Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Little Help

For the next attendance update post I wanted to include each stadium's seating capacity. Turns out that information is not easy to find. Here are the figures I have so far:

Tampa Bay Rays - 45,200
Durham Bulls - 10,000
Montgomery Biscuits - 7,000
Charlotte Stone Crabs - 6,823
Bowling Green Hot Rods - 4,559
Hudson Valley Renegades - 4,494
Princeton Rays - 3,000

Correct? Let me know, right or wrong. Thanks for the help and happy Father's Day!


  1. Princeton is listed as 1,950 and Charlotte is listed as 5,028 in BA Directory.

  2. Thanks, the Rays press guide doesn't list Princeton, but says Charlotte is 6,823. That's an 1,800 difference so we'll have to get a firm answer on Charlotte.