Thursday, October 22, 2009

Now Taking Requests

There isn't a whole lot happening right now, so I turn it over to you guys: What do you want to see on this site? We'll have our top 15 hitters and pitchers starting in mid-November after the Arizona Fall League, but until then, it's kind of a blank slate. So please, anything you want to see written about, let us know in the comments and we'll see what we can do.


  1. 2010 breakouts for hitter and pitchers.

  2. Project 2010 roster for the Bowling Green Hotrods and other affiliates.

  3. Agree - Potential Rosters for Minor League affiliates

  4. Agree w/ the above suggestions. It would be cool if you do some potential rosters for the affiliates. Maybe some breakouts. I would suggest a mention some guys who are playing for the affiliates that we may have not heard of, maybe the players are unsung. Who would be the best player in the Rays org that we may have never heard of?

    Maybe profiles some former prospects who were in the Rays org. What did they do to make it to the majors. Who in the system right now most looks like that player, stat wise. Maybe a look back on Dewon Brazelton, Carl Crawford, Delmon Young, Josh Hamilton, and Jon Switzer.

    That's my two cents. - Rome

  5. Interesting that you want projected rosters, I was just doing that on paper the other day. If you decided to do that Kevin, I started with Cork's projected Rays 2010 roster and worked down through the system from there. It's easier to start at the top and work down so you know how many spots you think will be available as you work down. I also did hitters and pitchers seperately so I could keep focused.

    No matter how you do it it's tough, can't predict trades, releases, minor league free agents (leaving and signing). And some guys I just had a hard time figuring. For ex, Royster and Fronk will both be 23 and should move up to Montgomery next year. But will they? They put up identical .607 OPSs as corner OFs at Charlotte this year. I couldn't decide whether they get promoted or released.

    The pitchers were easier than the hitters too. Stone Crabs fans are gonna love their pitching staff to begin the season, esp if Satow and Fleming start back there. And Hot Rods fans should see Lobstein, Colome, Fuller, Dott, Quate, Salinas, and possibly Suarez and McEachern.

    It sounds like a fun project. You could post skeleton rosters for AAA -> A and then we could edit from there based on comments.

    As far as the idea on 'breakouts', define breakouts. Do you mean low level guys most people haven't heard of, or guys who haven't done real well so far who could have good years. To some people who don't know Alex Colome, a good year at BG would be a breakout, but for most around here he's already known.

    For the bad to good, I'd go with Shane Dyer and Joseph Cruz. Dyer had a tough year with the ERA over 5 and was dropped from BG's rotation. But he's still young (22 next year), had good walk and HR rates, SO rate wasn't bad, just gave up too many hits. But, his BABIP allowed was .355, which should go down, and his FIP was only 3.45. Big question is if he gets another rotation shot after getting sent to the pen last year. On Cruz, like Dyer his peripherals were better than his ERA. Great SO and BB rates, bad hit rate, but really high BABIP (.363). His FIP was 2.70 and he'll be 21 next year, and if his BABIP falls to something close to normal (~.300), he could be the best pitcher at Charlotte (seriously!).

    Whatever you decide to do Kevin, I'll chip in my thoughts for what they're worth.

  6. Since they're still playing, it would be nice to keep up on our AFL players. FYI, Good article in the latest issue of Baseball America on Phillips by John Manuel.

  7. Don't get too carried away with AFL stats, remember who we sent there last year: Chris Mason, Wade Townsend, Derek Rodriguez, Ryan Reid, and Wade Wlodczyk. Just saying...

  8. How about a status of the franchise. Who we have at each position in the farm and how their stats compare to their big league counterpart.

  9. I would like to see a list of pitchers over the last 3 years with one list the number of total wins and another number of total saves in the Rays Org. This would help see what they were doing over the longer term.