Friday, August 12, 2011

The 2011 Signing Deadline

The coming Monday marks a very important date on the Rays season. It not just is the day after the Rays sweep of the Yankees which turns the 2011 season around (a guy can dream, right?), it also is the signing deadline for 2011 draft picks. For more information on the deadline check this out.

A quick look at the 2011 Rays Draft Board tells me that lots of drafted players I liked in my Draft Summary Post (and thus still like) are not signed yet. And while the Rays have done a good job by signing high upside prep players like Goetzman, Eierman or Faria, I really hope they'll sign 5-6 more of their 2011 picks. Lets take a look at the remaining unsigned players:
  • Taylor Guerrieri (1st rnd. - pick 24) ... Back then I wrote this: "Guerrieri seems to be a very good value pick and I like it very much from a talent standpoint. Is his makeup going to cause any problems, though? He is not returning Rays calls!" His talent ranks in the top 15 of this years' loaded draft and thus I really, really want him to sign. I just have a bad feeling.
  • Mikie Mahtook (1 - 31) ... "A good value pick again. He will end up in RF and he has some adjustments to make with his swing. Nevertheless, he can do it all and can become an above average major leaguer." Mahtook was also ranked much higher than he was drafted at. Maybe he is holding out for mid-1st rnd. money. And while I don't think he'll get that, I'm very confident that he'll sign.
  • Tyler Goeddel (1 - 41) ... "Finally a projectable guy in the supplemental round. I like this pick and I easily see why the Rays like him despite being an overdraft according to the ranking boards." I liked this pick more than the Martin and especially Hager selection. I really hope for him to sign.
  • Grayson Garvin (1 - 59) ... "Garvin will end up as a #4/#5 starter or a FB/CH bullpen guy. And while his upside is limited he is a fairly safe pick. Do I see why they took him? Yes. Do I like the pick? No, not enough upside." I'm really surprised he hasn't signed yet. Maybe he is holding out for an overslot bonus due to his solid post-season performance (just speculation here).
  • J.D. Davis (5 - 180) ... "power potential there, enough bat speed?" While it earlier was reported that he is close to signing (which made me smile), recent reports unfortunately indicate that he won't sign.
  • Trevor Mitsui, Tanner English, Matt Young, Tyler Parmenter, Bret McAfee (rounds 12-16) ... I really liked those high upside position player picks in the teens. Unfortunately none of them has signed yet. I really hope for one or two of them (more won't happen) to sign. My preferred order would be: 1) English, 2) Mitsui, 3) McAfee, 4) Young, 5) Parmenter.
  • Matt Ramsey (19 - 600) ... "Scouting reports in the Scott Shuman fashion. I like this out of a 19th/20th round pick" Ramsey has a heavy fastball and could one day emerge as a viable option for the big league pen. He is expected to sign after surgery (H/T Kevin). Totally forgot about that.


  1. I think Guerreri will sign but this guy may be a head case who can't get his act together. What was that business about the JuCo instead of South Carolina that he is now distancing himself from?

  2. I believe Ramsey has already signed ( but is having surgery, probably Tommy John.

    Mitsui, English, McAfee, and Parmenter seem like locks for college unless they really get bowled over with an offer.

    Sign Guerrieri, Mahtook, Goeddel, and Garvin and it's a success. I'd really hate to lose both Davis and Goeddel though.

  3. Thx Kevin. Don't know why I forgot that. I just went with the Draft Board. It's fixed now.

  4. Guerreri, Mahtook, Goeddel and Mitsui need to be signed.

    And I'm not as high on them but why not sign all the 1st rounders(Garvin) and a tools guy like McAfee.

    But those top 4, we need to get them signed.

  5. I am kind of like Burgi as in I also have a bad feeling about Guerrieri signing. From what I have read he will probly sign, I just don't have a good feeling.

  6. We can't put all of our eggs in the drafting basket and then let guys go unsigned.

    If we don't sign Guerrieri, Goeddel, and Mitsui... I will be severely disappointed.