Saturday, March 21, 2009

Random Rays Minor Leaguer: Craig Albernaz

Craig AlbernazBio:
Name: Craig F. Albernaz
Position: Catcher
Ht/Wt: 5'8", 177 lbs.
DOB: 10/30/82
Bats: R. Throws: R.
Acquired: Signed by Tampa Bay as a minor league free agent on March 15, 2006, after graduating from Eckerd College (Tritons) in St. Petersburg.

2006 23 R+ 86 11 16 3 0 0 3 7 18 .186 .263 .221 .484 .249
2006 23 AA 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 .000 .000 .000 .000 .000
2007 24 A 100 11 17 3 0 0 3 10 22 .170 .263 .200 .463 .222
2008 25 A+ 47 3 6 0 0 1 7 4 7 .128 .212 .191 .403 .201
2008 25 AA 47 10 16 2 1 1 9 4 9 .340 .392 .489 .882 .399
Future outlook:
Albernaz looks to start 2009 where he left off last season, with the Montgomery Biscuits in AA. He's heading into his age 26 season with a career minor league batting line of .194/.273/.251. He is reported to be a good defensive catcher, and has thrown out 56% (15/27 in '08) and 49% (17/35 in '07) of basestealers the past two seasons. But it's hard to see him ever reaching the majors due to his weak bat. BaseballProspectus projects him to be out of the game after 2010. I know we have some fellow Tritons/Albernaz fans that read here, anything you can add?


  1. Dude throws bb's, straight cannon behind the plate

  2. Apparently, throwing out 32 out of 62 (52%) over two years is tremendous at any level. You'd have to think other teams are aware of his arm, so they only send their best base stealers. So he's nailing 52% of the best, even more impressive.

  3. Albie does indeed have a cannon for an arm. I would have never even dreamed of running on him during fall baseball games my freshmen year. At one point, I cut up my hand pretty bad one practice and he ended up driving me to a walk-in place in St. Pete. Just a nice kid, really, who is very funny. The analyst in me tends to dismiss the importance of chemistry and being a good teammate--the intangible qualities that cannot be quantified, ect...--but they do exist, to some degree. While they are certainly overrated, as talent has a higher correlation on winning baseball games, there is value there. Albie is obviously never going to hit enough to merit consideration for being considered a prospect and will likely be out of baseball soon enough, but he is a solid defender, and, by all accounts, has been great at working with some of the Rays' key young arms.

    If only he were a little big bigger and could mash, but, either way, he is one of the best catchers in Eckerd College history.

  4. Re: intangibles. I think they are much more important at catcher than other positions. The catcher is the boss on the field. He needs to be in charge while at the same time maintaining the trust of the pitchers. And he has to play Dr. Phil when a pitcher loses confidence. No wonder so many catchers end up as coaches and managers.

    Re: Eckerd. Two Eckerd College catchers have been drafted: William Evers in the mid-70's and Gerry Melillo in the early 80's. Three Eckerd draftees have made it to the majors: Joe Lefebvre, Steve Balboni, and Jim Mecir. Not sure if any undrafted Eckerd players have ever reached the majors.

  5. This is Keith Brouillard! I dont care if you are one of the top defensive catchers in your system right now bro....i still deserved that MVP award our SR year hahahahaha!! do you know how much of LT's johnson I had to suck down to get that?! My esophagus will never be the same

  6. hey craig, ray garcia here. just checking in on you, good luck your doing SIBL proud. if tampa knows anything they'll give a you a shot.

  7. Craig Albernaz is the Best Catcher I've Ever Seen, Period. He is better than every other catcher behind the plate in baseball right now, its a shame that he's never really had anyone who can work with him on hitting and at this point there is no value in it as he is 26 years old, i pitched with and against him in the valley summer baseball league and in college baseball. When i tell you I was throwing 92-94 mph and he threw it back to me from his knees just as hard! he's ridiculous, he had only one ball get by him in a game and it ricocheted off the backstop and he caught it on the bounce and threw out the guy attempting to steal second by 8 feet, he once cut his nose wide open blocking a ball that redirected off a rock and he head butted the ball.

    absolutely a great teammate and battery-mate, a genius managing pitchers and the ballsiest, grittiest and most talented defensive catcher I've ever seen and I'd put him up against the best that has ever played the position and put my money on him.

    I know that sounds ridiculous with so many unbelievable catchers to have ever played the game who are in the hall of fame but i tell you that if he were around when catchers had the stereotype of not being offensive players, he'd be in the big leagues right now and considered the best catcher with a gold glove for every year in the majors. thats how good he is

    Alex Gonzalez

  8. Albie couldnt hit .300 in high school and he always liked to talk crap to batters even after I hit a ball 450 feet the at-bat before but I have to say he is the best defensive catcher I have ever seen whther it was players I played against in college, or major leaguers.

  9. alby is a stud behind the dish i used to hit with him...hes got a decent bat...just needs a shot....he has the best arm i have ever seen