Thursday, August 11, 2011

California Cracks Down On Rays Fans

And they say the Rays don't have any fans:
Law enforcement officials arrested 20 people Wednesday morning and are seeking 20 more in a gang operation focused on Riverside's Eastside neighborhood. The arrests were announced at a news conference Wednesday at the Magnolia police station, where two tables were spread with weapons, ammunition, a bullet-proof vest and several ball caps seized in the operation.

Police called it "Operation Tampa Bay," because the gang they were targeting wears Tampa Bay Rays gear to signify its name, the 1200 Blocc Crips. Two of the caps among the evidence displayed the letters TB.
Apparently the "TB" stands for the initials in "T"welve-hundred "B"locc. Here is a video about the operation, notice the "Devil Rays" reference.


  1. These aren't Rays fans.

  2. F that man, we're rays fans just as much as any of there no show fans.

  3. Im guessing anon #2 and #3 is a part of that crappy gang mentioned here.

  4. Probably not, this anon can spell "edit" and other big words.