Saturday, May 7, 2011

Organizational Leaders

Batting Average (min 2.7 PA per team game)
Hak-Ju Lee, Charlotte (.397)
Brandon Guyer, Durham (.356)
Greg Sexton, Charlotte (.345)
Derel Dietrich, Bowling Green (.320)
Tyler Bortnick, Charlotte (.316)

Home Runs
Brandon Guyer, Durham (6)
Nevin Ashley, Montgomery (5)
Derek Dietrich, Bowling Green (5)
Justin Ruggiano, Durham (5)

Greg Sexton, Charlotte (26)
Justin Ruggiano, Durham (23)
Stephen Vogt, Montgomery (22)
Phil Wunderlich, Bowling Green (21)

Stolen Bases
Desmond Jennings, Durham (8)
Cody Rogers, Bowling Green (8)
Brett Nommensen, Charlotte (7)

ERA (0.8 IP per team game)
Alex Cobb, Durham (1.59)
Alex Torres, Durham (1.79)
Merrill Kelly, Charlotte (2.19)
CJ Riefenhauser, Bowling Green (2.54)
Alex Koronis, Charlotte (3.19)

Matt Moore, Montgomery (41)
Alex Cobb, Durham (33)
Alex Torres, Durham (33)
Alex Koronis, Charlotte (32)
Alex Colome, Charlotte (31)

Team Batting
Charlotte (.271)
Durham (.296)
Montgomery (.259)
Bowling Green (.228)

Team Pitching
Durham (3.44)
Bowling Green (4.16)
Charlotte (4.49)
Montgomery (5.09)


  1. Koronis joining the Alex uprising has been a fun surprise this season.

  2. dietrich is tearing it up in bowling green. i am impressed with his stats so far. however, there outfielders are really struggling to hit above .180

  3. I agree with you about Dietrich. I wonder if TB will keep all the outfielders there when short season A ball starts. Maybe some of them, and Guevara, are in a level that's too high for them?

  4. Dietrich generates a great deal of power with just his hands/wrists, not sure how long he remains at SS, but the bat sure has been impressive since ST.

  5. The Bowling Green outfield consists of Schwaner (.289), Glaesman (.229), Kiermaier (.181) and Rogers (.170). Out of these four obviously Schwaner has hit the best.

    I don't think they will send any of them down to short season because there is no one to take their place. It's not likely that TB will send Sale or Vettleson to BG this year.

  6. yea i agree. however, there are so older guys who were stuck in extended spring training that are doing well. With the way rogers and kiermaier are doing you think they would give them a shot.