Monday, June 14, 2010

À Look at the V-RaysPitching

In my last post, I detailed hitters to keep an eye on from the Rays' Venezuelan team but this time around I'll pin-point a few pitchers that may have Alex Colome or Wilking Rodriguez-like futures in the Rays organization.

At the tip-top of my list of V-Rays prospects is Eli Echarry. He's got everything you'd like in a young (17.8 yrs old) pitcher. High K's(10+ K/9), low walks(3-ish range BB/9) and propensity to induce groundball outs(more than 3 groundouts per overall outs). Showing these 3 positive characteristics will do well in determining if he's ready to go state-side. If he contiues at his current pace, his US debut will be during the 2011 season. Good news, considering he'd possibly be full-season ready at the age of 19.

Guillermo Salinas is the elder statesmen of the V-Rays, at the tender age of 21(21.5). That said, he's doing well to show that he may have a future in the states. He's showing the K rate(10+)and low walks(sub-3 rate) that may lead to a worthwhile conversion to relief. 2010 is a make or break year for Salinas, though. If he's going to play in the GCL or Appy Lg, he's gotta do it soon.

Joynerd Gonzalez is the last one on my list. Like Eli, he's still under 18 and shown a nice strikeout rate and ability to limit walks. He still has a decent GB rate, but not enough to be shocking for such a young pitcher.

This year's V-Ray pitching staff is a bit older than in year's past but its still early in the season to count out this staff. Also, its undetermined on what the Rays will do in Int'l Free Agency this year, which could mean an influx of new prospects for the V-Rays.

Next up: A Look at the D-Rays' Hitters
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  1. Can you describe Eli's stuff? Thanks.

  2. Someone sent me a bunch of videos of Liga Paralela/VSL Rays over the winter. I was waiting until the VSL season started to see who made the roster to post them. Unfortunately, the computer they were on died, so I no long have them. If that person (sorry, don't remember who it was) or anyone else has VSL or DSL video or scouting reports, please send them, would love to post them.

  3. Yeah, please send them!

    Doug, I have a question. WHat is up with Shane Dyer. Reports said he had a fastball in te low 90's with a good curve. Has something changed, because he is tearing it up.

  4. you are very very wrong my friend!!! eli is gonna be a big prospect but the other 2 ´guys don´t, this is not only about numbers...

  5. Coould you explain what you mean?