Sunday, March 22, 2009

Will Stephen Strasburg Destroy The Draft?

Stephen StrasburgDoug Gray of is concerned about the reported contract demands by Stephen Strasburg and Scott Boras:
Stephen Strasburg and his ‘advisor’ Scott Boras have told the Washington Nationals that he wants, get this, 6 years and $50 Million. Yeah, that is not a typo. That is a real set of numbers.
The reported contract demand though is just outrageous. It undermines the entire draft and arbitration process. Basically Strasburg is attempting to avoid arbitration and get right into a free agency type deal. Even players who get Major League contracts in the draft are still dealing with arbitration and even pre arbitration years.
The slot system in baseball is loose as it is right now, this would take the system and toss it out the window.
The Washington Nationals just can't buy a break, it's one thing after another. When you consider the injury risk with any pitching prospect, who's wants to give a college player, no matter how talented, $50 million guaranteed? And Strasburg needs to be careful, remember Matt Harrington? I'm just glad the Rays aren't picking first overall this year so they can avoid this fiasco.

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