Sunday, June 27, 2010

2010 Rays Prospects Mid Season All-Star Team

We have reached the mid-point of the season and we have all seen and read the reports. We know who was selected to the all-star teams, we have discussed in great detail who we think are prospect and who should be nominated. So what better way to solve this problem, the 2010 Rays Prospects Mid-Season All-Star Team. Here you can vote who you think deserves to be recognized for their performance during the first half of the season.

Voting will take place until noon on July 5, 2010. The list contains players from all four of the full-season affiliates and they are listed in alphebetical order by the position in which they played the most during the 2010 season. The vote leaders in each category will be named to the all-star team as well as one wild card pitcher and hitter. The wild card player will be the highest voted player that did not win a position spot outright.

Click here to vote for the 2010 RP Mid-Season All-Star.


  1. This isn't the top prospect at each position (which I think we will do at some point, a ranking of guys by position), but who has performed the best on the field so far this season. Several people have commented that we don't focus enough on performance vs projection, so here's your chance to vote for the guys with the best performance. If you want to pick the 36 year-old at Durham over the 21 year-old at Charlotte, that is entirely appropriate for this. I'll post who I picked at each position here in the comments and encourage everyone else to also. We'll bump this to the top periodically. Remember, this is only the full-season teams (Bowling Green, Charlotte, Montgomery, and Durham), we'll do another one for the short-season teams later. Have fun!

  2. In no particular order:

    SP (5): Hellickson, Dyer, Torres, Colome, Barnese
    RP (5): Downs, Quate, Shuman, Satow, Fleming
    C: Vogt
    1B: Richard
    2B: Bortnick
    SS: E Johnson
    3B: D Johnson
    OF (3): Wrigley, Joyce, Fronk

  3. Doug - thank you for recognizing Tyler.