Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rays Draft Signings Review

The Rays...

*signed 34 of their 52 picks. Last year, they signed 32 out of 50

*signed 11 of their 13 picks in the top 10 rounds. Last year, they signed 7 of 10 in the top 10 rounds

*went over-slot on 6 picks in the top 10 rounds. Last year, 4 players got over-slot bonuses.

On the whole, it's hard to be disappointed with the Rays' haul. Not only did they sign both of their unprotected picks, they got arguably a better talent for one of them in Justin O'Conner (vs. LeVon Washington; Jake Thompson vs. Kenny Diekroeger isn't worth a comparison since they're drastically different players).

As for the unsigned guys, 4th rounder Austin Wood reportedly upped his asking price after his Cape Cod performance. While his ERA was shiny, under 1.00, his 25-19 K-BB in 35 or so innings leaves something to be desired. He's got decent stuff, but really doesn't harness it well, both in terms of not enough strikeouts and too many walks. Rumor had it he wanted 2nd-round money to sign, which I think is too much for a guy with the question marks Wood has. 7th round pick Michael Lorenzen was a known tough sign, so his choice to attend Cal State-Fullerton doesn't come as much of a surprise. He would've been a nice athlete to add to the system, but there's a good chance nothing short of an exorbitant bonus would've netted him.

Oddly enough, 26th round pick Justin Woodall, a LHP who hasn't played baseball in nearly four years since he was the safety on Alabama's football team, didn't sign despite reports coming out right after he was selected that he would be. I can't imagine it was due to bonus demands, and he had very little leverage, so I'm guessing there was either an injury, a poor showing in workouts (though pre-draft reports had him touching 93), or he simply chose not to sign for whatever reason.

The big catches, Josh Sale and Drew Vettleson, will likely join the GCL Rays for the remaining portion of the seaosn, a little under two weeks. It'll be interesting to see where they are assigned next year. Tim Beckham was assigned to low-A his first full season, but he signed rather quickly and got about 180 ABs in Princeton. The Rays assigned near-deadline signees Todd Glaesmann and Jeff Malm to Princeton in their first full seasons, so we'll see how they handle Sale and Vettleson.


  1. Who is higher on your prospect list, Brett or Dietrich? I would say Dietrich. And what do you think about Wunderlich so far, and does he make your hitters top 20 just for what he has done so far?

  2. Actually is was Diekroger vs Dietrich. Dietrich was the one we draftet for not signing Diekroger. Diekroger hit around .350 as a Freshman at Stanford. Time will tell, but so far I much would've rather have Diekroger.

  3. So is Jessie Hahn with us or not. I see the bonus amount does that mean he signed?

  4. Oops, you're right. Dietrich was the comp pick. I'd also rather than Diekroeger than him.

    Hahn did sign, he just won't pitch until late next summer at the earliest because of his injury.

  5. More on Hahn:

    Although the newly minted professional is at the Rays’ training facility in Port Charlotte, Fla., he won’t pitch this season. Hahn, who left his final collegiate game with soreness in his right elbow, underwent Tommy John surgery on July 7. The surgery was performed in Birmingham, Ala., by the renowned Dr. James Andrews. “They say he is the best orthopedic surgeon out there,” Hahn said. “Just by going in, meeting him and talking to him makes you feel a whole lot better.” The 6-foot-5, 201-pound right-hander is going to spend the fall and winter in Port Charlotte while he begins his rehabilitation.


  6. I ma upset we didn't get Wood. I feel like he would have been a great pitcher, since it looks like he can overcome his control. BTW, he has above average stuff.

  7. In his post-draft chat Jim Callis named Wood as the player he was most surprised didn't sign, said he thought Rays could have gotten him for supplemental 1st round $. I'm ok with it, would rather they took the Wood $ and Hahn $ and signed Lorenzen. Nothing against Hahn, but over half a mill for an injured pitcher who may not pitch until 2012 (for real at least, with all his pitches). And he's a college guy, so he's not some 18 year old with lots of time.

    Other than that, loved the draft and the signings. Just noticed we signed a lot of lefties from the 15th on.

  8. Woodall - 4 years removed from HS so the deadline is irrelevant for him correct (unless he is planning on playing college baseball this year)? The Rays hold his rights until right before next years draft. Will be interesting to see if he plays independent or just works out to try to raise his stock. He should have one year of eligibility left to play college baseball if he wanted to and enrolled in grad school.

  9. That's a great point, didn't even cross my mind.

  10. How about these top 10 hitters and top ten pitchers:

    Bailey/Malm (I still believe in Bailey).

    H.M. Lobstein