Friday, August 20, 2010

Thursday's Scores and Highlights

Durham Bulls 8, Norfolk Tides 6
Bulls magic number at 2. JJ Furmaniak was 3 for 4 with a double and an RBI. Desmond Jennings 2 for 3 with an RBI. Leslie Anderson was 2 for 5 with a home run. Jose Lobaton 2 for 5 with a double. Omar Luna was 2 for 4. Dale Thayer earned the win and Winston Abreu. The Bulls play Norfolk on Friday with Ramon Ortiz making his Bulls debut.

Chattanooga Lookouts 3, Montgomery 2
Nevin Ashley was 2 for 4 with a home run and 2 RBI’s. The Biscuits only managed to put a runner in scoring position twice on the night and could not drive one of those runs. Alex Torres was charged with the loss. The Biscuits play Chattanooga on Friday with Alex Cobb making the start.

Charlotte Stone Crabs 8, Fort Myers Miracle 1
Tim Beckham was 3 for 6 with an RBI. Chris Murrill was 2 for 5 with an RBI. Jake Jefferies reached base four times via walk and scored on three of the trips on base. Stephen Vogt, Greg Sexton and Matt Hall also drove home runs. Joe Cruz picked up his league leading twelfth win. The Stone Crabs wrap up the series against Fort Myers on Friday with Kirby Yates making the start.

Bowling Green Hot Rods 4, Lake County Captains 5
Thomas Francisco was 2 for 3 with a double. Brett Nommensen drove home 2 runs via homer. Ryan Wiegand also had a home run. Ty Morrison had an RBI. Tyree Hayes took the loss. The series concludes Friday night with Wilking Rodriguez starting the finale.

Hudson Valley Renegades 2, Aberdeen Iron Birds 3 (10 innings)
Mayo Acosta had a 2 run homer. Kyle Lusson had a triple. Renegades had just 4 hits in the game. Austin Hubbard took the loss. The Renegades continue the road trip, beginning a series against Lowell on Friday.

Johnson City Cardinals, Princeton Rays (postponed)
The P-Rays will play a doubleheader against Johnson City on Friday.

GCL Twins 2, GCL Rays 3
The GCL Rays picked up the win despite only having 2 hits in the game. Luke Bailey had a double and drove home 2 runs. The other hit came off the bat of Tanner Biagini. The GCL Rays host the GCL Orioles on Friday evening.

DSL Dodgers 1, DSL Rays 3
The DSL Rays scored 3 runs on 3 hits. Adderly Rosa, Jiminson Natera and Hector Rodriguez had the hits for the Rays. Wilmer Hernandez got the win and Roque Colon the save.

DSL Rays 1, DSL Dodgers 1
Angel Soriano was 2 for 2. Hector Rodriguez and Darwin Maldonado had the only other hits. Juan Wilsino took the loss. The DSL Rays host the DSL Pirates on Friday.


  1. Hello Kevin and Jim

    Enny Romero has clearly established himself as one of the top prospects in the APPY League. Why doesn't anyone talk about him? Several others such as Malm, Guevara, and Glaesmann get mentioned as top 10 (or 20) prospects for the Rays. Romero doesn't get any mention but IMO he's at a different level.

    Thanks for all of your work.


  2. We don't start talking about the offseason rankings until the season is over, but Romero will be in the mix for the Top 15 pitchers. After playing for the DSL Rays in 2008 and GCL Rays in 2009, the 19 year-old leftie has been great for Princeton this season. 11 starts, 58.2 innings, 60 K's to 13 BB's, only 2 HR, 2.15 ERA, 1.57 GO/AO, .204 BAA.

    We use a 50 innings in MLB cutoff for the prospect list, so from last year's list Davis is off and Helickson may be, depends how much they use him out of the pen in September. Other guys will move up and down and some may drop off.

    Right now I'd guess Romero makes the Honorable Mentions. Like the size for a leftie too, 6'3".

  3. Romero has taken control to the Appy this season. He is 3-1 on the year with a 2.15 ERA and 60 K's while holding hitters to a .204 average in 11 starts. Not bad at all.

    He deserves much credit for his performance. That was proven by being voted second best pitcher in the short season by the readers a few weeks ago.

    As for making the prospect list, the list will be updated during the offseason and released prior to the start of the 2011 season. If the performance continues, I can see him getting recognition.

    One thing to keep in mind though, is the prospect list is broken into pitchers and position players. The players you have mentioned are all position players. The organization is stocked with pitching prospects, sometimes resulting in great arms not making the list. But there will be some changes in the list for the upcoming season, players removed due to promotion or non-performance and new players added. But out of the two prospects lists, the pitchers is the hardest because the Rays have so many talented arms on the organization and our list is only 15. Of the top of my head I can think of a few pitchers this year that could make a run for the list: Romero, Quate, Dyer, Thompson, Bellatti, Lopez. Its a real tough decision.

    But just because they are not on the list does not make them any less vaulable. There just is not enough spots to list them all.

  4. As a reminder, here was the list entering the season:

    1. Wade Davis (drops off, over 50 IP in MLB)
    2. Jeremy Hellickson (new #1 if doesn't go over 50 IP)
    3. Matt Moore (new #2)
    4. Alex Colome
    5. Kyle Lobstein
    6. Nick Barnese
    7. Alex Torres
    8. Alex Cobb
    9. Jason McEachern
    10. Jake McGee
    11. Wilking Rodriguez
    12. David Newmann
    13. Joseph Cruz
    14. Matt Gorgen
    15. Aneury Rodriguez

    Plus 10 Honorable Mentions: Z. Quate, H. Rollins, J. Partridge, S. Shuman, K. James, M. Swilley, D. Downs, C. Andujar, D. Fuller, S. Dyer.

    Other guys I have in consideration for next year by team (not including 2010 draftees):

    Durham: RDLS
    Montgomery: J. Hall, J. Satow
    Charlotte: M. Fleming, N. Schenk, M. Jarman, FDLS, K. Yates
    Bowling Green: T. Hayes, A. Koronis, A. Dott, A. Suarez
    Hudson Valley: W. Almonte
    Princeton: E. Romero, A. Bellatti (off-field issues will play a big part for him), B. Lara, Suero
    GCL: R. Lopez, E. Quinonez

    And guys from the 2010 draft: J. Thompson, I. Kendall, M. Kelly, A. Hubbard, B. Henderson, N. Garcia, J. Patterson. I left Hahn off since he won't pitch until late next summer at the earliest.

    That's my initial list, cuts start from there. Some are easy, like a few of the guys on the Honorable Mention list. Once you get to about 30 pitchers it gets real tough, and then the ranking gets even tougher.

    We send our lists and thoughts to Kevin and he makes the final decision on rankings. My list is usually pretty close to Kevin's on pitchers, we see things a lot alike with pitchers, but not so much with position players :).

    If you see anyone not listed above that you think I should add to my initial list, let me know. I tend to value starters a lot more than relievers, so my top 15 may only have one RP in it, with 3-4 in the Honorable Mentions. And I also place a lot of importance on age and age-to-level, so don't expect to see any 26 year-olds or 24 year-old RPs in A-ball.