Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Minor Moves: Houser, Newmann, Tiffany, Anderson

James HouserStacy Long updates us on James Houser and David Newmann:
Pitcher James Houser, seemingly slated to go to Triple-A Durham this year, is now on the extended spring roster. For someone of Houser's experience, that would hint that he's injured, but he said he's not.
One other thing that stood out on the updated work lists: pitcher David Newmann.
In a separate article Stacy says the Rays have released five minor leaguers and added Drew Anderson:
The five released include four former Biscuits: pitchers Chuck Tiffany, Jon Barratt and Jeff Kamrath, and infielder Patrick Cottrell. Infielder Michael Ross is the fifth player no longer in camp.
Infielder Drew Anderson doesn't appear on the roster but is on the newly updated work lists. Infielder Joseph Callender is the opposite (on roster, not on work lists).


  1. Doug, do you have a copy of the extended spring training roster and maybe even a game schedule? I would be thrilled if you had either, as I will be going to a bunch of the games.

  2. The complete roster won't be known until after the minor leaguers break camp on April 5th. I'm sure they know a lot of the players who will stay behind, but several decisions are left between now and the 5th. Injuries in the next week could change things too (injured player stays behind, player who was staying goes to replace). I'll post everything I get, Nick.

  3. Okay, thanks. Great job on the site too, I enjoy reading it!