Saturday, August 27, 2011

Minor Moves: Geith, Torrez

With the GCL Rays season completed, MiLB transactions reports the following player moves effecting the GCL Rays.

  • Theron Geith was promoted to Hudson Valley.
  • Riccio Torrez was promoted to Charlotte.

Geith was 4-1 with 4 saves, a 2.13 ERA and 30 strikeouts in 16 games with the GCL Rays.

Torrez, the Rays fourth round pick of this year's draft, was hitting .224/.347/.240 with 2 homers in 12 games this season.


  1. Sorry, that was an error. I copied and pasted a clip and forgot to remove it.

  2. Torrez going to be a fast mover?

  3. why skip bowling green?

  4. Because GCL and Charlotte are both in Port Charlotte so he can walk there. Since season ends next weekend not worth making him travel for a few games. Plus BG is in the playoffs, don't think they want to bring a guy from GCL just out of college and force BG to play him with important games coming up for local fans and the BG players.

  5. Just noticed that in 50 plate appearances Torrez had no walks and 12 strikeouts in GCL. Had 11 hits, 9 singles and 2 HRs. I would guess he starts 2012 with Hudson Valley.

  6. Where you think Mahtook will start? I'm thinking BG

  7. That's a good question. I think you're right, don't know your reasons, but here are mine:

    Not many players to comp him to, Rays haven't picked many college position players that high lately. This year there was Kes Carter, another OF, but he's different for a few reasons: good player but not in the same class as Mahtook coming out, injured early on so don't know if they would have bumped him to BG, and Mahtook will be almost a whole year out of college by the start of 2012.

    The last point is important, if he would have signed this year he would have gone to HV and then probably up to BG next year. With the last minute sign he missed HV but should still be on track for full-season ball next year despite no short-season experience.

    As far as competition, don't see anyone in HV OF this year that would block him (no disrespect to those guys, but Mahtook's development would be more of an org priority).

    I'm guessing Glaesmann repeats BG next year, combination of missed time due to injuries and struggles, plus he's young.

    I'd guess Mahtook and Glaesmann make up 2/3rds of a very athletic Hot Rod outfield to start 2012.

    Anyone disagree, think he'll wait until June and go to HV? Or maybe start all the way up at Charlotte?

  8. RHP Roberto Gomez, from the Culf Coast Rays, is also now listed on Hudson Valley's roster. DId GCR send 2 pitchers to Hudson Valley this week?

  9. Yep, Gomez was promoted to HV also. I had it on the depth chart but didn't notice it wasn't included in this post.

    Gomez is pitching for his 3rd affiliate this season: 4.26 ERA in 12.2 IP for the DSL Rays, 2.48 ERA in 54.1 innings in the GCL, and now HV.

    Last year he only pitched in the DSL, had a 1.85 ERA in 39.0 IP. He turned 22 on August 3rd.

  10. So that being said about mahtook....who gets cut this year from hudson valley's outfield? who do u think wont get a call to come back next year?
    Or do none of them come back?