Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rays 7th Round Pick - 240th Overall: Ryan Carpenter

He was selected by the Rays out of high school in 2008 in the 21st round, and after three years at Gonzaga he improves to a 7th rounder.

BaseballAmerica (rated #7 in Washington):

Gonzaga lefthander Ryan Carpenter has been an enigma for scouts. He's 6-foot-5 and 225 pounds and has touched 97 mph in the past, though he has been around 89-92 early in starts this year and even as low as 84. He had mediocre results his first two years at Gonzaga, though he was always impressive in summer ball against wood bats. In 2009, he led the Alaska League in strikeouts, and he came within five whiffs of leading the Cape Cod League last year. His time in the Cape helped him trust his fastball more, and he's working off it primarily for the first time this year. Statistically, Carpenter had his best year by far, going 8-2, 2.62 even though his stuff has been down. Carpenter also throws a big curveball, a slider that shows flashes of being a plus pitch and a changeup. The team that drafts Carpenter will be hoping that his size and relative youth will allow the stuff they've seen in the past to come back.


  1. First of all: Great work again, Kevin!

    On this pick: I like the Carpenter pickup. He is very inconsistent but he is kind of a wild-card. He improved a lot with his pitchability this year and IF his stuff fully comes back he has a mid-rotation ceiling.

  2. ranked number 49 on that project prospect site you linked.. looks like good upside/value for a 7th rounder

  3. Saw him pitch relief last night (8-22) in Burlington VT. Easily the most dominant pitcher out there. 1 2/3 IP, 1 BB, 5 K, the BB might have been the first hitter. Coulda sworn he K'd 5 in a row. Didn't see any curves, fastball was dominant. Sliders and change seemed mediocre but worked well off the fastball, keeping hitters off balance. I was impressed. Maybe a sleeper?

  4. Anon, how hard was he throwing?