Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rays Post-Draft Roundup

1s/41 Tyler Goeddel on negotiations:
"I told them what my signability was, what I needed," said Goeddel, who according to Baseball America agreed to a $1.5 million signing bonus, nearly double what he was slotted at by Major League Baseball.

"They knew I really wanted to go to UCLA, so I wasn't going to go pro unless I got what I wanted. They came through in the end, and I think i made the right decision."

The 41st overall pick of the 2011 draft agreed to the deal an hour prior to Monday night's deadline. The shortstop then began packing his bags for a morning flight to Port Charlotte, Fla.

Most college coaches wish the best to players who decide to forego college and sign a professional contract. Not so sure about Oregon State pitching coach Nate Yeskie:
The Beavers lost two incoming drafted players. Infielder Brandon Martin, a first-round pick by the Tampa Bay Rays, signed early in the summer.
“We feel fortunate with the guys coming in that we have quality young men and quality baseball players,” Yeskie said. “They are coming here to be a Beaver, not a Yankee or Tampa Bay Ray. So we are excited to get working with them.”

LSU Coach Paul Mainieri handled it the right way:
"I felt all along that Mikie would ultimately sign," Mainieri said. "I could tell it was a very emotional time for him, 30 minutes before the deadline Mikie had still not decided whether he wanted to sign."

"I am 100 percent supportive of Mikie Mahtook and whatever he wanted to do. He gave his heart and soul to LSU and LSU baseball. He became the poster child for our program because of his enthusiasm."

More on the Rays highest pick not to sign, 5/180 J.D. Davis:
Meanwhile, Bee Player of the Year J.D. Davis of Elk Grove High School broke off contract talks with the Tampa Bay Rays on Aug. 6 in announcing he would indeed attend Cal State Fullerton on scholarship. He said the deciding factor was when Fullerton coach Rick Vanderhook made a visit to his family's Elk Grove home.

Davis, an imposing specimen at 6-foot-3 and 225 pounds, hit .484 with 45 RBI and 38 runs scored for Elk Grove as a senior. He had nine home runs and 13 doubles. Davis became a national recruit - and a favorite for scouts across the country - as a junior when he was named the Cal-Hi Sports Junior of the Year, batting .486 with eight home runs and 60 RBI. The slugger said he feels good about his decision and looks forward to the college experience. He reports to Fullerton today.

Another unsigned pick, 13/420 Tanner English, on the process:
Tanner English can officially call himself a Gamecock. Two months after he was selected by Tampa Bay in the 13th round of the 2011 Major League Baseball first-year player draft, the St. James product was relatively stagnant as the deadline for players to sign professional contracts came and went. In the end, playing for South Carolina was a better option than turning pro straight out of high school.

“I’m feeling really good. It’s a big weight off my shoulders,” English said by phone Tuesday morning. “Money isn’t everything. That didn’t come into the decision. If I did sign, money was a factor; it just wasn’t a deciding factor.

“I’m going to be able to focus on baseball; I’m going to be able to focus on school.” English said Tampa Bay was more than helpful during the process. In addition to telling him his prospects for the immediate future, the outfielder said the Rays organization also told him what he could expect after three years, when he becomes draft eligible again.

One who was never close to signing, 35/1080 John Magliozzi:
John Magliozzi's decision to honor his commitment to the University of Florida was not a difficult one. The Milton resident and recent Dexter Academy graduate was drafted in the 35th round by the Tampa Bay Rays and was looking to sign for a bonus "in the $1 million range." The Rays never came close, though, and the standout righthanded pitcher's decision was made for him.

"[The Rays] said they couldn't go there," Magliozzi said. "I had a certain number that my family and I were dealing with. We knew they weren't going to get there and so we said 'That's fine,' and decided to go to school."
Magliozzi had a feeling he would be enrolling at Florida as soon as negotiations with the Rays began. According to him, the Rays never offered anything outside of the "$100,000 range."

Coastal Carolina giveth, Coastal Carolina taketh away 40/1230 Joseph Perricone:
Perricone, a righty from Illinois, was viewed by the CCU coaches as having every bit the talent of [Yankee 3rd rounder Jordan] Cote when they recruited him, but after changing his mechanics over the winter his stock fell a bit.

“We’ll get him back to where he was before and then make a leap forward,” [coach Gary] Gilmore said. “That kid’s got a chance to be a top-3 or 4 round draft pick, very similar to Javier. … I think there’s no doubt both of them have that kind of ability.”

I guess it's best 1/24 Taylor Guerrieri didn't go to college:
"I had one beer in the afternoon prior to a football game. I wasn't drunk or misbehaving. The police resource officer came up to me, she asked me if I had any alcohol, and I admitted it, I said, 'Yes, I had a beer,' whenever she asked. My dad took me out of the stadium, and we just decided [that] to switch schools would be best for me. That was pretty much what the whole stink was about this year with everybody."

And finally, a Tiger tribute to 1/31 Mikie Mahtook:


  1. Mikie can get fired up. He has a football mentality, I like it.

  2. holy cow Mahtook is crazy, I have a feeling he is going to be a favorite of mine from the start.

  3. That cat needs to calm down. He's going to get a few in the ribs before it's all over. Also: sweet that he's ours!


  4. A 35th round pick wanted a million $ to sign? I am no draft guru, but would doubt that there would be much of a precedent for that kind of money.

    And as far as college coaches' reactions, with all the time & effort they put into recruiting I can certainly understand any frustrations at losing potential program-changers to pro teams.

  5. Magliozzi is just 5-8, 180, but he was reaching 97 MPH on his fastball as recently as last season, and he also features a nice changeup and solid 11-to-5 curveball. He could have been as high as a supp pick until his velo dipped to the 87-90 range this past high school season.

    For more info on Magliozzi and all 59 other Rays draft picks, check out here:

    There's another detailed post about the signing deadline on the way.