Friday, June 18, 2010

2010 Princeton Rays Roster

Here are your 2010 P-Rays....

Pitchers (12)
Andrew Bellatti
Michael Broyles
John Carruth
Brad Furdal
Matthew Gilson
Mickey Jannis
Braulio Lara
Victor Mateo
Jacob Partridge
Chris Rearick
Enny Romero
Eliazer Suero

Catchers (3)
Gerardo Olivares
Alejandro Segovia
Zane Williams

Infielders (6)
Felix Gonzalez
Hector Guevara
Brian Harris
Scott Lawson
Jeff Malm
Leonardo Reginatto

Outfielders (4)
Ruben Contreras
Bryan Fogle
Todd Glaesmann
Kevin Kiermaier

Coaching Staff
Michael Johns - Manager
Mary DeMerritt - Pitching Coach
Wuarnner Ricones - Hitting Coach

Special thanks to P-Rays GM Jim Holland for providing us with this years roster.


  1. Jeff Bailey??????

  2. Woah???? Where is luke Bailey?

    Other than that, this team is loaded. I can't wait to see what Guevara can do. I see him hitting .320 with 10 hrs this year. :)

  3. Really suprised that Bailey and Kevin James didn't make the roster.

  4. Where is Cody Rodgers

  5. Does anyone know anthing about where Seth Henry is playing this year

  6. I'm with you Kevin, wheres Kevin James??? Luke Bailey I can kinda accept because he is coming off injury, but I dont understand the no Kevin James. And Anon 2 according to the HV roster comments, he had I think hip surgery and is still recovering. Cant wait to see what Guervara Malm, Glaesmann, and Segovia can do offensively.

  7. Yeah, I am really surprised they have Guervara here. I am glad though.

  8. Princeton seems to have a better/stronger lineup than the higher up Hudson Valley. This could be a l-o-n-g year for Renegades fans.

  9. I know most players(especially catchers) don't play every day in the rookie leagues, but it seems weird to me that Luke Bailey and Justin O'Conner would both be in the GCL. I'd want their bats to get as many reps as possible, so a C/DH platoon would work, but if that's the case then no one else can DH.

  10. Yes another L OO NNN GGG year for us Hudson Valley fans. Dont be suprised when the PDC expires and Hudson Valley is looking for another affiliate> tahy have been unhappy with the talent sent there for a couple of years now.

  11. They have been leaving talent low in this organization then skipping them over HV. to Bowling Green.

  12. Was it Belatti who was involved in a DUI vehicular homicide accident?

  13. Where are Trevor Shull and Zac Rosscup? I thought both of them did well last year at Princeton.

    Thanks for all of your work on this site. Very informative!

  14. Shull and Rosscup must be hurt.

  15. As for Hudson Velly the following major leaguers have come through Hudson Velly: Ryan Rupe, Jason Jeminez, Delvin James, Travis Harper, Brandon Backe, Paul Hoover, Jarad Sandburg, Jorge Cantu, Josh Hamilton, Matt Diaz, Joe Kennedy, Edgar Gonzalaz, Juan Salas, Doug Waechter, Seth McClung, Mark Malaska, Fernando Cortez, James Shields, Jon Switzer, Bartolome Furtando, Jose Vargas, Jason Hammel, Shawn Riggans, Jason Pridie, Wes Bankston, John Jaso, Chad Orvella, Fernando Perez, Andy Sonnastine, Rhyne Hughes, Wade Davis, Josh Butler, and Evan Longoria. There have been some very good guys who have come through Hudson Valley. If Hudson Valley doesn't want the Rays, I am sure someone else will want them. - Rome

  16. good luck to kevin kiermaier. He has been on fire.

  17. Who isn't going through Hudson Valley? Only guy I can think of this year that skipped is Julio Cedeno, the 3B who went from Princeton last year to BG this year. He's a personal favorite of mine, but he sure hasn't set the world on fire with BG so far.

    I don't see a real problem with the HV fan base, they averaged over 100% capacity last year (including the lawn/picnic areas). If only the rest of our teams had such problems.

  18. If I had to pick 3 pitchers and hitters to watch, I'd choose:

    Mateo, Partridge, Furdal as the pitchers, and Guevara, Glaesmann, Malm as the hitters.

  19. Didnt Wilking and Ty Morisson skip HV? Thats 2 names that I know.

  20. The fan base continues to grow in Hudson Valley as Met and Yankee tickets soar. My season tickets for 4 are 1300 dollars. Thats 38 games. I spent 600 for 1 Yankee game and that was the old Yankee Stadium. I found another Three that didnt stop in HV. If you look at this years roster. It is a very old team for this level as you folks always say.

  21. wwhere is Cody Rogers???????

  22. OK, add Wilking Rodriguez and Ty Morrison (he of the dreamy body) to the list, but would missing out on those guys and Cedeno make you want to quit the Rays affiliation for another team? Just not seeing how HV is being abused by the Rays.

    For Rogers, see the HV Roster thread. Looks like hip surgery, but I really don't know.

    And don't forget about Albert Suarez, TJS last July, this season is probably toast (XST, GCL, whatever), but still a top pitching prospect heading into 2011.

  23. Any predictions how is the starting line up for opening day

  24. OK~I did my homework~ There are 12 players from Princeton who have skipped over Hudson Valley this year plus Wilking addition to several repeaters from HV. The Princeton players who skipped over HV are: Ryan Wiegand, Kyle Spraker, Ty Morrison, Julio Cedeno, Alex Koronis, Deivis Mavarez, Scott Schuman, Matt Stabelfeld, Krrby Yates, Tomas Francisco, Jake Sullivan, and Jairo De La Rosa. That's a lot of players to skip up a level.

  25. I personally dont have an issue with the Rays and the team at HV. If you look a couple of them who were lower picks Gargen etc... did great here and are doing well in the upper levels. I was just passing around a little inside scuttlebut from the last PDC round up. and Jairo did a stop here as a shortstop. Prior to his switch to the mound.

  26. I know Jairo was at HV a few years ago, but he did play in Princeton last year. I just wanted to show how big the list is of players who skipped over HV and went to Bowling Green. And, yes, there will always be some lower picks who make it- Matt Gorgen was somewhere around 16th round, Chris Murrill, Josh Satow, etc. Hey, maybe I will be pleasantly surprised with Husdon Valley. Here's hoping.

  27. I believe GCL Rays start their season today. Is there a roster for them yet? Or, are they going to field a team with whomever shows up. LOL

    Any more draft signing news? It seems rather quiet with the first 15 or so picks.

  28. The GCL Rays start today at noon against the GCL Red Sox. There really isn't a front office contact for the team, so no way to get a roster. Nick or Jim will probably have it later today.

    The draft signings always slow down at this point. Teams have 15 days after the draft to present each draftee with a contract, they all sign the same standard contract for 7 years. The guys who wanted to get their pro careers going have already signed. Any of the high picks who are seeking over-slot bonuses won't sign until the deadline. That's just the way mlb wants it so that other players don't know how much some guys are getting and up their demands. The rest either won't sign or are playing summer league ball in hopes of getting better deals. It's usually pretty dead from now until August.