Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Interesting Players For Day Two

I know that some of you are a bit sad about the outcome of the 1st draft day. Me including. Nevertheless, Andrew Friedman is very confident in the group they chose and while he kind of has to say so, I believe him. Nevertheless, there are lots of very interesting players left to choose from on the 2nd and 3rd day. And ... as we said multiple times before: THIS IS A VERY DEEP DRAFT.

So, the Rays have two more picks in the 2nd round (75 and 89) and then 1 each round. Some very intriguing names going into the 2nd day are:

  • High bonus demand pitchers: Daniel Norris (not-signable?), Dillon Howard
  • Injury prone pitchers: Matt Purke, John Stilson
  • Very intriguing college pitchers: Josh Osich (very surprised that he is still left), Anthony Meo, Jack Armstrong
  • High ceiling prep arms: Jorge Lopez, Jack Cave, Dillon Maples
  • The unsignable guys: Josh Bell, Austin Hedges
  • College Bats: Andrew Susac (very surprised), B.A. Vollmuth
  • Power bats: Dan Vogelbach (maybe the power bat the Rays need), Cody Asche
  • Toolsy prep bats: Derek Fisher (hard to sign?), Grandon Goetzman, Johnny Eierman (the Rays were linked to him before)
Dream 2nd round:
  • Pitcher: Josh Osich, Jorge Lopez or Anthony Meo
  • Hitter: Dan Vogelbach, Andrew Susac (I know ... not a catcher again, but: who can say that any of our catchers pans out?) or Derek Fisher (if signable)

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