Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hitting Prospects Discussion Thread

It's getting to be about that time. This year's hitters list will, I think, be very interesting. I think there will be a LOT of variance in opinions because there's still a lack of top-tier talent at the upper levels. So here are pretty much all the names I think would be in the discussion for the top 15, going from Durham's roster on down:

C Nevin Ashley
1B/OF Leslie Anderson
OF Desmond Jennings

1B J.J. Ruiz
3B Matt Sweeney
3B Henry Wrigley

2B Tyler Bortnick
SS Tim Beckham
OF Kyeong Kang
OF Chris Murrill

OF Ty Morrison
OF Cody Rogers

1B Phil Wunderlich
SS Derek Dietrich

1B Jeff Malm
2B Hector Guevara
OF Todd Glaesmann

C Luke Bailey
C Jake DePew
C Justin O'Connor
1B Travis Flores
2B/SS Ryan Brett
SS Juniel Querecuto
3B Cesar Perez
OF Deshun Dixon
OF Josh Sale
OF Drew Vettleson

There's 27 names, and it's entirely possible I skipped over a name or two.

By the way, I'll be writing a review of this past season's top 15 within the next few weeks. Also look for the pitching version of this post, probably coming next week. I may sketch out a rough top 10 or 15 of my own in the comments, but what do you guys think? Very interested to hear everyone's opinions.


  1. Steve Vogt- DH, C, OF
    Greg Sexton-3B
    Robbie Price-2

  2. Bailey and O'Connor would probably be in the back just because of what Bailey has done and O'Connor because of his high regard as one of the best hitting prep HS prospects. Same with Sale but he should be higher (Top 5, maybe). Brett needs to be in there, looks to be a good one. Vettleson maybe around 12-15 because his highly regarded bat. Derek and Phil need to be thrown in the back somewhere also. Morrison probably right in the middle (8-10) and Timmy B (5-8). Leslie needs to be up there and I believe higher than Timmy B. Leslie, sure is older, but bat is just better and has gotten at every level up. Bortnick should be moving up fast also (maybe 5-7), he has very well his year and came in with a highly regarded bat a couple years ago. Jennings should be on top, and Ashley in the back some where. Kang, gosh he hits sometimes and then doesn't hit sometimes. It is hit or miss, he should be there also. It seems to me we have a lot of middle of the pack talent hitting wise and very very very few TRULY GIFTED HITTERS playing right now.

    Unfortunately, the overall hitting prospects were not really that good coming into the year. This draft though was a knock out. This area could go from being a glaring weakness to a huge strength next year. From Sale to Brett, we could have a very good, but young, Top 5 after next year.
    Where do people see Brett starting next year? Sale, O'Connor, Bailey and Vettleson?

  3. In no particular order......Jennings, Anderson,Beckham, Morrison,Wunderlick, Dietrich,Malm,Guevara,Bailey, Glaesmann, Querecuto, O'Connor, Brett, Sale, and Vettleson. I tended to lean more to the younger prospects and their potential,rather than present production.

  4. I really wouldnt put either Anderson or Ruiz in just seeing that they are somewhat old. And I am a very big Wunderlich fan but unless there is no one else, to put around the back he shouldnt get on until he does this again next season. It kinda sucks almost though because most of our top hitters are in the lower levels.

  5. Off the top of my head, I think Brett Nommensen still deserves consideration. Probably towards the bottom or HM, but still in the conversation.

    --Stacy in Nebraska

  6. I dont know why people think that beckham is a top hitter only because he was first ppick draft...his numbers says a lot..people wake up!!!

  7. Amen on Beckham. After alomst 3 years, i don't see much improvement. 117 K's in 119 gamnes. and still making bad errors in the field. i'm wide awake.