Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Updated Cumulative Mock Draft Board and More Draft News

This time I have done something different. After posting some draft news and the updated cumulative mock draft board (you can find the last one here) with new mock drafts by John Sickels, Baseball America and Diamond Scape Scouting I've pointed out the Rays haul in these drafts. Afterwards I've done my own mock based on these three drafts. These sums up to 6 potential Rays draft hauls. Please comment on and even grade these hauls in the comment section.

First some draft news
  • Austin Hedges (HS/C) is more and more linked to the Boston Red Sox. They really seem to like him and his excellent defensive and okay offensive potential. This makes an Andrew Susac or Blake Swihart selection by the Red Sox more unlikely. His reportedly high price seems to make him fall to the 1st supp. or even 2nd round.
  • Trevor Story (HS/SS) who has often been connected with the Rays, as he is the typical helium up-the-middle prospect the Rays covete, is rising up draft boards. He is being considered as a late 1st round selection.
  • The Oklahoma prep pitching talent is very impressive in this draft. Next to Dylan Bundy and Archie Bradley, Michael Fullmer is the states latest high-ceiling talent. He has the potential for an above average 4-pitch-mix (FB, SL, CH, CU) with excellent FB velocity (mid 90s).
  • Some players who are could to be taken within the top 20 picks, mostly due to signability, are college players C.J. Cron, Kolten Wong, Michael Levy, Alex Meyer and Tyler Anderson. As Kevin and I mentioned, lots of teams follow the strategy to take college position players early on as this easily is the talent pool with the least depth.
The updated cumulative mock draft board

I've weighed the new 3 mocks more (200%) as they are more up-to-date. If anybody wants the Excel-Spreadsheet, just send me a mail and I will send it to you.

(Click at the table for a larger view)

The draft hauls:

(Click at the table for larger view)
  • My take on the BA draft: Overall I like it very much, but I would have taken two picks differently. I would have taken Henry Owens over Fernandez as I slightly prefer him and I would have taken Brandon Nimmo over Blake Swihart. I don't think Swihard is very easy to sign and I overall rate them fairly even in talent level.
  • My take on the John Sickels draft: I don't specifically like his haul. While I very much like the prep pitchers taken, I think some of them are slight overdrafts at the points they were taken.
  • My Take on the Diamond Scape Scouting draft: The first five picks are a dream come true. I agree with them nearly completely. With the next five picks I especially like the Smith Jr. and Gaines drafts. The other three don't offer the upside of other players available at this point in my view.
  • What do you guys think of my Rays drafts based on these three? While one is very pitching heavy (John Sickels) and one is very hitter heavy (DSS) I like each of them. I have tried to take the best player available and I am okay with it. Regarding the Purke and Bell picks: Take a flyer on them. If they sign you got potential impact players in return.


  1. I am not particularly knowledgeable about draft prospects except what I read on sites like this, so pardon me if my question is elementary.

    Is Wong expected to be an adequate second baseman. I thought I have read that his defense is shaky, and if so, doesn't he become a tweener with a bat that plays well at 2B but has far less value anywhere else?

    If that is true, I don't see the point of drafting him in the first or supplementary round.

  2. Robert, the scouting community is pretty split on that. I'm pretty sure it varies between who you talk with.

  3. That is right, Michael. The reports vary from "offensive 2Bman" to "solid defensively". Anyway, nobody thinks he will have to move off of 2B.

  4. More Lists from MaxPreps:

    Top 10 HS position players:

    1. Bubba Starling
    2. Francisco Lindor
    3. Blake Swihart
    4. Josh Bell
    5. Javier Baez
    6. Brandon Nimmo
    7. Travis Harrison
    8. Nicky Delmonico
    9. Austin Hedges
    10. Charlie Tilson


    Top 10 HS Pitchers:

    1. Dylan Bundy
    2. Taylor Guerrieri
    3. Archie Bradley
    4. Daniel Norris
    5. Dillon Howard
    6. Henry Owens
    7. Jose Fernandez
    8. Tyler Beede
    9. Robert Stephenson
    10. Michael Kelly


  5. Hmmm... solid lists.

    FOr the hitters, I would move Bell to second of third, pull Hedges up alittle, knock Tilson off,and move Fisher somewhere around 6.

    For the pitchers, I would put Bradely at #2 and put Fernandez over Howard.

  6. Still don't want Wong or Cron at 24. Fine with taking them at 31 or 32, but want a pitcher or better defensive position at 24.

    Later round pick I'd like to see: SS Caleb Bushyhead out of Oklahoma. Recovery from torn ACL last fall has dropped his stock since preseason rankings, but too much I think. Even if he's just an org player, love the name (hey, I have to type these names over and over, give me a fun one!). Younger brother named Sky too.

  7. I would be fine with Wong or Cron (preferably Cron) at 24. The only pitcher I would take there would be Tyler Anderson, and the only guys who play a better defensive position that wouldn't be a reach would be Jackie Bradley Jr., Swihart, Hedges, and Nimmo. Swihart and Hedges will be really tought signs, leaving Bradley and Nimmo, and I have Wong and Cron higher than both of them, slightly, despite their defensive positions.

  8. I don't like the players Sickles has going to us either. However, I would be really excited about the guys you picked in his draft, just scared also. There are three guys with big question marks in Purke, Bell and Stilson, but if they all sign or come back healthy, wow. Signing Bell away from Texas would be huge.

    The DSS picks and yours are both great drafts too. No complaints about either. I am really high on Johnny Eierman and think he would profile as a great CF option with his speed and arm. He is also a good make up guy and has good blood lines as his dad played pro ball. I definitely prefer him over a Michael Levi.

    Not that I would necessarily pick him over any of the guys chosen, but I think Derek Fisher would be a steal in the supp round as well.

    Solid article. Keep up the good work.

  9. Thx for your input and great that you like it. I totally could underrate Johnny Eierman. I have just read that his tools are not THAT loud.

    Derek Fisher has not performed the way people anticipated him to play. And he has a pretty high price tag attached to him. That is why he is falling. I would love to get him in the 1st supp. round as well. Totally agree with you.