Sunday, May 22, 2011

RaysProspects Podcast: Episode 2

Here's episode two of the podcast. Scott and I talk about how the top 15 hitting prospects are doing, where the players in extended spring training might go, the upcoming June draft, and whether hitting prospects are more valuable in a pitching-heavy draft/era. The audio is a little wonky, CallGraph decided to record in mono instead of stereo. We're still in the trial and error stage for sure.

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  1. You touched on lee the ss from charlotte, but my question on him is how good is his glove? I've heard reports he's an above average defender at short, but I haven't seen him play or read enough on him. You also touched on Beckham staying at short. If he is moved from short where do u think they would move him 2?

  2. Great analysis Kevin and Scott.

  3. Luc, that's a good question. The obvious answer would be 3B but obviously he'd be blocked at the MLB level. The reports on Beckham are that he's looking better, so of course he'll get every chance to stick at SS. Beyond that, if they don't move him to 3B or 2B, I think a corner outfield spot would be the last resort, though maybe he'd have the range to be an average CF.

  4. Very enjoyable. I usually don't like long podcasts (say over 10 minutes) because I lose interest, but this was great throughout, didn't want it to end! The audio didn't bother me at all either, Kevin came out the left side of the laptop and Scott the right side, so it sounded like a conversation. I wouldn't worry about it.

    You touched on it, but best of luck to Will Kline in whatever he chooses to do in the future. No one can say he didn't give it his best shot, just too many injuries.