Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rays Organization Complete Game No-Hitters

Jason Standridge - June 28, 1999 with Charleston (7.0 IP)

Doug Waechter - August 10, 2000 with Hudson Valley (9.0 IP)

Gerardo Garcia - May 22, 2002 with Orlando (9.0 IP)

Chad Gaudin - July 15, 2003 with Orlando (7.0 IP) (Perfect Game)

Wade Davis - August 31, 2006 with Southwest Michigan (7.0 IP)

Wade Davis - May 4, 2007 with Vero Beach (7.0 IP)

Matt Garza - July 26, 2010 with Tampa Bay (9.0 IP)

Matt Moore - June 16, 2011 with Montgomery (9.0 IP)


  1. Wow you uploaded that fast.

  2. hell of a game to listen too! o'malley bare hand to a wrigley scoop outta the dirt to save it in the 8th!

  3. Man he has made some big strides this year. The walks are way down, while the K's are only down a little. If he keeps this up, he should be in AAA after the All Star break.Rays don't usually jump non-college guys, but you might need to make an exception with a guy like Moore.

  4. He has led the minors in Ks the last 2 years, and all starters in Ks per 9 IP the last 3.After a slow start in April his ERA is 1.18 and batters are hitting only .149 against him!!

  5. Wow!! And he's only gonna get better!