, set to resume league play today.

Princeton Devil Rays: Matt Moore is still here. For some reason. He turned in 5 more brilliant innings last night, giving up no runs on 1 hit with 2 walks and 9 strikeouts. For the season, he's allowed 27 hits in 49 innings, walked 18, and struck out a whopping 73. His ERA stands at 1.82. Tim Beckham and Ty Morrison each collected a hit.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The 2008 Scouting Report, By the Fans, For the Fans

Tangotiger is tallying the scouting reports from his readers. If you like Tom's work as I do, take some time to represent the Rays here.
"It’s the 6th Annual Fans’ Scouting Report.

Every year, I get a jump in participation, from the first year where I had close to 500 ballots, to last year where it exceeded 2000 ballots. If you’ve enjoyed my blog, appreciated my work, or somehow wondered what you could do in return, this is it. All I ask from you is 5-10 minutes of your time, and we’ll call it even."

UPDATE: We have the 5th most responses so far, ahead of the Yankees and Cubs. And people say we have no fans. Keep it up!

1. 97 SEA
2. 49 BOS
3. 34 CHA
4. 33 TOR
5. 30 TBA
6. 23 NYA
7. 22 CHN

Best Tools

Several Rays minor leaguers were judged by Baseball America to have the best tools in their league. (Full season leagues only.)

AAA International League
Fastest Baserunner - Fernando Perez
Best Changeup - Mitch Talbot
Best Defensive Shortstop - Reid Brignac
(former Rays outfielder Jason Pridie won for Best Defensive Outfielder)

AA Southern League
Best Control - Jeremy Hellickson

A+ Florida State League
Best Pitching Prospect - David Price
Best Control - Jeremy Hellickson

Price has obviously moved up, and up again. Hellickson with the best control in two leagues is impressive. Expect him to be on everyones Top 50 prospects heading into next year. And it's nice to see Talbot get some recognition, he's often overlooked with all the great arms in our system.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Only a couple of weeks left in the regular season. Final scheduled regular season games for our minor league affiliates:

Durham (AAA) = September 1
Montgomery (AA) = September 1
Vero Beach (A+) = August 31
Columbus (A) = September 1
Hudson Valley (A-) = September 6
Princeton (R) = August 26
DSL Rays (R) = August 23
VSL Rays (R) = August 2 (did not make the playoffs)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Beckham blasts off again

#1 pick Tim Beckham went deep for his 2nd home run in an otherwise forgettable 16-4 loss for the P-Rays. He also doubled, bringing his season line up to .240/.299/.347. In August, he's hitting .276/.338/.466.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Catching up with the class of '05

In 2004, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays finished 70-92, their best mark in franchise history, until this year's team, course. After picking 1st overall in 2003(Delmon Young), the D-Rays went into the 2005 draft armed with the 8th overall pick. Here's what happened(ain't hindsight great?):

1st round, 8th overall: Wade Townsend, RHP, Rice - We'll probably never know exactly what happened. But the story goes that the scouting team wanted Andrew McCutchen, a toolsy outfielder who would go to Pittsburgh two picks later, while the outgoing ownership group led by Vince Naimoli wanted the cheaper Townsend. Townsend had been taken in the 8th overall spot last year, but was unable to come to terms with the Orioles. He was actually ineligible to pitch at Rice in 2005, but he went back anyway to finish up his degree.

Anyway, Townsend wound up signing with Tampa Bay for less money than Baltimore had offered him a year ago. He reported to Hudson Valley, and then pitched in the Arizona Fall League before injury cut that short. The diagnosis? Shredded elbow, needs Tommy John surgery. Townsend spent all of 2006 rehabbing before returning with low-A Columbus in 2007. In the nearly two full seasons he's pitched, he's been inconsistent, to say the least. He's shown flashes of plus-stuff(but nothing like when he was at Rice), but he'll follow that up with three poor outings. Townsend will be 26 by opening day next season, so while the clock hasn't run out, it's ticking down. His ceiling at this point is probably just that of a pedestrian middle reliever.

Compounding Townsend's bad luck and poor results is how terrific the 2005 1st round looks now. Of the top 12 picks, only Townsend, McCutchen, and Ricky Romero haven't made the majors, and McCutchen is knocking on the door. Mike Pelfrey, Cameron Maybin, McCutchen, and Jay Bruce were the four picks directly after Townsend. Ouch.

2nd round, 56th overall: Chris Mason, RHP, UNC Greensboro - Mason's had quite the interesting past 3 seasons. He looked pretty bad even by Cal League standards with high-A Visalia in 2006, posted a 2.57 ERA and anchored a championship staff at AA Montgomery in 2007, and has had things fall apart again in AAA Durham. After starting the season in the rotation, he's been moved to the bullpen, but hasn't fared much better. Mason's hit rate skyrocketed from AA to AAA, while his strikeout rate held steady and his walk rate increased by about .75/9 innings.

Mason probably won't ever be any more than a reliever, especially with the Rays loaded system. My guess is he'll be moved back to the rotation in Durham next year and given a chance to straighten things out. If he can keep his walks down and somehow stymie the hit rate, then he can at least have moderate success in the big leagues someday.

The second round was actually pretty weak this year, so the Rays shouldn't get knocked a whole lot for this pick. Kevin Slowey, also a college RHP, was selected later in the round by Minnesota.

3rd round, 88th overall: Bryan Morris, RHP, TN HS - Ah, the days of the draft-and-follow. Basically, we drafted Morris knowing he'd probably play JC ball for at least a year, as his father was the coach. Morris indeed went to junior college, but when the deadline came and went to sign him(just before the 2006 draft), no deal got done. Morris re-entered the draft in 2006 and was selected 26th overall by the Dodgers. He's now in the Pirates system as part of the Manny/Bay trade. He wound up needed Tommy John surgery, but that didn't appear to come up until after LA drafted him, meaning it didn't impact TB's negotiations. Check-minus on this pick, because you can't just throw away a 3rd rounder like this.

4th round, 118th overall: Jeremy Hellickson, RHP, IA HS - Hellickson was actually a bit of a question mark at draft time, because the majority of Iowa's HS baseball season is actually after the draft. That, combined with Hellickson's "short righty"ness and an injury that wiped out his junior year, caused him to fall to round 4, where the Rays clearly got a bargain. Hellickson's broken out as a top prospect this season, posting a 10:1 strikeout:walk ratio in 136 innings split between Vero Beach and Montgomery. He's struggled somewhat in his first taste of AA ball, but should be able to make to adjustments. Other interesting names from this round include Mat Gamel to Milwaukee and Brian Matusz(as a high schooler) to the Angels.

5th round, 148th overall: Mike McCormick, 3B, OR HS - Yup, he was drafted as a 3B. Considered a high-ceiling(albeit raw) bat at draft time, McCormick hit decently at Princeton for two seasons before being promoted to Hudson Valley and converted to a catcher. He put up an impressive .821 OPS there, but has completely hit a wall with Columbus this season. His batting average has hovered in the low .200s and his on-base skills are lacking. He's shown some of his power, but a .605 OPS just isn't going to cut it. Still, the Rays aren't about to give up on him. My guess is he'll repeat low-A as a 22-year old in 2009 and hope for better results and a possible promotion to Vero Beach/Port Charlotte. The rest of the 5th round wasn't all that interesting.

6th round, 178th overall: Greg Reinhard, RHP, Wisconsin-Whitewater - Reinhard was the Division-III strikeout leader in 2005, and actually showed some decent stuff to back it up. He pitched at HV in 2005 and Southwest Michigan in 2006 before being traded that offseason to Chicago as part of the deal for Jae Kuk Ryu. He's been back and forth between AA and AAA with the Cubs, and has a chance to contribute as a reliever some day, though he'll likely need to shore up his control.

7th round, 208th overall: Mike Wlodarczyk, LHP, Boston College - Wlod(I'm not agonizing over his spelling this whole post) was drafted as a college senior who starred in the Cape Cod League. However, it appears that the 6'5" lefty basically is what he is at this point, and that's a good organizational arm with a minimal chance at cracking the big leagues.

8th round, 238th overall: Andrew Lopez, OF, CA HS - Lopez actually signed an over-slot deal, as the Rays hoped they had a semi-late bloomer on their hands. Lopez "broke out" his senior season of HS, and actually had a solid debut season with Princeton. He returned to the P-Rays in 2006, where was less impressive, and was the other piece of the Jae Kuk Ryu deal that off-season(with Reinhard). Lopez played sub-average ball at three different levels with Chicago in 2007, and appears to be out of baseball in 2008.

9th round, 268th overall: Derek Feldkamp, RHP, U. Michigan - Feldkamp was basically a big guy who threw hard, and that's enough to get drafted in the top 10 rounds, as teams hope something clicks in pro ball. He was the Wolverines closer his last two years, and broke into pro ball in the bullpen before being moved to the rotation. He proved to be too hittable, and after putting up ERAs over 6.50 in 2006 and 2007, Feldkamp is out of the organization and apparently out of baseball.

10th round, 298th overall: John Matulia, OF, FL HS - This is where the guys start to sound really non-descript. Matulia's about par for the course as far as 10th rounders go, in that he hasn't broken out for flamed out. He's currently with Vero Beach and profiles as an organizational guy at best.

11th round, 328th overall:
Jeff Kamrath, RHP, U. Virginia
12th round, 358th overall: Ryan Zimmerman, RHP, Salt Lake CC
13th round, 388th overall: Ryan Morse, LHP, Southwest Minnesota State
14th round, 418th overall: Henry Wrigley, 1B, College of San Mateo
15th round, 448th overall: Matt Fisher, RHP, Franklin Pierce College
16th round, 478th overall: Neil Walton, SS, Cal State-Fullerton
17th round, 508th overall: Ronald Edwards, C, LA HS
18th round, 538th overall: Tommy Hunter, RHP, IN HS
19th round, 568th overall: Ike Davis, 1B/LHP, AZ HS
20th round, 598th overall: Wade Miley, LHP, LA HS

It's just going to be easier to do it this way from now on. Kamrath actually struck a bunch of people out and was a deep sleeper of mine this season, but injuries and control problems took care of that. Ryan Zimmerman and Matt Fisher are out of the Rays organization. Ryan Morse, Henry Wrigley, and Neil Walton are toiling away in the minors. Ronald Edwards didn't sign.

Neither did Hunter, Davis, or, Miley. Hunter went to Alabama and was the 54th overall pick(Rangers) in 2007. Davis went to Arizona State and was the 18th overall pick(Mets) in 2008. Miley went to SE Louisiana and was the 43rd overall pick(Diamondbacks) in 2008. Of course, this stuff happens all the time, so it's not like anyone can fault the Rays for not signing any of those guys.

24th round, 718th overall: Neal Frontz, RHP, Jacksonville University
41st round, 1226th overall: Garrett Groce, OF, Columbus State University
45th round, 1342nd overall: Leon Johnson, OF
48th round, 1428th overall: Brad Matthews, IF, Wallace State CC

These are just the rest of the guys I have comments on(you're not missing much with the guys I omitted, trust me). Frontz has gotten all the way to AA Montgomery, where he's working out of the bullpen. Garrett Groce has carved out a heck of a career for a 41st rounder(he's currently with Vero Beach). Leon Johnson is the brother of Durham infield Elliot Johnson. Leon didn't sign because he went on a mormon mission(much like Elliot, if I recall). The Rays actually drafted Leon in 2003, 2005, and 2006, with him not signing each time. He was taken in the 10th round by the Cubs in 2007, he's currently in A-ball. And Brad Matthews I put on there for no other reason than the fact he used to post on the raysbaseball(now raysbb) forums.

Conclusion: The Rays really only got one potential impact player in this draft, and that's Jeremy Hellickson. He was a great value in round 4, but does that make up for the botched 1st and 3rd rounders? Townsend, Mason, and McCormick are the only other guys with a chance to contribute to the MLB team some day(though it should be noted that Reinhard also has a shot at the majors in a different organization). It would obviously have been great to woo one of the Hunter/Davis/Miley troika away from college, but the Rays don't get docked any points for not doing that. The bottom line is that without Hellickson this is frankly a terrible draft, punctuated by not grabbing a top talent in round 1 when just about everybody else did and failing to sign their 3rd round pick. If Hellickson hits his ceiling, I think that covers for Townsend/Morris. The Rays are in the fortunate position where one bad draft doesn't cripple them, which is mostly due to the fruitful 2004 draft.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Friday wrap-up

Durham Bulls: Jeff Niemann was underwhelming(6 walks in 4.2 innings), but the bullpen was solid and the Bulls came from behind to win 6-5. John Jaso hit his 3rd AAA home run, but allowed a whopping 7 stolen bases defensively.

Montgomery Biscuits: James Houser returned from injury, but left after just 1.1 ineffective innings(another injury?). Gino Gonzalez was poor in relief as the Biscuits fell 7-3.

Vero Beach Devil Rays: Brandon Mann put the VB Rays in a hole early, and their offense wasn't able to climb out of it, as they fell 7-5.

Columbus Catfish: It took 13 innings, but the Catfish outlasted Hagerstown, 3-2. Jesse Darcy started, while John Baird, Austin Hinkle, and Justin Garcia combined for 7 shutout innings out of the bullpen. Maiko Loyola stole his 41st base.

Hudson Valley Renegades: The 'Gades scored 5 in the 1st inning and coasted to a 7-2 win, sparked by Robi Estrada's 3 hits. Tyree Hayes went 7 strong and earned his 4th win.

Princeton Devil Rays: In a reversal of yesterday, the P-Rays lost both ends of a double-header, including a 15-2 whooping in game 2. Tim Beckham started both games but failed to record a hit. Ty Morrison played only in game 1 and went 1-2.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Lobstein watch

Just a reminder: Teams have until midnight tonight to get deals done with their unsigned draft picks(excluding college seniors). Unsigned for the Rays are:
2. Kyle Lobstein, HS LHP
15. Brandon Meredith, HS 1B
21. Ryan Carpenter, HS LHP
29. Brandon Magee, HS 1B
30. Ryan Turnder, JC 2B
31. Greg Williams, HS LHP
32. Kyle Gaedele, HS OF
33. Kyle Hunter, HS LHP
All picks from round 36-50

All indications are that Lobstein is really the only one of that group who is a potential sign, and according to Kevin Goldstein, that deal is basically done. It'd be nice to see the Rays bring in a high-ceiling bat like Meredith or Magee, or a high-ceiling LHP like Ryan Carptenter or Greg Williams, but it appears all four will go the college route(Magee is already at Arizona State's football practices).

Updating, 3:51 EST: Lobstein signs as per the Heater:

"Also, the Rays have signed second-round pick LHP Kyle Lobstein, hours in advance of the midnight Friday deadline. He had been considering a scholarship to Arizona."

Thursday wrap-up

Just glossing over the highlights today:
*Mitch Talbot pitched 7 innings for Durham
*Jeremy Hellickson struck out 10 and walked 0, allowing 3 runs over 7 innings in Montgomery
*Vero Beach got shut out
*Anthony Scelfo homered for Hudson Valley
*Princeton swept a doubleheader by the combined score of 5-1. Tim Beckham went 1-3 in the only game he played. Matt Moore allowed 1 hit in 5 innings, and my boy Jason McEachern lowered his ERA to 0.95

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wednesday wrap-up

Durham Bulls: David Price made his first AAA start, but only lasted 4 innings and took his first loss as a pro. He allowed 3 runs on 7 hits, walked none, and struck out 6. Joel Guzman and John Jaso each went 2-4 with two doubles, but the Bulls came up short, losing 7-6.

Montgomery Biscuits: It was a less-heralded debut than Price's, but Heath Rollins AA debut went about as well as it could've: 7 innings, 4 hits, 1 run, no walks, 9 strikeouts. Unfortunately, Eduardo Morlan couldn't hang onto the 2-1 lead Rollins departed with, and the Biscuits fell 3-2.

Vero Beach Devil Rays: Ryan Royster hit his 9th home run, but the VB Rays lost in extra innings for the second straight night, falling 7-5.

Columbus Catfish: Columbus looked flat, losing both ends of a doubleheader, scoring just two runs in the process. Brian Flores and Justin Garcia took the losses.

Hudson Valley Renegades: K.D. Kang and Mark Thomas had two hits apiece to lead the 'Gades over Jamestown, 5-4. Diego Echeverria started, but it was Matt Long who picked up the win in relief.

Princeton Devil Rays: 4th round pick Ty Morrison made his pro debut, singling once in three at-bats. Tim Beckham also singled and walked, but Princeton collected just four hits as a team, getting blanked 3-0.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tuesday wrap-up

Durham Bulls: Off. The Bulls open up a 2-game series with Norfolk today, and David Price is scheduled to make his AAA debut. However, the forecast calls for rain, so we'll see if they get it in.

Montgomery Biscuits: Five players had two hits apiece to lead the Biscuits over the Jacksonville Suns, 9-6. Jason Cromer got the win, Neal Frontz the save. The only real blemish on the pitching was Ryan Reid, who allowed 4 earned runs while recording only one out. Montgomery now trails 1st-place Mississippi by 1 game.

Vero Beach Devil Rays: The VB Rays blinked first, allowing a 3-run walkoff HR in the bottom of the 13th inning to fall 6-3 to Brevard County. Wade Townsend started and went 6 innings, allowing just one run.

Columbus Catfish: Rained out. Doubleheader scheduled today against Lake County.

Hudson Valley Renegades: Marquis Fleming got the win in relief, striking out 5 in 3 shutout innings. Anthony Scelfo led the offense with 3 hits as the 'Gades won 5-2.

Princeton Devil Rays: Tim Beckham hit his first career home run, and Alexander Colome, Angel Chapa, and Michael Jarman combined on a 2-hit shutout as Princeton won 3-0.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tim Beckham hits first career pro HR

Full wrap-up on all the action tomorrow, but a special moment in Princeton tonight, where #1 pick Tim Beckham hit his first career pro homerun in the first inning. Beckham went 2-4 and is now hitting .238 on the season.

In case you missed it

Tommy Rancel has an interesting interview with Will Carroll over at Outs Per Swing. Favorite quote:

WC: Camel? Haven’t heard that one. He’s definitely up there, but Kazmir’s stuff is just filthy even when he’s off. I’d rank them Kazmir, Garza, Price, Hellickson, Davis on stuff … but Shields is clearly their best pitcher because he knows what to do on the mound to win with what he has. Consistency can trump stuff.

High praise for Hellickson. At the beginning of the year Keith Law, who's opinion I respect, said in his Top 100 prospects article that Hellickson's fastball was his only plus pitch. He said that unless he developed his secondary pitches considerably, his ceiling was a 4th or 5th starter.

Monday, August 11, 2008

August 10 Pitching Highlight: Tyree Hayes

Tyree Hayes
Hudson Valley's RHSP Tyree Hayes, our 8th round pick in 2006, pitched a 4-hit complete game shutout in a 4-0 win over Lowell:

Hayes YTD totals:

Hayes pitched at Princeton in 2006 and 2007. In 2006 he pitched well, putting up an ERA/FIP of 2.48/3.92. Last year was a disappointment with an ERA/FIP of 4.91/4.68. Hayes has gotten better each month in 2008. His ERA's for June/July/August are 6.35/3.04/0.60.

This was his 2nd career shutout and tied his career high for strikeouts. Hayes turned 20 two days ago on the 8th and is the son of former major leaguer Charlie Hayes.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

August 9 Pitching Report

Justin Garcia
Columbus' RHRP Justin Garcia was dominant again:

Matt Moore
Princeton's LHSP Matt Moore was excellent again:

Marquis Fleming
Hudson Valley's RHRP Marquis Fleming, our 24th round pick in 2008, is getting on track:

Wade DavisAnd Durham's RHSP Wade Davis had another solid outing:

YTD totals on the four:


With David Price moving up to Durham, Heath Rollins has been promoted from Vero Beach to Montgomery to fill Price's spot in the rotation. Both are scheduled to start on Wednesday.

Note: Wednesday would normally have been Mitch Talbot's turn in Durham's rotation. Could signal another move or just that Talbot will move back a day.

Catching up: August 8 Pitching Report

Jeremy Hall
Columbus' RHSP Jeremy Hall had a good start:

Princeton's RHSP Joseph Cruz was excellent again:

Jeremy Hellickson
Montgomery's RHSP Jeremy Hellickson good again in AA:

Jeff Niemann
And Durham's RHSP Jeff Niemann had another good start:

YTD totals on the four:

Saturday, August 9, 2008

David Price promoted to Durham

Lancaster has the story:

SEATTLE—David Price was told after Montgomery’s game tonight that he has been promoted to Durham.

Last year’s top draft pick will make his Triple-A debut for the Bulls on Wednesday against Norfolk.

He went 7-0 with a 1.89 ERA in nine starts for the Biscuits after going 4-0 with a 1.82 ERA in six starts for Vero Beach to open his first professional season.

Price likely will be called up to the majors at some point this season, with the only question being whether the Rays will use him as a starter or in relief, a la Joba Chamberlain. But he’ll at least have a chance to sample three levels of the minors before getting to that point...and maybe even lose a game someday. You never know…

BA Prospect Hot Sheet

David Price

Team: Double-A Montgomery (Southern)

Age: 22

Why He's Here: 2-0, 0.75, 12 IP, 7 H, 1 R, 1 HR, 1 HBP, 4 BB, 17 SO

The Scoop:
The best pitching prospect in the minor leagues, Price dominated this week by striking out 17 of the 46 batters he faced (37 percent). In his 15 starts this season between Montgomery and high Class A Vero Beach, Price has yet to allow more than three runs in one game. No pitcher in the minor leagues can match Price's combination of stuff, polish and athleticism, and there are few big league pitchers who can match Price just on the quality of his pitches. Price's start yesterday of five shutout innings lowered his Double-A ERA to 1.89 in 57 innings, and it's only a matter of time before the big lefty is showing big league hitters what he's capable of in Tampa Bay.

We know it, but sometimes it's just nice to hear.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Minor league season is almost over

If you're wondering whether a prospect will get promoted yet this year, time is running out. Final scheduled regular season games for our minor league affiliates:

Durham (AAA) = September 1
Montgomery (AA) = September 1
Vero Beach (A+) = August 31
Columbus (A) = September 1
Hudson Valley (A-) = September 6
Princeton (R) = August 26
DSL Rays (R) = August 23
VSL Rays (R) = August 2 (did not make the playoffs)

Brignac breaks wrist; Merrill, Walton moved up

Reid Brignac was hit by a pitch and removed from the game back on August 6th, and eventually diagnosed with a broken wrist, possibly ending his season. The result? Montgomery SS Ronnie Merrill was promoted to Durham, and Vero Beach infielder Neil Walton was tapped to take Merrill's spot with the Biscuits.

Merill was hitting .263/.361/.374 for Montgomery, while Walton posted a line of .224/.285/.305 with the Vero Beach Devil Rays. Neither is really a prospect at this point, but with the Bulls almost assured a playoff spot(they lead Norfolk by 9.5 games) and the Biscuits fighting for one(they trail Mississippi by 1.5 games), one or both could help bring the Rays organization another minor league championship.

VSL season in review: Pitching

The VSL Rays season ended August 2nd. Their final record: 29-36-5. Here is a look at the final pitching stats sorted by IP:

Bencomo, Omar19.415860.24.452.742.618.20.410.10.6
Yendis, Luis19.0161254.12.654.143.806.
Duenas, Carlos20.621549.14.933.653.486.
Guedez, Raul23.828049.03.863.612.937.
Mavares, Deivis21.827048.21.482.441.9011.
Quinonez, Eduar18.913645.03.804.424.
Lopez, Kevin19.821044.13.654.764.556.
Linares, Joice18.314636.23.683.913.695.
Cabrera, Orlando18.821034.24.415.164.885.56.510.40.5
Andrade, Francisco17.916028.27.854.494.317.25.713.50.6
Duarte, Hugo18.614227.26.184.573.908.
Rodriguez Wilking18.410826.23.713.
Crespo, Ali18.512225.14.974.784.
Espana, Luis19.313220.14.875.615.253.54.911.50.9
Sanchez, Daniel19.214619.25.497.737.543.715.17.30.0
Marquez, Juan17.49815.29.778.696.835.712.17.50.6
Mujica, Juan18.312212.07.508.127.846.
Lopez, Reinaldo17.36311.13.975.585.462.

Top 3 prospects are Bencomo, Yendis, and Rodriguez. After that it's pretty much pick 'em. I really want to see Bencomo (and Julio Cedeno) in Hudson Valley next summer.

Looking back at Baseball America's Top Tampa Bay Prospects

2008 Top 30+1 prospects according to Baseball America:

1. Evan Longoria, 3b
2. David Price, lhp
3. Jake McGee, lhp
4. Wade Davis, rhp
5. Reid Brignac, ss
6. Desmond Jennings, of
7. Jeff Niemann, rhp
8. Jeremy Hellickson, rhp
9. Ryan Royster, of
10. Chris Mason, rhp
11. Glenn Gibson, lhp
12. Juan Salas, rhp
13. John Jaso, c
14. Alex Cobb, rhp
15. Eduardo Morlan, rhp
16. Josh Butler, rhp
17. Nick Barnese, rhp
18. James Houser, lhp
19. Heath Rollins, rhp
20. Matt Walker, rhp
21. Mitch Talbot, rhp
22. Mike McCormick, c
23. Will Kline, rhp
24. Wade Townsend, rhp
25. Fernando Perez, of
26. Nevin Ashley, c
27. Justin Ruggiano, of
28. Rhyne Hughes, 1b
29. Joel Guzman, 1b
30. D.J. Jones, of
31. David Newmann, lhp

Not counting injuries, Royster, Mason and Gibson were way high. Butler and Walker also too high. Mitch Talbot too low.

So who did a better job, BA or Sickels?

Looking back at John Sickels' Top Tampa Bay Prospects

2008 Top 20+ prospects according to John Sickels:

1. Evan Longoria, 3B, Grade A
2. David Price, LHP, Grade A
3. Jacob McGee, LHP, Grade A
4. Wade Davis, RHP, Grade B+
5. Reid Brignac, SS, Grade B+
6. Jeremy Hellickson, RHP, Grade B+
7. Desmond Jennings, OF, Grade B+
8. Jeff Niemann, RHP, Grade B
9. Eduardo Morlan, RHP, Grade B
10. John Jaso, C, Grade B
11. Ryan Royster, OF, Grade B-
12. Chris Mason, RHP, Grade B-
13. Nick Barnese, RHP, Grade B-
14. Mitch Talbot, RHP, Grade C+
15. Heath Rollins, RHP, Grade C+
16. Glenn Gibson, LHP, Grade C+
17. Fernando Perez, OF, Grade C+
18. James Houser, LHP, Grade C+
19. Justin Ruggiano, OF, Grade C+
20. Sergio Pedroza, OF, Grade C+

Other prospects include Nevin Ashley, Josh Butler, Alex Cobb, Joseph Cruz, Reid Fronk, Joel Guzman, Rhyne Hughes, K.D. Kang, OF, Will Kline, Mike McCormick, Calvin Medlock, Matt Moore, David Newmann, Emeel Salem, Matthew Walker, and Mike Wlodarczyk.

Not a bad list as it turns out. Not counting players who got injured, Royster, Mason and Gibson were too high, and Cobb, Cruz and Moore too low.

7 days, 12 hours left to sign draft picks

Our unsigned picks:

2 Kyle Lobstein LHP Coconino HS, Flagstaff, Ariz. Ariz.
15 Brandon Meredith 1B Montgomery HS, San Diego Calif.
21 Ryan Carpenter LHP Cactus HS, Peoria, Ariz. Ariz.
29 Brandon Magee OF Centennial HS, Corona, Calif. Calif.
30 Ryan Turner 2B Midland (Texas) JC Texas
31 Greg Williams LHP Moeller HS, Cincinnati Ohio
32 Kyle Gaedele OF Rolling Meadows (Ill.) HS Ill.
33 Kyle Hunter LHP Galesburg (Ill.) HS Ill.
36 Jordan Leyland 1B Sam Dimas (Calif.) HS Calif.
37 Kramer Champlin RHP Olympia (Wash.) HS Wash.
38 Anthony Haase RHP Rio Rancho (N.M.) HS N.M.
39 Andrew Gans OF Coronado HS, Henderson, Nev. Nev.
40 Sam Gaviglio RHP Ashland (Ore.) HS Ore.
41 Brett Parsons OF Navarro (Texas) JC Texas
42 Tim Clubb RHP Missouri State Mo.
43 Robbie Ross LHP Saddleback (Calif.) CC Calif.
44 Philip Pohl C Cooperstown (N.Y.) Central HS N.Y.
45 Royce Bolinger OF Chaparral HS, Scottsdale, Ariz. Ariz.
46 Jeff Lease LHP American River (Calif.) JC Calif.
47 Chris Matulis LHP Park Vista HS, Lake Worth, Fla. Fla.
48 Lath Guyer RHP Mercer Ga.
49 Kash Kalkowski RHP Grand Island (Neb.) HS Neb.
50 Kyle Peterson C Hamilton HS, Chandler, Ariz. Ariz.

Will Lobstein sign?

August 7 - Top Pitching Performances

The DSL Ray's RHSP Jose Monegro had another good start:

Glenn Gibson
Hudson Valley's LHRP Glenn Gibson looked good in relief:

David PriceOur top pitching prospect, Montgomery's LHSP David Price, improved to 11-0 on the season:

Mitch Talbot
And Durham's RHSP Mitch Talbot had another good start (11 ground ball outs, 5 air):

YTD totals on the four:

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ripken group buys Vero Beach, Rays minority partner

Per the Vero Beach Press Journal:

It’s official: the Los Angeles Dodgers have sold the Vero Beach franchise of the Florida State League to the Ripken Baseball Group.

The Tampa Bay Rays will be a minority partner, and the team, currently known as the Vero Beach Devil Rays, likely will relocate to Port Charlotte, where the Rays are opening a new spring training facility in 2009.

Glad it's official. I never liked the idea of the Dodgers making decisions for our affiliate.

Friday, August 1, 2008

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AFL Peoria Javelinas schedule

7 vs. Surprise 12:35 PM
8 @ Surprise 12:35 PM
9 vs. Phoenix 7:05 PM
10 @ Peo Saguaros 12:35 PM
11 vs. Peo Saguaros 7:05 PM
13 @ Phoenix 12:35 PM
14 vs. Phoenix 12:35 PM
15 @ Mesa 12:35 PM
16 vs. Mesa 12:35 PM
17 @ Scottsdale 7:05 PM
18 vs. Scottsdale 12:35 PM
20 @ Peo Saguaros 12:35 PM
21 vs. Peo Saguaros 12:35 PM
22 @ Phoenix 12:35 PM
23 vs. Phoenix 12:35 PM
25 vs. Peo Saguaros 12:35 PM
27 vs. Scottsdale 12:35 PM
28 @ Scottsdale 7:05 PM
29 vs. Phoenix 12:35 PM
30 @ Phoenix 12:35 PM
31 @ Mesa 12:35 PM

1 vs. Mesa 7:05 PM
3 vs. Surprise 7:05 PM
4 @ Scottsdale 7:05 PM
5 vs. Surprise 12:35 PM
6 @ Surprise 12:35 PM
7 @ Peo Saguaros 12:35 PM
8 @ Surprise 12:35 PM
10 @ Mesa 12:35 PM
11 vs. Mesa 12:35 PM
12 @ Peo Saguaros 12:35 PM
13 vs. Peo Saguaros 7:05 PM
14 vs. Surprise 12:35 PM
15 @ Surprise 12:35 PM
17 @ Mesa 12:35 PM
18 vs. Mesa 12:35 PM
19 @ Scottsdale 7:05 PM
20 vs. Phoenix 12:35 PM

Tampa Bay Rays 1996 Draft Picks

Tampa Bay RaysRound Drafted/Overall Pick, Name, Position When Drafted, School Drafted From

Tampa Bay Rays 1996 Draft Picks:
1/29 Paul Wilder, OF, Cary HS (Cary, NC)
2/64 Doug Johnson, 1B, Buchholz HS (Gainesville, FL)
3/94 Ed Koffer, RHP, Tarpon Springs HS (Tarpon Springs, FL)
4/124 Cedrick Bowers, LHP, Chiefland HS (Chiefland, FL)
5/154 Alex Sanchez, OF, Miami-Dade Wolfson CC (FL)
6/184 Elliot Brown, RHP, Auburn University (AL)
7/214 Mickey Callaway, RHP, University of Mississippi (MS)
8/244 Matt Quatraro, C, Old Dominion University (VA)
9/274 Denis Pujais, RHP, University of Miami (FL)
10/304 Chie Gunner, OF, Grand View HS (Grand View, MO)
11/334 Robert Cafaro, RHP, Southern Connecticut State University (CT)
12/364 Scott Madison, LHP, Rutgers University (NJ)
13/394 Shawn Stutz, RHP, Florida International University (FL)
14/424 Delvin James, RHP, Nacogdoches HS (Nacogdoches, TX)
15/454 John Kaufman, LHP, University of Florida (FL)
16/484 Jared Sandberg, 3B, Capital HS (Olympia, WA)
17/514 Michael DeCelle, OF, University of Miami (FL)
18/544 Brad Weber, LHP, Indiana University (IN)
19/574 Ryan Ledden, RHP, Parkview HS (Lilburn, GA)
20/604 Jamie Ebling, 2B, Florida Southern College (FL)
21/634 Trey Salinas, C, University of Texas (TX)
22/664 Luke Owens-Bragg, 2B, University of California, Riverside (CA)
23/694 Russ Jacobson, C, Horizon HS (Scottsdale, AZ)
24/724 Matt Kastelic, OF, Texas Tech University (TX)
25/754 James Manias, LHP, Fairfield University (CT)
26/784 Jeff Jankowlak, RHP, Wayzata HS (Plymouth, MN)
27/814 Kyle Snyder, RHP, Riverview HS (Sarasota, FL)
28/844 Donny Barker, RHP, University of Texas (TX)
29/874 R.J. Howerton, RHP, Southeastern Oklahoma State University (OK)
30/904 Kyle Whitley, RHP, Southeastern Oklahoma State University (OK)
31/934 Mark Hale, RHP, Carefree (Carefree, AZ)
32/964 Michael Brown, RHP, Walters State CC (TN)
33/994 Aaron Bouie, RHP, Albion Central HS (Albion, NY)
34/1024 Dan Wheeler, RHP, Central Arizona College (AZ)
35/1054 Brian Packin, 1B, Randolph HS (Mendham, NJ)
36/1084 Kevin Kay, C, Forest Park HS (Rex, GA)
37/1114 Derek Mann, SS, Columbus HS (Columbus, GA)
38/1144 Walter Ward, OF, Edison College (FL)
39/1174 Ryan Mottl, RHP, McCluer North HS (Florissant, MO)
40/1204 Jared Verrall, 1B, Eastern Oregon State College (OR)
41/1233 Lawrence Severence, C, John A. Logan College (IL)
42/1261 Dayle Campbell, OF, Lynwood HS (Lynwood, CA)
43/1288 Jason Smith, RHP, Palm Beach Lakes HS (West Palm Beach, FL)
44/1314 Jason Michaels, OF, Okaloosa-Walton CC (FL)
45/1339 Michael Kimbrell, LHP, Southeastern Louisiana University (LA)
46/1364 Robert Henker, RHP, Monte Vista HS (Spring Valley, CA)
47/1388 Jeremy Robinson, LHP, St.Amant HS (St.Amant, LA)
48/1411 Michael Barraza, LHP, Gladstone HS (Covina, CA)
49/1434 Edward Lubbers, LHP, Forest Hill HS (West Palm Beach, FL)
50/1457 Bret Stewart, LHP, Leesburg HS (Fruitland Park, FL)
51/1478 Jason Briggs, RHP, Smithville HS (Smithville, TX)
52/1497 Chris Lagrone, OF, Seward County CC (KS)
53/1514 Scott Leon, RHP, University of Texas (TX)
54/1530 L.J. Yankosky, RHP, Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, GA)
55/1546 Ron Merrill, SS, Jesuit HS (Tampa, FL)
56/1561 Joel de los Santos, 2B, Burncoat HS (Worcester, MA)
57/1572 Adrian Yother, RHP, Middle Georgia College (GA)
58/1582 Clint Kinsey, RHP, Fairland HS (Fairland, OK)
59/1591 Nathan Hilton, RHP, Boone HS (Boone, IA)
60/1600 John Hensley, RHP, Fountain Central HS (Kingman, IN)
61/1607 Nathan Ruhl, RHP, Johnson County CC (KS)
62/1614 Mike King, OF, Duke University (NC)
63/1621 Tim Hill, RHP, Saint Leo College (FL)
64/1626 Tony McCladdie, 2B, Middle Georgia College (GA)
65/1631 Don Kivinemi, RHP, Bellevue College (NE)
66/1636 Chris Anderson, C, Southeastern Oklahoma State University (OK)
67/1641 Matt Hoffman, RHP, Seminole JC (FL)
68/1646 Spencer Young, RHP, Mingus Union HS (Mingus Union, AZ)
69/1651 Roger Carter, RHP, Fort Gibson HS (Fort Gibson, OK)
70/1656 Juan Cruz, 3B, Jefferson HS (Lafayette, IN)
71/1661 Jason Kirk, OF, Altus HS (Altus, OK)
72/1666 Brad Smith, 1B, Edmond HS (Edmond, OK)
73/1671 Nicholas Rhodes, C, Danbury HS (Danbury, CT)
74/1676 Chad Pyle, SS, Christian County HS (Hopkinsville, KY)
75/1681 Michael O'Brien, 1B, Old Bridge HS (Old Bridge, NJ)
76/1685 Zachary Roper, 3B, Tarpon Springs HS (Tarpon Springs, FL)
77/1689 Keith Brice, RHP, Westminster College (CA)
78/1693 Rashard Casey, OF, Hoboken HS (Hoboken, NJ)
79/1697 Emory Brock, OF, Parkway West HS (Chesterfield, MO)
80/1700 Adrian Espino, 1B, Laredo JC (TX)
81/1703 David DeMarco, 1B, Marple-Newtown HS (Newtown Square, PA)
82/1706 Victor Sauceda, 2B, Laredo JC (TX)
83/1709 Layne Meyer, RHP, Parkway West HS (Ballwin, MO)
84/1711 Scott Diorio, RHP, Seward County CC (KS)
85/1713 Justin Clements, SS, Manatee CC (FL)
86/1715 Scott Neuberger, OF, Tallahassee CC (FL)
87/1717 David Taylor, RHP, Crossroads HS (Pacific Palisades, CA)
88/1719 Shannon Lovan, RHP, Christian County HS (Crofton, KY)
89/1721 Travis Phelps, RHP, Crowder College (MO)
90/1723 Jack Koch, RHP, Miami-Dade College (FL)
91/1725 David Hoffman, LHP, Danville HS (Danville, IL)
92/1727 Brian Newton, LHP, Juanita HS (Kirkland, WA)
93/1729 Willie Marin, RHP, Coral Gables HS (Coral Gables, FL)
94/1731 Blair Barbier, RHP, Brother Martin HS (Harvey, LA)
95/1733 Ryan Gripp, SS, Indianola HS (Indianola, IA)
96/1735 Jerrod Harris, C, Labelle HS (Labelle, FL)
97/1737 Michael Rose, OF, Alter HS (Dayton, OH)

Tampa Bay Rays 1997 Draft Picks

Tampa Bay RaysRound Drafted/Overall Pick, Name, Position When Drafted, School Drafted From

Tampa Bay Rays 1997 Draft Picks:
1/31 Jason Standridge, RHP, Hewitt HS (Trussville, AL)
2/82 Kenny Kelly, OF, Tampa Catholic HS (Tampa, FL)
3/114 Barrett Wright, RHP, Myers Park HS (Charlotte, NC)
4/144 Todd Belitz, LHP, Washington State University (WA)
5/174 Marquis Roberts, LHP, McLane HS (Fresno, CA)
6/204 Doug Mansfield, OF, Jacksonville HS (Sherwood, AR)
7/234 Eddy Reyes, RHP, University of Miami (FL)
8/264 Jack Joffrion, SS, Lamar University (TX)
9/294 Toby Hall, C, University of Nevada, Las Vegas (NV)
10/324 Carl Hutchens, RHP, Anderson HS (Austin, TX)
11/354 Chris Wright, RHP, Cowley County CC (KS)
12/384 Carlos Vazquez, C, Caribbean HS (Ponce, PR)
13/414 Kevin Price, RHP, Bingham HS (South Jordan, UT)
14/444 Casey Davis, LHP, Boyd County HS (Ashland, KY)
15/474 Jason Guerrero, SS, Pittsburg HS (Pittsburg, CA)
16/504 Lazaro Gutierrez, LHP, University of Miami (FL)
17/534 Chris Bootcheck, RHP, LaPorte HS (LaPorte, IN)
18/564 Terry McCormick, LHP, Jesuit HS (Tampa, FL)
19/594 Lavar Johnson, OF, North Shore HS (Houston, TX)
20/624 Matt Kaffel, RHP, Blinn College (TX)
21/654 Damian Scioneaux, OF, Mississippi State University (MS)
22/684 Dustin Carr, 2B, University of Houston (TX)
23/714 Paul Hoover, SS, Kent State University (OH)
24/744 Travis Miller, OF, Dallas Baptist University (TX)
25/774 Josh Davis, RHP, Tallahassee CC (FL)
26/804 Coty Cooper, RHP, Seward County CC (KS)
27/834 Anthony Pigott, OF, Elon University (NC)
28/864 Jason Jimenez, LHP, San Jose State University (CA)
29/894 Ryan Jorgensen, C, Kingwood HS (Kingwood, TX)
30/924 Jon Cummins, RHP, Indiana University of Pennsylvania (PA)
31/954 Michael Meseberg, OF, Royal HS (Othello, WA)
32/984 Jeremy Murch, LHP, Sarasota HS (Sarasota, FL)
33/1014 Daniel Firlit, SS, Rend Lake JC (IL)
34/1044 Kris Ehmke, RHP, Thomas Stewart HS (Peterborough, ON)
35/1074 Ben Peterson, RHP, East Lake HS (Tarpon Springs, FL)
36/1104 Chris Mason, RHP, University of Alabama, Birmingham (AL)
37/1134 Heath McKoin, LHP, Watson Chapel HS (Pine Bluff, AR)
38/1164 Ryan Pandolfini, 1B, Rider University (NJ)
39/1194 Jim Munroe, RHP, Servite HS (Anaheim, CA)
40/1224 David Cash, RHP, David HS (Modesto, CA)
41/1251 John Hutchens, RHP, Fort Gibson HS (Fort Gibson, OK)
42/1276 Lee Southard, RHP, Westmoore HS (Oklahoma City, OK)
43/1299 Nicholas Rhodes, C, Norwalk CC (CT)
44/1321 Alan Lowden, LHP, Hays HS (Kyle, TX)
45/1342 Adam Luczycky, RHP, Labette CC (KS)
46/1361 Marlyn Tisdale, RHP, Florida JC (FL)
47/1379 Fred Mitchell, OF, Kathleen HS (Lakeland, FL)
48/1396 Josh Long, 3B, Northview HS (McDavid, FL)
49/1413 Jason Balkcom, RHP, Young Harris College (GA)
50/1428 Chris Reynolds, RHP, North Lake CC (TX)
51/1442 Ivar Wentzel, LHP, Flagler Palm Coast HS (Palm Coast, FL)
52/1456 Kyle Evans, RHP, Eldorado HS (Albuquerque, NM)
53/1469 Dustin McKey, OF, John Carroll HS (Alabaster, AL)
54/1480 Alan Keller, C, Mendocino JC
55/1491 Tyler Tiesing, C, Butler County College (KS)
56/1502 Nick Lyon, OF, Monroe HS (Monroe, WA)
57/1513 Jeremy Robinson, LHP, Okaloosa-Walton CC (FL)
58/1524 David Berry, C, Pearce HS (Richardson, TX)
59/1533 Cedric Razor, 2B, Pitt CC
60/1541 Richard McCabe, RHP, Camden HS (St. Mary's, GA)
61/1546 Ron Brooks, RHP, Tallahassee CC (FL)
62/1551 Tavaris Keyes, RHP, Central HS (Fort Pierce, FL)
63/1556 Steve Gause, RHP, George Jenkins HS (Lakeland, FL)
64/1561 Chris Wood, SS, Vanguard HS (Ocala, FL)
65/1566 Zachary Roper, 3B, Pasco-Hernando CC
66/1571 Ray Nevels, OF, Sarasota HS (Sarasota, FL)
67/1576 Rafael Erazo, RHP, Labette CC (KS)
68/1580 Dusty Hall, SS, Lincoln HS (Gahanna, OH)
69/1583 Heath Bell, RHP, Rancho Santiago College (CA)
70/1585 Ken Baugh, RHP, Lamar HS (Houston, TX)
71/1586 Carlos Perez, 1B, Roosevelt HS (Brooklyn, NY)
72/1587 Julio Fortuna, RHP, Bushwick HS (Brooklyn, NY)
73/1588 John Gillespie, RHP, Lake Washington HS (Kirkland, WA)
74/1589 Jarrod Reineke, RHP, Grove HS (Joplin, MO)
75/1590 Brian Brown, SS, Olney Central College (IL)
76/1591 Brandon Brewer, RHP, Greely HS (Yarmouth, ME)
77/1592 Jeff Dragg, OF, Covington HS (Madisonville, LA)
78/1593 Rob Meyers, RHP, De LaSalle HS (Pittsburg, CA)
79/1594 Jon Smith, LHP, Ferris HS (Nuevo, CA)
80/1595 Clint Kinsey, RHP, Allen County CC (KS)
81/1596 Jon Williams, C, Fox HS (Imperial, MO)
82/1597 Zach Leske, SS, Sacramento CC (CA)
83/1598 Blake Williams, RHP, San Marcos HS (San Marcos, TX)
84/1599 Mark Madsen, RHP, Quartz Hill HS (Quartz Hill, CA)
85/1600 Chad Ashlock, RHP, Seward County CC (KS)
86/1601 Bryan Edwards, RHP, Bowie HS (Austin, TX)
87/1602 Jon Benick, C, Greater Nanticoke HS (Glen Lyon, PA)
88/1603 Bart Carter, 1B, William Carey College (MS)
89/1604 Robby Hammock, C, Georgia Perimeter College (GA)
90/1605 William Harris, 2B, Middle Georgia College (GA)
91/1606 Beau Barcus, 3B, San Lorenzo HS (Ben Lemond, CA)
92/1607 Andy Baxter, SS, Unicoi County HS (Erwin, TN)

Tampa Bay Rays 1998 Draft Picks

Tampa Bay RaysRound Drafted/Overall Pick, Name, Position When Drafted, School Drafted From

Tampa Bay Rays 1998 Draft Picks:
1/29 Pick to Giants as compensation for free agent Roberto Hernandez
2/72 Pick to Giants as compensation for free agent Wilson Alvarez
3/102 Pick to White Sox as compensation for Free Agent Dave Martinez
4/132 Josh Pressley, 1B, Westminster Academy HS (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
5/162 Aubrey Huff, 3B, University of Miami (FL)
6/192 Ryan Rupe, RHP, Texas A&M University (TX)
7/222 John Jacobs, 3B, Marin Catholic HS (San Rafael, CA)
8/252 Joe Kennedy, LHP, Grossmont College (CA)
9/282 Brian Martin, C, Central Union HS (El Centro, CA)
10/312 Ben Keiter, RHP, Arvada West HS (Arvada, CO)
11/342 Steven Goodson, OF, Cowley County HS (Harrah, OK)
12/372 Adam Flohr, LHP, Portland State University (OR)
13/402 Patrick Dickson, LHP, Dalton HS (Dalton, GA)
14/432 Patrick Hertzel, RHP, Kansas State University (KS)
15/462 Charles Armstrong, LHP, Contra Costa HS (Oakland, CA)
16/492 Neal Frendling, RHP, Lake Central HS (Dyer, IN)
17/522 Mike Rodriguez, OF, Cooper City HS (Cooper City, FL)
18/552 Brandon Backe, SS, Galveston College (TX)
19/582 Arthur Garland, OF, Santa Ana College (CA)
20/612 Preston Larrison, RHP, West HS (Aurora, IL)
21/642 Darin Moore, RHP, University of the Pacific (CA)
22/672 Dan Grummitt, 1B, Shawnee State University
23/702 Robert Moore, 2B, Middle George College (Douglas, GA)
24/732 Ryan Jorgensen, C, San Jacinto College (TX)
25/762 Joe Haines, RHP, Freed Hardeman HS (Cape Giardeau, MO)
26/792 George Moran, RHP, Red Bluff HS (Red Bluff, CA)
27/822 James Lira, RHP, Laredo JC (TX)
28/852 Chadwick Cossette, C, Edmonds CC (WA)
29/882 Jeremy Manning, LHP, Pitt CC
30/912 Gary Welch, RHP, Howard College (TX)
31/942 Chris Wailand, RHP, Manatee HS (Bradenton, FL)
32/972 Sean Mahoney, OF, Florida International University (FL)
33/1002 Rudolph Frolish, LHP, Ansonia HS (Ansonia, CT)
34/1032 Matthew Schuldt, RHP, University of Nebraska (NE)
35/1062 Monte MacGillivray, LHP, Mt. San Jacinto JC (CA)
36/1092 Tim Olson, SS, Hutchinson CC (Bismarck, ND)
37/1122 Brandon Medders, RHP, Hillcrest HS (Duncanville, AL)
38/1152 Andrew Cook, RHP, Antioch HS (Antioch, CA)
39/1182 Edwin Rodriguez, 1B, Ponce High HS (Ponce, PR)
40/1212 Michael McCuan, RHP, Butler County CC (Hayesville, KS)
41/1242 Jeff Bruksch, RHP, Beverly Hills HS (Beverly Hills, CA)
42/1271 Dane Hutchens, RHP, McLennan College (TX)
43/1299 Brandon Culp, RHP, Wallace CC
44/1325 Mark Carter, LHP, Hewitt HS (Trussville, AL)
45/1350 Harold Godeill, OF, Modesto JC (CA)
46/1372 Cody Getz, LHP, Eastern Utah CC (UT)
47/1393 Lee Stephens, 1B, Stetson University (FL)
48/1413 Mike Jacobs, C, Hilltop HS (Chula Vista, CA)
49/1430 Justin Hancock, SS, Bloomingdale HS (Brandon, FL)
50/1445 Luis Candelaria, OF, Hill JC (TX)