Monday, March 30, 2009

New Projection System: Rays Will Win 113 In 2009

Tampa Bay RaysMost projections have the Rays winning between 87 and 95 games in 2009. Now comes David Chalk with his forecast:
Ladies and Gentleman, I give you the C.H.A.L.K. Projections. (What’s that stand for you ask? Well, for now, C. Chalk H. Has. A. A L. Lotta K. Knowledge — if you got better ideas, please drop them in the comments.)

So, while PECOTA and CHONE are repeating the mistakes they made last year and are still grievously misunderestimating the 2009 Devil Rays (PECOTA says only 95 wins now — and that’s after I chided them for the original projection of 92 wins; CHONE goes even lower with just 89 wins!), here’s how I’ve reached the 2009 C.H.A.L.K. Projection of 113 Wins for our beloved Devil Rays.

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