Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rays Players Heading to Arizona Fall League

Stacy Long is reporting the following Rays minor leaguers have been chosen to participate in the Arizona Fall League.

  • Tim Beckham
  • Tyler Bortnick
  • Shane Dyer
  • Marquis Fleming
  • Adam Liberatore
  • Mikie Mahtook
  • Kirby Yates

The prestigious Arizona Fall League begins their 20th season on October 4 and wraps up with the championship game on November 19. The Rays will join the White Sox, Reds, Twins and the Padres as members of the Peoria Saguaros.


  1. Besides maybe Fleming and Dyer, the pitchers dont really interest me. I was hoping for maybe one or two of Barnese,Colome,Joe Cruz,or A Suarez. I like the 3 bats though.Bortnick will finally get to see some tougher competition,we will get to see more of Beckham,and it will be Mahtook's debut.Do you guys know if Mahtook will be playing CF or a conner spot yet?

  2. I think Mahtook will see time at both. Wil Myers is the only other premium outfield prospect on the team, so I'm hoping Mahtook will be playing most days. Todd Cunningham is the next best prospect and a CFer, which makes me think Mahtook could see most of his time on the corners, but when Cunningham sits, Mahtook's only competition for CF is this guy: http://web.minorleaguebaseball.com/milb/stats/stats.jsp?pos=CF&sid=t564&t=p_pbp&pid=543503

    Along the same lines, Christian Colon is the only highly-rated middle infield prospect, and he has had a pretty poor year outside of his plate discipline, so I'm hoping Beckham and Bortnick get to see lots of playing time as well.

  3. Craige Lyerly got moved to bowling green tonight!!!

  4. So did linsky. I'm surprised matt bush wasn't on this list, I'm in love with his arm

  5. Bowling Green has outfielder injury issues

    Rogers-broken wrist-out for season-huge loss
    Kiermaier-sore throwing arm-day to day
    Glaesman-hurt thumb-????hopeful return

    Hopefully Lyerly makes the most of this chance,Hot Rods need him for playoff push

  6. Ya his speed will be a welcome addition to their lineup. Linsky has been great all year and could be our future closer

  7. Linsky pitched 1 1/3 scoreless innings tonight for the Hot Rods. He is off to a good start in B.G.

  8. I was also hoping for 1 or 2 of Joe Cruz, Albert Suarez and Wilking Rodriguez to be added to the AFL roster. I'm very pleased with the hitters added, though. Really looking forward to what Mahtook (and Bortnick) can show against very good pitching.

  9. Definitely pitchers that should be on this list are: Colome & Joe Cruz. Colome has had a great season and can really use the time to continue to work off season and show what he has. Joe Cruz is one that I believe can really use the Fall League to show his talent and skills after the short time he spent on the DL. Both these guys are great prospects that should be sent.