Monday, March 23, 2009

Yankees Passion For 3rd Place

Chris BasakAn interesting perspective on the Yankees loss to the Rays on Sunday by Lucy Albero:
When the Yankees lost to the Rays today, my first reaction was fear that the Rays may repeat last year’s stellar performance. However, I quickly came to my senses with the realization that today’s game is no barometer of the Rays’ potential success against the Yankees this season. The Yankees have a Spring Training plan they don’t ignore regardless of the competition, so losing is never reason for concern no matter which team they play against. However, many teams play the Yankees with tremendous zeal no matter what the occasion. I recall how desperately hard the Rays played against the Yankees last spring when Rays’ Chris Basak irrationally tackled Yankees’ Catcher Francisco Cervelli, causing him to break his wrist. This goes to show how passionately the Rays approach these meaningless competitions.
As such, I don’t believe this game is any indication of what the upcoming season holds concerning the Rays. Therefore, I will continue to believe that the Yankees will leave the Rays in the dust until I see otherwise, and that will start when the Yankees play with the same enthusiasm as the Rays — namely, when the real games finally begin.

I guess this vindicates Elliot Johnson? And didn't she 'see otherwise' for the entire 2008 season?

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