Monday, June 21, 2010

2010 Gulf Coast League Rays roster

Gulf Coast League Rays 2010 RosterCourtesy of Expect this roster to increase as more draftees sign. Notable is the presence of Rosscup and Shull, Princeton Rays from last year. Shull could be the most surprising part of the roster, as he spent part of '08 and the '09 season in Princeton. Albert Suarez is making his first rehab appearances for an affiliate team in his comeback from Tommy John last year.

The GCL Rays kick off their season this afternoon, visiting the GCL Red Sox.

Genaro Galan
Kevin James
Marcus Jensen
Reinaldo Lopez
Jose Molina
Eduar Quinonez
Robinson Reyes
Zach Rosscup
Trevor Shull
Pedro Silvestre
Matthew Spann
Albert Suarez (rehab)
Matthew Swilley

Luke Bailey
Jhonatan Gomez
Justin O'Conner

Seth Henry
Ryan McCrann
Julian Morillo
Shawn O'Malley (rehab)
Cesar Perez
Juniel Querecuto
Cristian Vasquez

Joel Caminero
Alexander Diaz
Edward Dorville

Today's opening game boxscore.


  1. Cesar Perez and Juniel Querecuto starting in the GCL!? WOW! Thought they'd get at least a year in the VSL like Guevara and Morillo!

    I'm really excited about Perez, Querecuto, O'Conner and Bailey!

  2. Any news on how they plan on handling O'Conner and Bailey?As in who is going to get the more time at catcher? And whatever of those 2 isnt catching, will they most likely be DHing? And can't wait to see what Cesar and Juniel can do. Same on the pitching side with Spann and James.

  3. I don't get how a 50-16 K-BB and a 2.76 GO/AO from Trevor Shull means he gets demoted from Princeton to the GCL. I think he got the short end of the stick.

  4. Unless some of the DSL/VSL guys making their stateside debuts have really electric arms, I hope the rotation is something like James-Shull-Swilley-Jensen-Spann(with Suarez making his rehab starts) because none of the DSL/VSLers have pitching numbers that impress me.

  5. The Shull situation doesn't really make sense to me. Unless there is some underlying reason for him to remain in Port Charlotte (injury, discipline, etc), he definitely got the short end of the stick. There's no reason he shouldn't at least be back in Princeton.

    I will be seeing the GCL'ers eventually.. not exactly sure when though. When I do, expect pictures and maybe some information about why Shull got left behind.

  6. now has Edward Dorville as a third outfielder, so I edited the post.

  7. Appreciate it. I'm waiting for the box score to come through but as always, the Red Sox are the last ones to send theirs in. It's been like that for a few years.

  8. Gotta agree with BurGi, this an exciting roster. Two 17 year-olds on the left side of the IF is a surprise. Bailey caught and was 1-4 with a double, and no stolen bases allowed. Dorville lead off and was 3-5 with a double. Suarez probably won't be here long if he keeps it up, didn't think they'd let him go 3 IP first time out. Question is if he goes back to HV or up to BG, I'd guess HV again.

  9. Noticed Cody Rogers went 1 for 2 in the box score. If he is able to play wonder why he is in the GCL.

  10. Shull has to be performance/injury related from XST. Discipline? Not with Bellatti in Princeton. This is the most interesting short-season US roster to me, lots of future prospect list guys. Only disappointment is that Juan Wilsino didn't make it (thought he might after starting with DSL Rays), what does he have to do to get out of the DSL?

  11. Good question diamondtom. I added a link to the box score too.

  12. Surprised to see both O'Connor AND Bailey in the GCL. I could be wrong, but I think this tells us Bailey's arm isn't back to 100% yet. I'd expect that they mostly use him as a DH for now.

    Nice to see Perez and Querecuto both make a US team. A bit surprised with how conservative they're being with the other guys though. Based on the rosters alone, I wonder whether this means that we'll be sending fewer prospects to Hudson Valley overall.

    - Brick

  13. Adding the GCL team may have sped up the timetable for arriving stateside. With the org hq'd in Port Charlotte and the GCL team now, they can bring in the kids from Latin and South America in a pretty controlled environment. The GCL Rays only play 3 other teams all season now that the Reds have left Sarasota/GCL for Arizona. Guess what I'm saying is the GCL team out of the complex allows the Rays to better develop the kids both on and off the field with coaches and teachers than we used to have with Princeton as the first US team.

    I'm not reading too much into the Hudson Valley thing just yet, each season brings different prospects and different roster openings/needs. Let's wait until we see a trend before we make judgments about HV's role in system. The players are employees of the Rays, not the Renegades, and the Rays have complete control of where they play. I don't see a player-development-focused team like the Rays dropping short-season A ball (and the Northwest league isn't a good option), so I think they will continue the relationship they have had with HV since 1996. Recent (anonymous) complaints aside, it's been a good relationship for the Rays and the Gades.

  14. I love this roster. I want to know a little bit about each of these guys:

    Kevin James


  15. Kevin James was the 2009 9th round pick. On stuff alone, he could play in the New York Penn League. But he's very unrefined, coming from a cold-weather high school(in Wisconsin) so he hasn't had the reps that guys in SoCal and Florida have had.

    Querecuto I know less about, just that he got a nice bonus(over $500,000) in the international signing period last summer.

  16. Ryan McCrann is a 24 year-old undrafted free agent out of Fordham, was a senior this year.
    McCrann signed with the Rays over the weekend, after putting together his finest season at Rose Hill in 2010. He put together a career-high .355 batting average to go with 44 runs scored, 78 hits, 13 doubles, five home runs, 34 RBI, and 16 stolen bases. His totals for runs, hits, home runs, RBI, and stolen bases were also career-bests, as was his team-best 27 multi-hit games.

    McCrann tied for the team lead in runs scored and stolen bases as well, while being second on the squad in batting average, hits, doubles, and home runs. His 78 hits in 2010 was the fourth highest single-season total in school history...

    McCrann ended his four-year career at Fordham with a .333 batting average, 90 runs scored, 163 hits, 35 doubles, four triples, 12 home runs, 78 RBI, and 26 stolen bases in 138 games. He is tied for 15th in career doubles at Fordham, while ranking in the top 20 all-time batting averages. He graduated in May with a degree in Business Administration.

  17. Shull is listed in the GCL due to an elbow injury sustained a couple months ago. It is anticipated that he will go to HVR shortly.

  18. Rays lost today, 8-3 I believe was the final. Spann & Jensen threw today with mixed results, both had struggles with wildness.

    Spann gave up double, sac bunt and HR in his forst three professional pitches, but settled down from there. He threw almost exclusively fastball for the first couple of innings, maybe an organizational idea for his first game...

    O'Conner knocked in a run with a single as the DH and the 17 year olds made some good plays on that left side. There were quite a few bad throws, but for many of these kids it was their first pro game so not a worry at this point.

    Got to talk to Boomer of the GCL, he was very personable and an interesting guy. It was easy to tell that he loves his job!

  19. Is P Shawn Smith with any of these teams? He was a 9th round draft pick a few years ago I think.

  20. Just noticed that of the 12 pitchers (not counting Albert Suarez on the rehab assignment) on the GCL Rays opening roster, six are lefties. That's the most I can remember for a Rays affiliate. Lefties must be the new market inefficiency.

  21. The starter in today's GCL game was Kevin James....not Spann.

  22. Shawn Smith is taking this year off due to family issues. He will be back next year from what I know.