Thursday, June 2, 2011

Personal Top 30 List - Kevin

1. Matt Moore - Same kind of strikeout numbers with better control. What's not to like?
2. Desmond Jennings - He's run a bit hot and cold, but the tools are there and the production has been too.
3. Hak-Ju Lee - Obviously the biggest riser. Even with a recent cold streak he's still hitting .345 with a .427 OBP.
4. Brandon Guyer - Now it gets tough. This seems really high but he's got a .946 OPS at AAA and is capable of playing all three outfield spots. Lowest ceiling of the top 10 but MLB-readiness obviously helps.
5. Alex Cobb - Pretty much the pitching version of Guyer, right?
6. Josh Sale - Still love him, but of course we'll know more after he actually plays some games in short-season.
7. Alex Colome - Starts have ranged from dominant to clunker. Arm is as live as ever.
8. Alex Torres - Started the season excellently but has slipped back into old control problems.
9. Justin O'Conner - See Josh Sale.
10. Drew Vettleson - See Justin O'Conner.

11. Tim Beckham - A lot to like with his season so far. Doing it for the whole season would help ease my doubts further.
12. Enny Romero - Hoping this is a Matt Moore situation where he showed good control in the Appy League and struggled at first with Bowling Green.
13. Chris Archer - Probably the toughest guy to rank. Big letdown after last season.
14. Jake McGee - Still like him, but now he's definitely a reliever so that lowers his ceiling. Still has closer potential.
15. Ty Morrison - Still really like but he needs the ABs to develop. Hope he returns soon.
16. Nick Barnese - Breaking stuff not developing as expected, control has taken a step back.
17. Tyler Bortnick - Slumped a bit in May but still like his solid approach.
18. Jake Thompson - Multiple injuries have hurt him, I don't think we've seen him at his best this year.
19. Derek Dietrich - I like the stick but walk/strikeout ratio needs improvement.
20. Luke Bailey - Slumped badly in May, hoping for a rebound to April numbers.

21. Wilking Rodriguez - Injured.
22. Ryan Brett - See Drew Vettleson.
23. Cody Rogers - Speed and power, but an aggressive approach with a lot of swing and miss.
24. Albert Suarez - Injured.
25. Todd Glaesmann - See Derek Dietrich.
26. Robinson Chirinos - Horrid April, better May. Still want to see more power.
27. Marquis Fleming - Reliever who has not hit the double-A wall.
28. Jesse Hahn - Rehabbing Tommy John, should see him in late summer.
29. Joseph Cruz - Peripherals have been better in May, but still: 71 hits in 45.1 innings this year.
30. C.J. Riefenhauser - If only because of his big-league lefty specialist potential.


  1. I like that you included Reifenhauser, I maybe try to throw Lobaton in there towards the bottom as well (while not as high as Guyer, he fits the same mold as MLB ready with a low ceiling). I could be reading it wrong but he only has 7 ML games so he should be eligible right? He is old for a prospect but younger than Chirinos.

  2. Lobaton and Lobstein were my 31 & 32

  3. A few notes...

    --I would knock Shuman off yet.
    -- I would put Beckham a little higher. While you mention the offense, the defense is the much better news for his prospect status.
    -- I would also put McGee a little higher
    -- I am glad you had O'Conner that high. Looking back, I judged him way too much off a SSS. I never realized how many guys struggled in short season making their pro debuts.
    -- I think you need to put Fernandez in their at #5. ;)

  4. I like all three lists. Thanks for these.

    I would go with Beckham higher. I'm holding my breath as well hoping he can sustain 291/352/423. But if he finishes the season with those numbers, I can't believe there will be 5 better prospects in this org. How many college kids drafted next week (same age as Beckham) will be able to post that line in AA this year?

    I know ranking guys like Sale is hard and is almost a no-win situation, but he probably won't reach full season ball until he is 20.7 yo (thinking next April). Beckham started this year at 21.2 yo in AA. If his defense is going to allow him to stick, a 2011 OPS of 775 at AA would be pretty solid.

    I would also put Lee ahead of Jennings. Just don't have as good a feeling as others do about him. Jennings is 3+ years older than Beckham and posting only +75 points in OPS better than him at one level higher (last year it was just 50 points). Of course speed and defense matters -- and Jennings supposedly has that in spades.

    Thanks again

  5. No love for newly-turned 25-year old Canzler? There's no shame in dominating the IL in your first go around. I know we got him for free, but he's opening eyes.