Monday, August 9, 2010

2010 RP Short Season All-Star Team

Voting has concluded for the 2010 Rays Prospects Short Season All-Star Team. The final roster includes four starting pitchers, three relief pitchers, three outfielders and on player for each other position. The original plan called for three starting pitchers, however the third spot was a tie and there were no tie break rules in play so they both got a spot on the final roster. Same held true for the bench hitter, both players ended with the same amount of overall votes. There is no DH spot so players were placed at the position they played most when the list was presented. The final two bench spots were the highest hitter and pitcher that did not outright win their position.

If there was a fan favorite award, it would have to go to Nate Garcia. He manage 339 votes. So much of a gap between him and number two that I had to have the voting verified by the poll creater to make sure it wasn't an error. Congrats Nate.

Thanks to the staff of the Princeton Rays and Hudson Valley Renegades as well as Stacy Long for helping to get the word out about the poll. Their word of mouth combined with the Rays Prospects readers helped the short season voting far exceed the full season voting earlier this season. Thanks for your help.

581 people voted and here are your all-stars:

Starting Pitcher: Andrew Bellatti (81 votes)
Starting Pitcher: Enny Romero (59 votes)
Starting Pitcher: Jacob Partridge (49 votes)
Starting Pitcher: Jacob Thompson (49 votes)
Relief Pitcher: Nate Garcia (339 votes)
Relief Pitcher: Matt Gilson (48 votes)
Relief Pitcher: Wade Broyles (33 votes)

Catcher: Alejandro Segovia (37 votes)
First Base: Phillip Wunderlich (47 votes)
Second Base: Robby Price (51 votes)
Shortstop: Derek Dietrich (45 votes)
Third Base: Scott Lawson (122 votes)
Outfield: Bryan Fogle (56 votes)
Outfield: Todd Glaesmann (56 votes)
Outfield: Kevin Kiermaier (46 votes)

Bench: Mickey Jannis (29 votes)
Bench: Jeff Malm (44 votes)
Bench: Nicholas Schwaner (44 votes)

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