Thursday, June 16, 2011

2011 Princeton Rays Roster

Lucas Irvine
Brandon Henderson
Kevin James
Marcus Jensen
Ian Kendall
Reinaldo Lopez
Jose Molina
Eduar Quinonez
Felipe Rivero
Pedro Silvestre
Garret Smith
Matt Spann
Matt Swilley

Jake Depew
Justin O'Conner

Ryan Brett
Felix Gonzalez
Johnathan Koscso
Taylor Motter
Junior Rodriguez
Cameron Seitzer
Ryan Terry

Joe Caminero
Deshun Dixon
Josh Sale
Drew Vettleson

Field Staff
Manager: Michael Johns
Pitching Coach: Marty DeMerritt
Hitting Coach: Wuarnner Rincones
Coach: Josh Arhart

General Manager: Jim Holland


  1. I'd guess Cameron Seitzer will be the 1B once he's officially added. Looks like Trevor Shull is either still hurt, with the GCL Rays, or simply retired/was released? Anyone know?

    Really surprised to see O'Conner and Depew both here. Shouldn't they each be at a different level so they can be behind the plate more than half the time? I mean, catcher is the spot you NEED to play to develop. I don't understand that at all.

  2. I went ahead and added the guys Doug had on the depth chart to what Jim had

  3. Trevor Shull is still with the Rays. Was doing rehab as of a couple of weeks ago...

  4. I love this lineup. I see a few of these guys making it up to the bigs possibly by Longoria's last year to finally win a championship.

  5. As a HV fan, I'm a litte jealous of this roster. lol

  6. Haha. What hudson valley fan wouldn't be jealous? Of course we wanted to see Sale and Vettleson in HV :)

  7. Don't see nothing wrong with that pitching rotation.HV fans should be in for a pleasant year.

  8. Thats for sure. I love the pitching rotation :)

  9. Thanks for posting Jim, and for adding the rest Kevin. It was late when I received it and just had time to drag and drop into the depth chart but not enough to post it.

    As far as catcher playing time, they almost all alternate starters back and forth: in Durham Chirinos/Lobaton, in BG Bailey/Torres, Montgomery usually alternates Ashley/Vogt, but sometimes gives one or the other two days in a row. Only one that does majority of the games is Thomas in Charlotte, he usually is two/three games on, one game off (Acosta). With the better bats like Vogt they play at other positions or DH on the days they don't catch, so O'Conner could at least DH.

    I still say other than the OFs the Princeton vs. HVR roster contest is close. Catcher goes to Princeton (O'Conner/DePew over Rice), 1B to HV (Malm over Seitzer), 2B to Princeton (Brett), SS to HV (Querecuto/Reginatto), 3B meh, OF to Princeton 2-1 (Sale and Vettleson for Princeton, Carter for HV), pitching is debatable, I'd take Princeton but HV has good arms too. Overall I'd probably lean Princeton, but not by a landslide or anything. Princeton got the bigger names in O'Conner, Sale and Vettleson, but 25 deep it's much closer.

  10. missing 2B for HV?

  11. I slotted Church in on the depth chart, but no official announcement of who it will be.
    When I mention the Depth Chart, it's the button at the top of each page that says "Rays Depth Chart", beside "Home". It has all 10 rosters (or will when GCL trickles out). For the 5 full-season teams it's broken into starters and reserves. For the 5 short-season teams it's by position, with primary starters on top of each position (once the season starts and I know who they are). Had to do it a little differently because of the huge short-season rosters.

    Here is the link for the Depth Chart in case you don't see it.

    I still have 20 players who haven't been assigned, not counting draft picks.

    Pitchers: Almonte, Hahn (TJS), Shull, Vasquez, Havlicek, SSmith.

    Position players: Castillo, Narvaez, Segovia, Hector Rodriguez, Flores, Morillo, George, Dorville, Luis, Torres (suspended), Cesar Perez and the 3 nomadic catchers Wendt (Montgomery), Holloway (HV?) and Albernaz (Durham).

  12. Position players Luis and Holloway are in HV.

  13. Thanks for mentioning the depth chart. It's very informative and is something I will be checking often. :)

  14. You will definitely see a great season out of Princeton :)- Ryan Brett had 2 triples last night. Definitely an under rated player.

  15. how is brett under rated? he is in their top prospect list. are u kidding? that isn't under rated. Under rated would be like hudson valley's chris winder who is currently batting in the .400s.

  16. Brett is #8 on their list.

  17. Sorry. I meant under estimated :)