Thursday, December 8, 2011

Personal Top 30 List - Kevin Gengler

1. Matt Moore
2. Hak-Ju Lee
3. Enny Romero
4. Alex Torres
5. Mikie Mahtook
6. Drew Vettleson
7. Taylor Guerrieri
8. Chris Archer
9. Tim Beckham
10. Brandon Guyer

11. Tyler Goeddel
12. Alex Colome
13. Ryan Carpenter
14. Parker Markel
15. Josh Sale
16. Ryan Brett
17. Jake Hager
18. Derek Dietrich
19. Brandon Martin
20. Johnny Eierman

21. Matt Bush
22. Grayson Garvin
23. Felipe Rivero
24. Granden Goetzman
25. Lenny Linsky
26. Tyler Bortnick
27. Oscar Hernandez
28. Russ Canzler
29. Jeff Ames
30. Justin O'Conner

Matt Moore at 1, Hak-Ju Lee at 2, and Enny Romero at 3 are clear-cut for me (but obviously I like Romero more than just about everyone else)... and then from there it's ridiculously bunched-together. I'm happy to answer any questions in the comments section.


  1. Really good list. Surprised to see Vettleson so high (particularly above Guerrieri and Archer). To me, if seem like 60 games isn't a large enough sample size to jump Vettleson above the Guerrieri / Archer given their ceilings. Plus, his stint in Princeton wasn't jaw-dropping.

  2. It's possible I'm over-rating him just because it's been a while since the Rays have had a highly-drafted hitter do well in short-season ball. But I do like his across-the-board tools.

  3. do not understand rivero spann had better numbers so far and some others

  4. Many very good players not on this list. Makes me wonder if the writers know about each and every player for the Rays organization and have checked to see what kind of season they all each had.

  5. Jake Larsen 11th, Scott Grauer 30th, Burgi 14th, Kevin Gengler 27th

    It is very interesting Oscar's rankings. It is too difficult to evaluate him because of a paucity of information, so I think every ranking is acceaptable. BTW, I ranked him 50th on my personal prospect ranking because I don't give wight to VSL stats. He is a just Wild-Card for me

  6. Do you think when Enny Romero becomes the player you think he can be, would he be better than Matt Moore? Is his stuff better than Matt's?

  7. His stuff isn't better than Moore's now, and even when Moore was in Bowling Green, his curveball was better than Romero's is. But there's still a lot to like.

    Also Anon 5:43: This list isn't "the only 30 prospects worth talking about." The system has incredible depth.

  8. Malm is certainly close. My concern is that as good as his month of July is, his August was that bad. 2012 will be a telling year for him.

  9. I like your list very much, Kevin. Especially being aggressive with Enny Romero, Ryan Carpenter and Josh Sale.

  10. Surprised you didn't list Blake Snell, I take it your not high on him.

  11. I can't speak for Kevin, but I will say that on my list, Snell would've been #31. Just a product of how deep the system is, he would be in the top 30 for a lot of teams.

  12. Why is Seitzer never mentioned his first season looked a lot better then a lot of other players?

  13. Seitzer is definitely a guy worth watching. He showed good power at Princeton, but the reason he's not in the top 30 is because he really didn't show that at Oklahoma, and it's not unusual for college players to be successful in the Appalachian League the way Seitzer was. That said, some players develop power later than others (Jason Giambi, for instance, assuming PEDs weren't the main cause). Seitzer's walk rate was very encouraging, and if he maintains his average and on-base skills while hitting 25+ home runs next season, then he'll be on the list for sure.

  14. Wheres McEachern on here? He pitched a no hitter and was dominating until he got hurt!