Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rays Draft Picks: Rounds 16-20

Starting to consolidate. We'll do 16-20, 21-25, and 26-30 in separate posts, and then tomorrow do 31-40 and 41-50.

Rays 16th Round Pick - 491st Overall: Nate Garcia, RHP, Santa Clara University
He's a senior. Here's a link to his player page: http://www.santaclarabroncos.com/sports/m-basebl/mtt/garcia_nate00.html
6.22 ERA in 2010, but 112 strikeouts to 38 walks in 92.2 innings.

Rays 17th Round Pick - 521st Overall: Cody Anderson, RHP, Feather River CC
Here's his player page: http://www.frc.edu/home/sports/basball/doerr.htm
Only pitched 14 innings in 2010, all out of the bullpen.

Rays 18th Round Pick - 551st Overall: Jimmy Patterson, LHP, Arizona State
BaseballAmerica: "Jimmy Patterson was an interesting two-way prospect at Central Arizona JC last year and reportedly turned down a six-figure offer from the Red Sox as a 34th-round pick. He saw limited action this year, pitching 30 innings and getting 15 at-bats, so scouts expect him to return for another year unless he transfers elsewhere."

Rays 19th Round Pick - 581st Overall: Craige Lyerly, CF, Catawba College
Craige Lyerly, CF, Catawba College
Another senior. Here's his player page: http://www.gocatawbaindians.com/profile.asp?playerID=60
Hit .399/.498/.620 with 27 steals in 2010

Rays 20th Round Pick - 611st Overall: C.J. Riefenhauser, LHP, Chipola JC
4.93 ERA this season in 69.1 innings. I expect to make a ton of "Rookie Of The Year" puns with his last name. Rulenfurter! Way to go, Runamaker!


  1. They have picked waaayyy to many college guys. Highschoolers with upside would be a lot better. Top 2 rounds were good, but I have really been disappointed with all the college guys who won't make it to AA.

  2. High Schoolers tend to not sign when they are drafted in the later rounds, Rays might be saving themselves some headaches and getting sure signs.

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  4. Pierce Johnson was the Rays 15th rounder last year. I think he was a better pick than some random college senior P even though he didn't sign.