Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Updated Top 30 Prospects Lists - Pre-Draft Edition

With the minor league season about one-third complete it's time for our latest personal Top 30 Rays Prospects lists. The last ones were done around Thanksgiving, so we want to give you an update prior to the huge influx of talent from next week's draft.

The new lists will begin posting on Thursday. Joining Kevin and I this time will be BurGi, who replaces Jake, who replaced Andy. We are still working on the lists, so there is plenty of time to lobby for the players you feel should be included. Let us know what you think!

For convenience, the November lists by Kevin and I are republished below.

Rk   Doug Milhoan        Rk   Kevin Gengler
1    Jeremy Hellickson   1    Jeremy Hellickson
2    Matt Moore          2    Matt Moore
3    Desmond Jennings    3    Desmond Jennings
4    Alex Cobb           4    Alex Torres
5    Jake McGee          5    Alex Cobb
6    Alex Colome         6    Alex Colome
7    Alex Torres         7    Jake McGee
8    Jake Thompson       8    Josh Sale
9    Joseph Cruz         9    Joseph Cruz
10   Drew Vettleson      10   Nick Barnese

11   Josh Sale           11   Jake Thompson
12   Nick Barnese        12   Wilking Rodriguez
13   Tyler Bortnick      13   Justin O'Conner
14   Enny Romero         14   Luke Bailey
15   Wilking Rodriguez   15   Drew Vettleson
16   Justin O'Conner     16   Tim Beckham
17   Albert Suarez       17   Ty Morrison
18   Scott Shuman        18   Derek Dietrich
19   Luke Bailey         19   Enny Romero
20   Tim Beckham         20   Ryan Brett

21   Kyle Lobstein       21   Scott Shuman
22   Stephen Vogt        22   Hector Guevara
23   Shane Dyer          23   Todd Glaesmann
24   Wilmer Almonte      24   Tyler Bortnick
25   Ryan Brett          25   Albert Suarez
26   Aneury Rodriguez    26   Jesse Hahn
27   Zach Quate          27   Kyle Lobstein
28   Todd Glaesmann      28   Zach Quate
29   Ty Morrison         29   Cesar Perez
30   Derek Dietrich      30   Braulio Lara

- The only players from the November lists who are no longer eligible are Jeremy Hellickson (over MLB innings cutoff) and Aneury Rodriguez (lost in Rule 5 draft). We use the same prospects cutoffs as BA: 130 MLB at-bats, 50 MLB innings pitched, and 30 MLB relief appearances.

- The November lists were done prior to the Rays trades with the Padres and Cubs, so none of the players acquired were included. You might see a couple of those players in our new lists.


- Original summary post (including Jake's rankings) is here.

- Doug's November list with commentary is here.

- Kevin's November list with commentary is here.


  1. Ahh, am I missing something? Is there supposed to be an updated list?

  2. Sorry, I wasn't very clear. The lists begin on Thursday. This post is just to let you know there will be new lists, remind you of the last lists, and give you a chance to weigh in. I moved a few things around and deleted some words, so it was confusing. Thanks for pointing that out. Just added a bold sentence that they begin Thursday.

  3. Thanks for the clarification. The in-season updated list is a great idea. I'll be checking back Thursday.

  4. My vote is for Vogt no position player on this list including Jennings and Beckham comes close to these numbers. Not to mention that he is averaging almost an RBI a game. It's a shame that he missed all of 2009 or he might be on the big league team right now given all the positions he can play.


    Runners On

    .368 95 28 35 7 2 5 38 8 15 .402 .642 1.044

    Scoring Position

    .344 61 22 21 4 1 1 28 5 14 .371 .492 .863