Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Notes: Rays 22nd Most Favorite Baseball Team In America

Tampa Bay Rays
A recent Harris poll asked Americans - "What is your favorite Major League Baseball team?" The Rays came in at 22nd, down from a tie for 17th with the Baltimore Orioles last year. Here are the last 5 years of Rays results:

2010: 22nd
2009: 17th-tied
2008: 28th
2007: 25th
2006: 28th

In 2005 we finished tied with the Toronto Blue Jays for dead last, even though no Canadian residents are surveyed. So I guess you can say we're making progress.


John Sickels asks the question - "When Should Jeremy Hellickson Be Promoted?":
The Rays are just two games behind the Yankees and lead in the wild card standings. But let's say that as August approaches, one of the starters gets hurt, or Davis implodes, or Shields' luck doesn't rebound and his ERA creeps over 5.00. If you really need another starter, would you pull the trigger, promote Hellickson, and stick him in the rotation for the stretch run? Or would you stick with the development program, keep him in the minors until September, and give Andy Sonnanstine a chance to start again?
My guess is that if one of the starting five goes down they first go to Sonnanstine, and if he fails, then they call up Hellickson. Thoughts?


Sorry about the strange post last night (since deleted). An app on a cell phone did that, not any of us. Technology...


On behalf of RaysProspects, our condolences to the family of George Steinbrenner III in their time of mourning.


On a happier note, congratulations to David Price on being named the starting pitcher for the American League in tonight's MLB All-Star Game. Do us proud!

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