Sunday, August 14, 2011

Prospect Cutoff Update

When we update our Rays Top Prospects Lists after the season several players will no longer be eligible due to passing major league playing time thresholds. We use the same playing time cutoffs for prospect status as BA: 130 MLB at-bats, 50 MLB innngs pitched, or 30 MLB relief appearances.

Here are the players who were prospects at the beginning of the 2011 season and how much career playing time they have accrued:

No longer a prospect.     Still eligible, but getting close.     Still eligible.

Jeremy Hellickson - 170.2 innings pitched.
Alex Cobb - 52.2 innings pitched.
Jake McGee - 32 relief appearances.
Cesar Ramos - 66 games (64 in relief) and 57.0 innings pitched.
Brandon Gomes - 25 relief appearances and 26.2 innings pitched.
Jay Buente - 10 games (9 in relief) and 16.0 innings pitched.
Rob Delaney - 5 relief appearances, 6.0 innings pitched.
Alex Torres - 1 relief appearance and 1.0 innings pitched.
Dane De La Rosa - 1 relief appearance and 1.0 innings pitched.

With a month and a half to go, Gomes should be turning red too. That will leave Torres as the only eligible prospect who is likely to make our lists.

Justin Ruggiano - 184 at-bats.
Elliot Johnson - 162 at-bats.
Desmond Jennings - 101 at-bats.
Robinson Chirinos - 51 at-bats.
Jose Lobaton - 21 at-bats.
Brandon Guyer - 6 at-bats.

Like Gomes, Jennings should soon be out of eligibility. Chirinos should miss the cutoff, but probably won't be a Top 30 player. Guyer looks safe to remain eligible and to make the Top 30.

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