Saturday, July 17, 2010

Weekend Open Thread
Standings are updated, the signing board is updated (10th rounder Dixon signed), the VSL Rays were postponed, and the GCL Rays are tied at 3 won 4-3 in extra innings.

The Rays have signed NDFA 3B Tanner Biagini out of the Virginia Military Institute. He's gone 0-4 with 3 strikeouts today at 1B for the GCL Rays... so far.

I also changed the 'Comments' to a popup window style, and they now post much more quickly. Let me know if you prefer this way or if you have any problems.

Other than that, have a nice weekend and feel free to comment about anything on your mind, it's an open thread so have fun (and be nice). Your thoughts for improving the site are as always much appreciated.


  1. Is it too early to worry about Bailey?

  2. I honestly like the older way...but this isn't that bad :)

  3. It is different. I'll wait and see what others think before I decide whether to keep it as a popup or go back to the full pageload (which slowed everyone down and was slower to post). Glad it isn't that bad :).

    Also, does everyone like the new daily wrapups, with one post for all the games? I find myself reading every word where I didn't with 9 posts before. It looks nice too, to me anyway.

    Off to mow the back 40...

  4. I have heard nothing good about Bailey, but small sample size of course. Of those who have seen him in person, all have said he looks "lost" at the plate. Way too much talent to start discounting him at this point, but nothing encouraging to report.

    Our friend at was supposed to be sending some video of the GCL Rays sometime this weekend. I don't know if it will include Bailey, but whatever he sends I'll post.

    Anyone else catch the GCL Rays lately, or have an opinion on Bailey this year?

  5. I like the new popup comments-section, but I was not opposed to the old one either!

    And ... I like the new daily wrap-ups as well!

    Keep up the excellent work!

  6. Is it ok to worry about any young players get their first taste of the minor leagues? Malm, Bailey, Glaesmann, and O'connor are some names not hitting right now in their first minor league seasons.I'm not worried yet, but next season, if their bad hitting continues then I'll start to worry.

  7. I saw somebody taping today at the game vs the O's. No hit for much of the game, Rays rallied for a 5-4 win in 11.

    As far as Bailey, I do like his pitch-calling. He caught all 11 today and while his blocking needs some work he did OK. As many have said, it is very early.

  8. Oh come on BurGi, can't you complain about something??? :) Glad to see you are still around. Drop me a note if you ever want to contribute, miss your stuff from Rays Party.

    Don't know if that was Jordan from OP or not, we'll see if he sends any video. Real nice guy regardless, check out

    As to the short-season guys and stats, wouldn't read too much into the guys doing well or the ones doing poorly. Esp GCL and Princeton, now the college kids in HV, well, maybe those mean a little something.

  9. Guevara is coming around....

  10. Thx Doug! Nice to hear and thx for the offer!

    If I'll ever have more free time you are one of the first to know. I've had some ideas recently, but the time for its realisation is simply missing (yet)!

  11. Well it's a standing offer, BurGi. Let me know if you find some time, even once in a while.

    Also, I'm starting to like the popup comment thing. Don't like the looks of it so much, but it's easier to go through and comment on different posts.