Thursday, August 12, 2010

Best Tools

Update: No Bowling Green prospects were selected in the low-A portion.

As voted on by league managers, BaseballAmerica is running their "Best Tools" feature for each league. They've done AAA, AA, and high-A, so I'll update this when low-A is done, but for now, here's the Rays who have gotten recognition:

AAA (International League)
Best Baserunner - Desmond Jennings
Best Pitching Prospect - Jeremy Hellickson
Best Changeup - Jeremy Hellickson
Best Defensive Outfielder - Desmond Jennings
Most Exciting Player - Desmond Jennings

AA (Southern League)
Best Changeup - Alex Torres
Best Manager Prospect - Billy Gardner

High-A (Florida State League)
Best Pitching Prospect - Matt Moore
Best Breaking Pitch - Matt Moore
Best Reliever - Zach Quate
Best Defensive First Baseman - Mike Sheridan
Best Manager Prospect - Jim Morrison

Two "best manager prospects" for the Rays organization out of three leagues so far. I'm still not sure how Jeremy Hellickson didn't earn "best control" for the IL; that honor went to Dan Hudson. Alex Torres getting "best changeup" is a surprise considering that the reports are his breaking stuff was ahead of his changeup coming into the season.


  1. Could you provide any additional details on Mike Sheridan's recognition? Thanks.

  2. Here is the link on Sheridan, but it's subscriber only.

  3. Doug - I am not a subscriber. I was hoping you could cut and paste the text from the BA website. Thanks anyway.

  4. Oh, there isn't any text, just a table with the league's as columns and the Best... as rows. Sheridan is just listed as Kevin posted it, you aren't missing anything.