Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

- So it looks like Matt Moore is just fine. After his start last night, he's got 41 strikeouts against just 6 walks in 29.1 innings (12.6 K/9 and 1.8 BB/9). He's had some problems with home runs, having coughed up six this year, but he allowed thirteen total the past two seasons so I'd expect that to even itself out. If Moore is able to maintain a 12.0 per 9 or better strikeout rate with a walk rate under 2.5 per 9 at double-A, that's scary good.

- Of course, that's assuming they don't tinker with his approach. Is it the most efficient? No, not really, but he shouldn't be racking up Kazmir-ian pitch counts too often. I mention the possibility of tinkering because it seems like that's what happened with Wade Davis. His velocity is down in the majors, and the two possible reasons for that are injury or a different approach. And if he was injured (or if his velocity was down and the Rays didn't know why), I don't think the organization would have given him a long-term contract. This "new approach" (if that's indeed the case) hasn't helped his walk rate at all, which would be the reason for dialing down his fastball. Yeah, he's got a 2.77 ERA but with a 3.9 K/9. One of those isn't going to last. End of rant.

- Alex Colome is another prospect who has struggled this year but I'm still relatively optimistic on. He struck out 10 and walked none on April 29th, and was one out away from six scoreless innings last night before allowing a three-run homerun. He clearly needs to be more consistent, but the stuff is still there. He pitches very aggressively and I think he'd thrive as a reliever, where he wouldn't need to try to pace himself. Check out this feature on him from Mike Lortz (aka Jordi Scrubbings) at In Colome's words "Striking out people is a good feeling. It's something I've always done. It's part of my game."

- I think the breakout prospect so far might be Enny Romero. He's far from being a finished product, but he hasn't allowed a run in three of his five starts and has struck out 26 in 19.1 innings. The walks (14) have been a bit of a problem, but his command was excellent on opening day and there's definite potential there. He ranked 11th on out pitcher's top 15 entering the season, but in my opinion he's moved ahead of Jake Thompson (10), Joe Cruz (9), and probably Nick Barnese (8).

- We'll have a draft watch post, the first big(ish) one of the season, coming this Friday, and then each Friday afterwards up until June, with a whole week of coverage leading up to the draft on June 6th. What other sorts of features would you like to see? Chime in with your thoughts on that, or anything else, in the comments.


  1. The increased coverage leading up to the June draft will be a welcome addition to Rays Prospects. Excluding trades, free agents and the international draft this is where the majority of the prospects come from.

    This draft should be a bonanza for the Rays with 12 of the first 60 picks. I am looking forward to reading scouting reports and projections of who the writers think we will select.

  2. Check out Perfect Game's 50 in 50 Kevin, for the draft. It is excellent.