Sunday, March 8, 2009

Andrew Friedman On Matt Joyce

Matt JoyceBill Chastain has this from Rays executive vice president Andrew Friedman on Matt Joyce:
"He's got some tendinitis in his lower leg," Friedman said. "And it's something through our research and studies, we determined that it's something that's been there for a long time, and it's just really presenting itself with symptoms."
Friedman said the "plan of attack" will now be to support the ankle so Joyce can work back into playing shape. "We're cautiously optimistic that this is behind us," Friedman said. "But in the event it flares back up and prevents him from playing, we're going to have to explore other courses of action."
"[The] extreme could be surgery down the road," Friedman said. "But we think that's the least likely scenario right now. But like I said, right now, we're not going to proceed like this is a non-factor and we're just going to let him go. We're going to really monitor it and methodically get him back on the field."

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