Thursday, March 29, 2012

2012 Rays Prospect Predictions: Next Year's Top 10 List

Every year here at RP, we send a survey around to Rays bloggers around the net to get their predictions on the upcoming season. This year's panel: Steve Slowinski, Jason Collette, rglass44, and mr. maniac from DRaysBay, John Gregg from Rays Digest, Tommy Rancel from ESPN Florida, Sandy Kazmir from OTTOTD, and Doug, BurGi, Scott, and myself from RaysProspects.

Today's question: What will next year's top 10 prospect list look like?

Steve Slowinski:
1. Hak-Ju Lee
2. Enny Romero
3. Taylor Guerrieri
4. Alex Torres
5. Mikie Mahtook
6. Drew Vettleson
7. Alex Colome
8. Chris Archer
9. Josh Sale
10. Tyler Goeddel

Jason Collette:
1 - Hak-Ju Lee
2 - Mikie Mahtook
3 - Taylor Guerierri
4 - Alex Torres
5 - Alex Colome
6 - Chris Archer
7 - Enny Romero
8 - Drew Vettleson
9  - Jake Hager
10 -  Blake Snell

mr. maniac:
(1) Hak-Ju Lee
(2) Enny Romero
(3) Mikie Mahtook
(4) Tim Beckham
(5) Josh Sale
(6) Taylor Guerrieri
(7) Drew Vettleson
(8) Luke Bailey
(9) Chris Archer
(10) Jake Hager
(11) Alex Colome
(HM) Tyler Goeddel

Ryan Glass:
1. Hak-Ju Lee
2. Tim Beckham
3. Enny Romero
4. Mikie Mahtook
5. Taylor Guerrieri
6. Drew Vettleson
7. Chris Archer
8. Alex Colome
9. Jake Hager
10. Granden Goetzman

John Gregg:
1) SS Hak-Ju Lee
2) LHP Enny Romero
3) RHP Taylor Guerreri
4) OF Mikie Mahtook
5) OF Drew Vettleson
6) 2B Ryan Brett
7) RHP Alex Colome
8) 3B Tyler Goeddel
9) 2B Tyler Bortnick
10) 1B Jeff Malm

Tommy Rancel: I expect Hak-Ju Lee to take over as the top overall prospect followed by these names in some order: Chris Archer, Taylor Guerrieri, Alex Torres, Alex Colome, Wilking Rodriguez, Enny Romero, Mikie Mahtook, Tim Beckham, Drew Vettleson

Sandy Kazmir:
1) Taylor Guerrieri (Really think he'll shine in short season ball)
2) Tim Beckham (First chance to repeat a level he shows that he's
ready for prime time)
3) Alex Torres (If he can lop a walk per nine off then he's ready to
be Rays #5, #3 anywhere else)
4) Hak Ju-Lee (He can't hit any worse, right?  Right?)
5) Ryan Brett (Continues to do his thang by taking his talents to full
season ball)
6) Drew Vettleson (Helps Brett lead the league in excitement with his
blend of power and speed)
7) Enny Romero (Tantalizing lefty can look like good Kazmir on Monday
and bad Kazmir by Saturday)
8) Mikie Mahtook (Should advance quickly if his stick can play in a corner)
9) Derek Dietrich (Should move to 3B soon where the bat still plays nicely)
10) Tyler Goeddel (Good chance he hits for both power and average,
just need to see it)
+1) Matt Rice (Josh Thole-type Catcher signed quick and immediately hit)

1. Hak-Ju Lee (He will be MLB ready in '13)
2. Enny Romero (one of the best LHP-prospects in baseball after '12)
3. Mikie Mahtook (an OPS of .850 in A+)
4. Taylor Guerrieri (will show his talent while being inconsistent)
5. Chris Archer (will continue to improve upon his 2nd half in '11)
6. Tim Beckham (will improve in the field and on the mound)
7. Drew Vettleson (after struggling initially he shows his advanced approach and power in A-ball)
8. Alex Colome (Continues to be solid)
9. Derek Dietrich (Continues to show power and improves his plate discipline)
10. Felipe Rivero (my breakout candidate has to be on the list)
11. Tyler Goeddel (will struggle initially but show his potential in the 2nd half)
Matt Moore, Alex Torres, Brandon Guyer not eligible any more.

Doug Milhoan:
1. Hak-Ju Lee
2. Mikie Mahtook
3. Jake Hager
4. Taylor Guerrieri
5. Drew Vettleson
6. Brandon Martin
7. Alex Colome
8. Ryan Carpenter
9. Enny Romero
10. Albert Suarez
Matt Moore, Alex Torres, and Brandon Guyer aren't listed because they will use up their eligibility in 2012.

Scott Grauer:
1. Hak-Ju Lee
2. Mikie Mahtook
3. Enny Romero
4. Taylor Guerrieri
5. Parker Markel
6. Drew Vettleson
7. Tim Beckham
8. Brandon Martin
9. Alex Colome
10. Tyler Goeddel

Kevin Gengler:
1. Enny Romero - I'm really hitching myself to his bandwagon, but I see him dominating the FSL.
2. Hak-Ju Lee - I'd expect a similar season line as 2011.
3. Mikie Mahtook - Should hit well wherever he goes, but his tools aren't quite elite.
4. Tyler Goeddel - Big season, may even play with Bowling Green.
5. Drew Vettleson - Another solid year, not dominant.
6. Taylor Guerrieri - He'll flash good stuff but his numbers might not be where they should.
7. Ryan Brett - Same deal as Vettleson, a nice season in Bowling Green.
8. Tim Beckham - Another similar season, won't definitively answer any questions.
9. Chris Archer - Still struggles with control.
10. Ryan Carpenter - Top pitcher in Bowling Green.


  1. This is tough, this system is SOOO deep.

    Graduating this year.

    SP Matt Moore- Obviously.

    SP/RP- Alex Torres- Just plain nasty stuff. I would love to see what he can do in the pen and I think we will get a long enough look this year for him to graduate and also secure a spot for 2013 with the big league club.

    OF Brandon Guyer- Gets enough plate appearances this year to move on. Will be 2013 starting LF, but that may be short lived with Mahtook on the way.

    1. SS Hak-Ju Lee- This is the year he moves Tim Beckham off his perch at SS and permanently moves to 2B or is traded. 2013 Rays starting SS with a nice new contract long term contract ala Matt Moore.

    2. SP Taylor Guerriri- In my opinion the most talented high school pitcher this organization has taken in the draft in a long time. He doesn't dissapoint. Will be brought a long slow, but he will show off his skills.

    3. OF Mikie Mahtook- I love everything about his game. He will dominate out of the gate and be on the fast track to the majors. To me, there is seperation between the top 3 and the rest.

    4. OF Drew Vettleson- He puts it all together this year in full season ball for a full season.

    5. SS Brandon Martin- I love his tools, is young, and can stick at short. Should get some serious love and may make some nation top 100 lists.

    6. SP Enny Romero- I'm predicting a season a lot like last years. Not enough to move him to elite status but kind of stuck in neutral. He will still strike out a bunch of people.

    7. 3B Tyler Goeddel- Just tons of potential with this kid. Not rated as high for me than on some of your lists because I'm not sure he shows enough power yet (although it is coming in the near future).

    8. SP Chris Archer- I think he will play a lot like he did down the stretch this year, but not sure about that offspeed pitch to make him excell as a starter. Ultimately will be our closer of the future and that's not a bad thing at all as his stuff could be dominate in the late innings.

    9. OF Granden Goetzmann- A good athlete with plus power, just what we need! One of my favorite picks last year.

    10. SP Jacob Faria- A big jump from last year, but with a great work ethic a perfect pitchers body and increased velocity I'm predicting a lot of love for this kid.

    HM- IF Derek Dietrich- Kind of hanging around where he was this year, and that's not a bad thing considering how deep this farm system is. I see him getting some more playing time at 3B, 2B, and maybe even COF.

    HM- 2B Ryan Brett- Tough kid, but tougher to rank in the top ten until he shows a little more power.

    HM- SP Blake Snell- Will play well enough to crack my top 5 pitchers, but with the depth we have for position players, he is at the outside looking in at the top 10 overall.

    HM- RP Lenny Linsky- Will move up fast and dominate the minors, but is already a reliever therefor not ranked as high.

  2. I hear they are going to post minor league teams tomorrow :) YAY can't wait

    1. Source, please.

    2. There should be more cuts, the players arrive first thing in the morning and waiting golf carts take some to get the news. We used to get the official rosters the day of each affiliate's media day, which is Tuesday this year. But the players knew ahead since they had to drive there in time for media day (except Charlotte the past few years). So we would hear about some of the rosters ahead of time, and I'm sure we will again this year. I'm guessing rosters will be out Monday evening or Tuesday morning, with several players known even before then. The injuries for Tampa will take things down to the wire, which delays the Durham roster, which delays Montgomery, etc. I'll be interested to see how many of the Durham relievers are cut, way too many right now, and I doubt they will drop them all the way to Montgomery.

  3. Wow the rays have way too many outfielders between High A and Low A. They are going to have to get rid of someone else. I mean its ridiculous. You have Mahtook, Carter, Rogers, Lyerly, Kiermaier, Glaesmann, Sale, Vettleson, and Caminero. (Tinoco has also played some outfield, but I think they moved him back to infield over spring training) Thats a potential 10 guys. Wow and you could potentially have Morrison and Nommenson in that mix? I mean you can't have that many guys stuck in those 2 levels. Someone is definately going home here in the next few days. :( Sucks to see because you have some talent in this group. Some guys that are really going to get screwed because they are simply in the wrong place/organization.

    1. My predictions - Morrison will be in Charlotte this year, probably all year. He only played 67 A+ games last year and is not yet ready to make the jump IMO; Nommensen should be at AA. That makes at least 10 and maybe 11 by your count. I agree - some folks are heading home or (possibly) to extended S/T (they may need some bodies in HV, depending on how the draft goes).

    2. yea i am definately not looking forward to seeing home goes home :(

    3. Nommensen will probably start year on DL, but that still leaves a ton of OFs.

  4. Have you guys heard anything about RP Justin Woodall? Will he be at BG?

  5. I would guess BG. I think he has had a pretty good spring from what I have heard.

  6. Rotation at BG - Markel, Carpenter, Floethe, Belatti, and who else!!! Who in Port Charlotte Lara, Mateo ???

    1. For Charlotte I'd guess Wilking Rodriguez, Enny Romero, Albert Suarez, Braulio Lara, and... maybe a holdover from last year?

      Also, Julio Cedeno has been released. Was 3B for BG past two years.

    2. Will they have 6 starters in BG? The four mentioned above for BG had great springs! Who else will fill out the rotation? What about Grayson Gavin??? Great spring should start in PC?

  7. Does Spann make by

  8. Anybody heard anything on RHP Zach Butler?

  9. Where do you guys stand on Alex Cobb? What is your analysis of him?

    1. If he were still prospect-eligible I'd have him 3rd or 4th, ahead of Torres. Need to see how he does next week coming back from rib removal. If everything is back to normal (mechanics, velocity) he's a valuable chip for Rays. If Rays need a starter in a month or so, wonder if he would get the call over moving Davis out of the bullpen? Right now I think they'd go Davis, but after he's settled into the reliever routine, wouldn't be surprised if it would be Cobb.

    2. I saw Alex pitch in an intrasquad game in Port Charlotte. He looks fully recovered. I wonder how long they will keep all this pitching talent around and not trade some for a big bat at Tampa.

  10. A little birdie told me that the outfielders for bowling green are Glaesmann, Vettleson, Caminero, and Carter.

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  12. Julio Cedeno was released.

    Anon 5:00, that's not a good sign for Sale if they're not confident enough to send him to low-A. History isn't kind to first-rounders who don't reach full-season ball in their second full year, so even with a big year in HV or wherever he goes, I don't know if I'd be optimistic going forward.

  13. Whoops, Doug already mentioned the Cedeno news.

  14. Any word on teams yet! Bowling Green roster???

  15. hagar, motter, vettleson, glaesmann, rice, depew, goeztmen (don't know how to spell his last name), carter, malm, seizter, and quercuto. those are the ones i know of for sure.

  16. not goeztmen goeddel sorry