Monday, July 5, 2010

2010 RP Mid Season All-Star Team

Voting has concluded for the 2010 Rays Prospects Mid Season All-Star Team. The final roster includes five starting pitchers, five relief pitchers, three outfielders and on player for each other position. There is no DH spot so players were placed at the position they played most when the list was presented. The final two bench spots were the highest hitter and pitcher that did not outright win their position.

205 people voted and here are your all-stars:

Starting Pitcher: Jeremy Hellickson (105 votes)
Starting Pitcher: Shane Dyer (64 votes)
Starting Pitcher: Alex Torres (46 votes)
Starting Pitcher: Nick Barnese (45 votes)
Starting Pitcher: Alex Cobb (44 votes)
Relief Pitcher: Josh Satow (81 votes)
Relief Pitcher: Zach Quate (69 votes)
Relief Pitcher: Matt Gorgen (66 votes)
Relief Pitcher: Darin Downs (59 votes)
Relief Pitcher: Neil Schenk (54 votes)

Catcher: Stephen Vogt (44 votes)
First Base: Leslie Anderson (44 votes)
Second Base: Tyler Bortnick (52 votes)
Shortstop: Tim Beckham (44 votes)
Third Base: Dan Johnson (67 votes)
Outfield: Desmond Jennings (68 votes)
Outfield: Henry Wrigley (68 votes)
Outfield: Matt Joyce (39 votes)

Bench: Elliot Johnson (41 votes)
Bench: Marquis Fleming (46 votes)


  1. everyone of these guys should get a september call up!

  2. Very surprised at no Scott Shuman - 1.91 ERA and 62Ks in 42 IP, plus he's actually a prospect with a solid plus pitch, unlike a few of the other relievers.

    - Brick

  3. I voted for Shuman too, but he finished 9th among the RP's with 22 votes.