Monday, June 28, 2010

2010 Rays Prospects All-Star Team Voting Update

Here is how the All-Star voting is looking after the first day of voting. Voting continues through noon on July 5. Click here to vote for the 2010 RP Mid-Season All-Star.

Starting Pitchers
Jeremy Hellickson (16.67%)
Shane Dyer (14%)
Nick Barnese (10%)
Alex Cobb (10%)
Alex Colome (10%)
Alex Torres (10%)
Jeremy Hall (4%)
Jake McGee (4%)
Matt Moore (4%)
Wilking Rodriguez (4%)
Kyle Lobstein (3.33%)
David Newmann (2.67%)
Chris Andujar (2%)
Joseph Cruz (1.33%)
Richard De Los Santos (1.33%)
Frank De Los Santos (0.67%)
Carlos Hernandez (0.67%)
Jason McEachern (0.67%)
Heath Phillips (0.67%)
Aneury Rodriguez (0%)

Releif Pitchers
Zach Quate (16.08%)
Darin Downs (13.29%)
Josh Satow (13.29%)
Marquis Fleming (12.59%)
Matt Gorgen (11.19%)
Neil Schenk (5.59%)
Winston Abreu (4.90%)
Brian Baker (4.90%)
Scott Shuman (4.90%)
Kirby Yates (4.20%)
Dane De La Rosa (1.40%)
Mike Jarman (1.40%)
Ryan Reid (1.40%)
Heath Rollins (1.40%)
RJ Swindle (1.40%)
Dale Thayer (1.40%)
Mike Ekstrom (0.70%)
Justin Garcia (0.70%)
Joe Bateman (0%)
Deivis Mavarez (0%)

Stephen Vogt (43.75%)
Nevin Ashley (34.38%)
Mark Thomas (18.75%)
Jose Lobaton (3.13%)
Alvin Colina (0%)
Jake Jefferies (0%)

First Base
Leslie Anderson (38.71%)
Chris Richard (35.48%)
Michael Sheridan (9.68%)
Chris Nowak (6.45%)
Ryan Wiegand (6.45%)
Matt Fields (3.23%)

Second Base
Tyler Bortnick (52.94%)
Cody Cipriano (20.59%)
Drew Anderson (11.76%)
Joe Dillon (8.82%)
Matt Hall (5.88%)
Anthony Scelfo (0%)

Tim Beckham (36.67%)
Elliot Johnson (30%)
Chris De La Cruz (13.33%)
Shawn O'Malley (10%)
Angel Chavez (6.67%)
Robi Estrada (3.33%)

Third Base
Dan Johnson (70.97%)
Greg Sexton (12.90%)
Matt Sweeney (12.90%)
Kyle Spraker (3.23%)
Julio Cedeno (0%)

Henry Wrigley (19%)
Desmond Jennings (17%)
Matt Joyce (13%)
Chris Murrill (13%)
Reid Fronk (7%)
Emeel Salem (7%)
Justin Ruggiano (6%)
Brett Nommensen (5%)
Ty Morrison (4%)
Isasias Velasquez (4%)
Fernando Perez (2%)
Rashad Eldridge (1%)
Kyeong Kang (1%)
John Matulia (1%)
Dustin Biell (0%)


  1. Tim Beckham is batting .215 with a 650 OPS
    why is he the 1st SS, I know the voting is not over yet but who seriously would vote for him over Angel Chavez. Is this about performance or are we back to celebrating high draft picks who are not performing.

  2. Agree re Beckham, I voted E Johnson. Good to see D Johnson and Bortnick doing so well, and 1B and C are nice battles. 2B and 3B were the easiest for me, with RP's the hardest (could easily justify picking 8-10, incl all of the Charlotte guys). Gotta question some of the SP voting though, Hellickson only on ~17% of ballots?1? Seriously? Must be that "high draft pick" bias. :)

    A few notes, even though a lot of these guys DH quite a bit, I listed them at the fielding position they played the most often. Same with non-DH's who move around; most often position is where they are listed (combining all OF pos's games played). And the data changes over time, we had to pick a cut-off date and use it for the ballots.

    Thanks to everyone who has voted and to those who have linked to the ballot, fun to see the results. Also, please let us know if you have any problems voting or issues with the site being used. It's the first time we've used this survey site and hope it worked ok for everyone. Ideas for improvement are appreciated, via comments or email. We plan to do a short-season mid-season team and end-of-season teams for both the full-season and short-season teams.

    And thanks to Jim of course, his idea, his hard work in putting it together and reporting the results.

  3. I would love to see something every month, It would be good to see how it changes. Also, it could include some of the short season guys

  4. Anon 1 & 2.... Thats was the whole purpose of us setting up this poll, to let the readers decide. The voting is up to the personal preference of the voter, vote for production, vote for projection, vote for personal favorite or vote for players of a certain team..its all up to the voter. Although I feel Beckham has potention and enjoyed watching him this season in Charlotte, he did not get my vote for shortstop.

    Doug....thanks for you help with getting the rosters together for the poll. Its funny how the numbers don't make Hellickson look like he is standing out when in fact he is. At the time I posted, almost every voter used a SP vote for him. But because we are allowing 5 starting pitcher votes, it doesn't show as a huge percentage. If you factored in how many votes he recieved verus how many people voted, he is more around 90-95%. But since each voter is allowed 5 picks it drops the pct to the 17% that is reported. Hope that makes sense.

    If there are any questions or problems, leave a message and we will work on getting it resolved. Like Doug said, this is the first time we have tried this concept and this format.

  5. "Tim Beckham is batting .215 with a 650 OPS
    why is he the 1st SS, I know the voting is not over yet but who seriously would vote for him over Angel Chavez. Is this about performance or are we back to celebrating high draft picks who are not performing." Because Beckham is 20 years old at High A while Chavez is 29 years old at AAA. You can completely ignore draft position and believe that Beckham's performance is better.

  6. I think Beckham has the tools to go far. Is he the best shortstop in the system now, I personally don't think so. Second best, maybe. Beckham has not had the consistancy that I would like to see. He struggled to start the season and has had is ups and downs, typical of the players of his age. But I do see the potential, given some time and experience, I think he will live up to the projection. I like the kid but the production just isn't there to get my vote.

    Another vote getter that is shocking me is Leslie Anderson. I just haven't seen enough of him to warrant the best first baseman in the system. Chris Richard seems to be a stand-out canidate for the spot.

    Finally, outfielders. Wrigley is a no brainer. I would have thought Murrill would be getting better votes since he is having an awesome season. The third slot was harder for me. I went with Joyce since he has played well enough to get the call to Tampa. Seeing Jennings up in the top does not suprise me, but I am gonna revert back to similar theory as Beckham. Jennings has dipped into that slump and has had a hard time adjusting to it and working out of it. Consistancy has not been there for me, definatly going to have a great future, just don't think he is top three in the system right now.

    Every where else is about what I had figured.

  7. Jim, Jennings has hit .351 in June. I'd say he has gotten out of the slump. ;)

  8. Michael...he has had a great June, I would like to see it continue before making jumping on board. He is a solid 3-4 right now, if he balances it out and keeps consistant, I can see him move up.