Friday, March 27, 2009

Rays Ranked #2 Organization

Tampa Bay RaysDave Cameron has ranked the Tampa Bay Rays as the #2 organization in baseball (the Boston Red Sox are #1, New York Yankees #3):
Ownership: C+
Front Office: A+
Major League Talent: A
Minor League Talent: A
Overall: A
A smart front office, the best young group of major league talent in baseball, and a top notch farm system gives the franchise an embarrassment of riches. They don’t have room for all their quality players. Their depth is ridiculous, yet there are few weaknesses on the major league roster that could use an upgrade. The team’s revenue streams aren’t up there with the big boys, but their remarkable talent overcomes that limitation. The Rays are for real, and they’re going to put a contending team on the field for the next half decade at least.

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