Thursday, July 8, 2010

Stone Crabs Week in Review: July 1 to July 7

The Stone Crabs are still struggling to find consistency during the second half of the season. It appeared that they were turning things around as they picked up a four game winning streak, the longest of the second half. But the streak ended and as they lost the last two games of the week. The losses have been by narrow margins and the wins have been big, so hopefully it’s a sign of a strong run into the post season. The Stone Crabs are 5-9 in the second half, four games back from first place. They are also still in possession of the best overall record in the FSL at 48-35. Joe Cruz was named the Florida State League Pitcher of the Week for his performance during the week.

Hitting Leaders:
Average: Chris Murrill (.421)
Slugging: Stephen Vogt (.574)
On Base Pct: Chris Murrill (.476)
Hits: Isaias Velasquez (81)
Doubles: Reid Fronk (19, tied sixth in FSL)
Triples: Reid Fronk, Isaias Velasquez and Tim Beckham (4, tied seventh in FSL)
Home Runs: Tim Beckham and Stephen Vogt (5)
RBI’s: Tim Beckham (40)
Stolen Bases: Isaias Velasquez (27, tied third in FSL)

Pitching Leaders:
ERA Starters: Shane Dyer (2.82)
ERA Overall: Zach Quate (0.42)
Wins: Frank De Los Santos (7, tied second in FSL)
Saves: Zach Quate (15, tied third in FSL)
Strikeouts: Matt Moore (116, first in FSL)

Team Hitting Stats (league rank):
Average: .259 (5 of 12)
Slugging: .380 (5 of 12)
On Base Pct: .328 (6 of 12)
Hits: 712 (6 of 12)
Doubles: 143 (tied 6 of 12)
Triples: 30 (1 of 12)
Home Runs: 44 (tied 4 of 12)
Runs Scored: 340 (8 of 12)
Stolen Bases: 65 (10 of 12)

Team Pitching Stats (rank):
ERA: 2.98 (2 of 12)
Runs Allowed: 278 (1 of 12)
Strikeouts: 719 (1 of 12)
Walks: 236 (6 of 12)

Transactions: Chris Murrill added to roster from Bowling Green (7/4/10).

Disabled List: none.

The Week Ahead: 7/8/10-7/9/10: at Bradenton Marauders (8-4). 7/10/10-7/12: vs St Lucie Mets (9-5). 7/13/10: Day Off.


  1. hate to be another one of these guys, but any news on Moore and Barnese's velocity recently? Have not heard one thing yet this year about either, or even Cruz.

  2. There is no gun on the scoreboard at Charlotte Sports Park. So unless a scout or player gives us an update either public or anonymously, there is no exact data.

    My seats on the first base line makes it tough to judge velocity. They look sharp, Moore struggles a bit with control but is getting better.

  3. okay thanks, do any minor league parks have scoreboard guns, at any level?

  4. I don't have updates on gun readings, but here are the numbers from BA on the three you asked about from the pre-season writeups:

    Moore: 90-92 mph fastball touches 94 and has impressive movement.

    Barnese: 91-92 mph fastball touches 94.

    Cruz: 92-94 mph fastball touches 96.

    Hope that helps a little. And, scoreboard gun readings are unreliable, even at MLB level, and also television readings.

  5. Doug, looks good. Man, Cruz is jumping up my board.