Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weekend Mock Draft Update

I believe BurGi has an updated cumulative post coming soon, but two new mocks came out over the weekend. The latest from Keith Law has the Rays popping Andrew Susac, the Oregon State catcher, Travis Harrison, a high school 3B from California, and Johnny Eierman, a Missouri high school SS. In John Sickels' newest, the Rays got Robert Stephenson, a California HS righty, Jorge Lopez, a Puerto Rican RHP, and Levi Michael, the UNC shortstop. Sickels also did the supplemental round, where the Rays picks were Matt Purke, the TCU LHP, Granden Goetzman, a Florida high school OF, Hudson Boyd, a Florida high school RHP, Kes Carter, an OF from Western Kentucky, Dillon Maples, a North Carolina high school RHP, Chris Reed, a LHP from Stanford, and Tyler Marlette, a Florida high school catcher.

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