Friday, May 13, 2011

Strikeout And Walk Rates

While blogger was down I played around with some graphs and may as well share. Here are the strikeout and walk rates of all the Rays minor league hitters with at least 80 plate appearances. I sorted by strikeout rate, so towards the bottom is better. Double green is best, and double red is worst.


  1. Great Work.

    Chirinos' high So/Pa% is interesting. He have been a hard batter to fan out at cubs overall and I saw he protected home plate well in a few Cubs gaems. It will take some times for him to adjust TB org.

  2. Thanks. It was meant to have more info, was going to include league averages and other things but I didn't know if blogger was going to be back up today. I'll include that next time.

    I used the following cutoffs: strikeouts over 20% = red and under 15% = green. For walks, under 5% = red and over 10% = green. Seem ok? I was thinking of using standard deviations from league average, but lost interest as the day went on and went out and mowed. :) Any input on what I should use as 'good' and 'bad' rates is appreciated. Maybe I'll do pitchers tomorrow, it's almost game time tonight!

  3. Interesting that it's an almost, but not quite, a sort by level. Had not noticed Luna's numbers. But his batting average is barely above the Mendoza line. So he's putting a lot of balls in play.
    Good work. Thanks!
    Blogger crash was irritating, wasn't it?

  4. I originally had level (AAA, AA, A+, A) listed too, but took it out. I didn't think it added much, but kind of wish I'd left it in now.

    First time blogger has crashed on us, and we start our 4th season here in July or August, so can't complain too much. Problem was I had things to post with up to date stats, and every day that goes by I would have to redo with newer stats, so I kind of lost interest. :)

    Thing I wonder is why opposing pitchers are walking guys like Sweeney with such a low average and high K rate. Think you would throw him strikes all day. On the other end, Luna makes sense, not much of a threat so you pitch to him and see what he can do. I guess Sweeney still has the power to hurt you while Luna doesn't. Also thinking about doing career numbers for someone like Beckham, see how much he's improved this season.

  5. Doug - great work. This is why Rays Prospects is simply the best prospect site in all of baseball. I really enjoyed seeing my son's name at the "bottom" of this list and with two green bars next to his name :-)

    PS - re:mowing... hard for us to mow up here in the Cleveland area as it never seems to want to quit raining :-(

  6. Doug, what does the * indicate?

  7. Thanks Daniel. I wish I would have sorted it so the top = 'good', I'll do that in the future. Sounds like your grass is 'double-green' too!

    John, * is lefthanded batter, # is switch hitter. Only a couple of switch hitters in full-season ball, but there are several that will play in short-season: Narvaez, Brett, Querecuto, Dorville, Castillo, Morillo, Felix Gonzalez, etc.

  8. Awesome chart, Doug! Tyler Bortnick really has excellent awareness of the strikezone!