Wednesday, June 15, 2011

2011 Hudson Valley Renegades Roster

Pitchers (last team)
Andy Bass (Davidson College, 18th round 2011)
Andrew Bellatti (Princeton Rays)
Brooks Belter (Occidental College, 25th round 2011)
Roque Colon (DSL Rays)
Charles Cononie (Towson University, 24th round 2011)
Robert Dickmann* (Hudson Valley Renegades)
Mickey Jannis (Princeton Rays)
Andrew Leary (2011 Charlotte Stone Crabs)
Parker Markel (GCL Rays)
Jason McEachern (Bowling Green Hot Rods)
Jacob Partridge* (Princeton Rays)
Wilking Rodriguez (Bowling Green Hot Rods)
Justin Woodall* (University of Alabama, 26th round 2010)

Catchers (last team)
Gerardo Olivares (Princeton Rays)
Matt Rice (Western Kentucky University, 9th round 2011)

Infielders (last team)
Tanner Biagini (GCL Rays)
Raymond Church (Florida Atlantic, 26th round 2011)
Jeff Malm* (Princeton Rays)
Juniel Querecuto# (GCL Rays)
Leonardo Reginatto (Princeton Rays)

Outfielders (last team)
Brian Bryles (Hudson Valley Renegades)
Cesar Guillen (Hudson Valley Renegades)
Craige Lyerly (Hudson Valley Renegades)
Chris Winder (Hudson Valley Renegades)

Very special thanks to Sean T. McMann, the Poughkeepsie (NY) Journal's HVR beat writer, for providing us this roster!


  1. I'm excited to see... um, Justin Woodall. I like Jason McEachern but it's kind of telling he got demoted a level. Same for Wilking Rodriguez. Jake Partridge and Andrew Bellatti have potential. Juniel Querecuto is the only position player, quite frankly (maybe Jeff Malm but not optimistic).

    I think Princeton might actually be the better team. Not, like, better for the level. I mean Princeton is better head-to-head.

  2. What ever happened with Bellatti and his trial? He is not facing any jail time?

  3. I agree with you Kevin. Princeton looks like the better team, again. This could be a LONG season for the Renegades.

  4. Bellatti served his time.

    Haven't put much thought into the roster yet, but there isn't much leftie hitting (Malm and Querecuto). Three leftie pitchers (Partridge, Dickmann and Woodall).

    The pitching is nothing to complain about. Rice, Malm and Querecuto are ones to follow, and I've always been interested in Reginatto. The outfield is really the only thing I can see as a disappointment, but that's more because of who isn't there (Sale, Vettleson) than who is. Bryles was a 12th round pick out of high school in the 2008 draft, was interesting when picked (young and toolsy), but has kind of dropped off the map for me over the years since.

    I'll update the Depth Charts with this later, not sure when we'll receive the Princeton roster.

  5. Will Mahtook start here, or in Bowling Green after he signs?

  6. So who would you pitch for opening nite

  7. I'll answer the Mahtook question with a question. Who was the last position player draft pick to start their Rays career higher than Hudson Valley?

  8. Carter signed and will be coming to HV. Mahtook, if he signs, is also supposed to come to HV. Looks like the only college picks assigned to HV, other than pitchers, are Rice, Carter and Church. I assume all 3 will be starters???

  9. Does anyone find it odd that Church is on the roster but Seitzer and Motter are not? Weren't they signed at pretty much the same time?

    I was also surprised that Querecuto was skipped over Princeton, he's still just 18 and didn't exactly kill it in the GCL last year. Maybe Motter will be the SS in Princeton?

    This roster would look much better if we got Mahtook, Carter, Garvin, Linsky, and Carpenter signed soon.

  10. 1st anon @ 7:30, has the Carter signing been announced somewhere or is that information from someone in the organization?

  11. NVM, I see that McMann mentions Carter as a recent draftee on the roster, even though he isn't listed yet.

  12. Kyle Holloway is also in HV.

  13. Carter has been assigned to a host parent in the HV and apparently is on his way here now.

  14. Interesting on Carter, I checked with folks in BG earlier and they said no word on signing yet.

    I won't add Carter or Holloway until they are official.

    You can see the 1st 26 players assigned to the Princeton Rays roster by clicking on the Depth Chart. No time to type it up for a post, but I added them there. The P-Rays announcement had a mistake, said 6 draft picks but only listed 5. One of those was described as 2B Jonathan Koscso a 17th round pick out of Coastal Carolina. Since they were one short, I think they combined SS Taylor Motter, a 17th round pick out of Coastal Carolina, and 2B Jonathan Koscso, a 29th round pick out of South Florida into one player. It makes sense numbers wise with the rest of the article and how they combined the description, so I added both players to the P-Rays roster.

    Anyway, all we need now is the GCL roster.

  15. One other thing on the PRays, they listed Garret Smith as a SS, but he's said he will only pitch, so I put him as a pitcher.

  16. News from the Hudson Valley- I talked to Kyle Holloway- in person- tonight at Dutchess Stadium and he is now at home with his new host parents in the HV. Don't understand why TB's not officially listing him. Also, Carter's host parents are expecting him to arrive tonight. Diogenes Luis is also arriving tonight.

  17. So the rotation is Belatti, Partridge, McEachern, Rodriguez, and ? Looks like decent rotation not great

  18. McEachern was not demoted, and won't be there long. He worked on several things in Spring Training...

  19. Sounds like Carter did sign, according to his college coach: "...Finwood told the Daily News on Wednesday that Carter, an outfielder, and Wetherell, a right-handed reliever, have both signed pro contracts..."

  20. Added Carter, thanks.

    Wilking is opening day starter, McEachern on Saturday.

  21. Going to the first game tomorrow in Aberdeen :) Who do you think will start tomorrow (Position players)?

  22. I was checking your depth charts. They are terrific; thanks. Two questions.

    Where is the depth chart for Bowling Green?

    Do you have information on the average age in each league?

  23. There should be a scroll bar at the bottom of the depth charts

  24. Thanks. I should have seen that. What about average age in each league? Do you have it or is it easily available somewhere?

  25. I'm going to be reworking the layout soon. I wanted it to be easy to scan across and see all of the players at each position, but it's just too wide. I split it by full-season on top and short-season on the bottom. Problem is HV and Princeton act like full-season teams with regular starters and pitching rotations, while GCL/DSL/VSL have bigger rosters and don't follow regular rotations. Plus it's hard to see the scroll bar, lots of up and down to use it too.

    I think I'll split it up 4-3-3, with Tampa, Durham, Montgomery and Charlotte on the top row, then BG, HV and Princeton, and then GCL, VSL and DSL. You will be able to see all of the players without using a scroll bar that way.

    If anyone has a different idea, let me know! I've already made the font as small as I want to, and the margins can't go any wider, if that helps.

    As far as average ages, sure, I have them. Just not sure where to add them in. Maybe I'll put them at the bottom of each team, something like Lg Avg Pitcher Age and Lg Avg Hitter Age. Good idea Robert, I'll try something and let me know if you like.

  26. Sounds exactly right. I think it useful in evaluating the prospect status of each player. I think Lee and now Beckham have added prospect value as they are each 2 years or so younger than the average player in their respective leagues (I think) while despite his good numbers, Sexton really is not a prospect as a 26 year old in the FSL. It's not a perfect evaluation tool, but it is a factor to consider.

  27. Just looked at the pitching rotation for HV.I think that is a good line up.Can't wait for tonite's game should be good.All are very good prospect's

  28. Yeah they just didnt want mceachern to go back to the same pitching coach in Bowling green cause he tried to change his motion.